IU in Serious Talks for Hong Sisters Upcoming tvN Fantasy Drama Hotel De Luna

My love-hate relationship with the Hong Sisters continues, with too much baggage for it to ever delve into straight up loathing but honestly I’m just along for the curiosity rather than optimism of a well-written drama ahead. The two ladies continue to rummage up interesting ideas, much like they tried with their last drama Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) adapting The Journey to the West but failing wholly on execution and mainly on the OTP. Their next drama will also be on cable network tvN and remains a fantasy, this time a magical hotel called Hotel de Luna which looks like a rundown and dilapidated lodging to human eyes but to those with magical/ghostly sight it reveals it opulent interior. The hotel is residence to the female lead, a thousand year old ghost who had committed the worst crime ever and cannot leave the premises. She’s beautiful and serene on the outside but rude and arrogant in personality. Singer-actress IU is reportedly in serious talks for the female lead and my gut tells me she’ll take it since the story/character sounds so interesting and even the Hong Sisters flop dramas generate buzz and ratings.


IU in Serious Talks for Hong Sisters Upcoming tvN Fantasy Drama Hotel De Luna — 23 Comments

  1. Character sounds interesting, I would like to see a rude and arrogant female lead for a change. It will be challenging for IU and if she does well, she will score high as an actress. I don’t have much confidence in Hong sisters though….

    • I’ve no doubt that IU can hold her own, she’s done well in non traditional roles. She’s not good at the typical “Candy” role, but does other roles really well like My Ajusshi, and as Cindy in Producers. She even shone when she was playing the sadder scenes in Moon Lovers. My concern is more forthe male lead (let him be good) and in the writing. The Hong Sisters have been known to butcher even the most promising scripts. Honestly, I think the last script they did really well was Master Sun. Everything else has been mostly a “miss”.

      • I agree with you that the male lead will be a deciding factor here, Master’s Sun also actually has a messy plot but the chemistry between So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin was so good that viewers didn’t care as long as they were in the same scene.

        That kind of chemistry just wasn’t there in the Hwayugi lead pairing, if this is to be a romcom I hope they pick someone who vibes well with IU rather than just picking a big name. Not that chemistry has ever been a problem for her, anyway.

  2. Looking gorgeous and turning into A very nice actress complimenting her music career…Her future looks very bright in my opinion.?

  3. Reads well on paper and hopefully it doesn’t go AWOL like A Korean Odyssey but fantasy ghost Hong sisters yeah okay no I’m done with fantasy for now MOA has taken that mantle this year plus IU’s character has to become a truely spiteful witch so it’s gonna take a lot of covincing acting to be disliked and IU is too cute and lovely to prove otherwise. She’s just too nice.

  4. She recently had scandal. Every time she has a scandal, she always comes back with a drama. She’s so greedy, her acting really depends on the story and directing. I hope she takes this drama because maybe she will help Hong sisters to finally get a drama with decent popularity

    • Her ‘scandal’ was not real. She was truly innocent this time.
      Her acting was avarage in her last drama just like her singing is. But she is smart enough to work within her limitations with ample support both in singing/acting.

      • I wouldn’t call her acting as “average” in My Ahjussi, and her singing is definitely not average. Her acting in MA is better than some well-known actresses who have lots of CFs. Plus IU is young, she has a lot of potential to show us more improvement with time.

    • Her scandal wasn’t real. It’s proved false. It only showed that she’s a even better person than people give her cretics for by providing free training space to aspiring artists as well as keeping all of her fan gifts from big to small.right now, this “scandal” only helped her image, contrary to what her haters hoped . Plus the talks for her to be in this drama has been going since before. She’s also in the mid of preparing for a come back . So please refrain from using your tongue maliciously.

    • she’s been offered the lead in this drama since december. Ofc she’ll do a project after a scandal, she has a ‘scandal’ every year smh. Unlike other singer-actors like LSG, Her career has actively been split into acting, singing, touring.

      This year, she’s has plans for both since she already revealed plans fom a singing comeback since last year (her last comeback was in 2017 and she usually takes 2 years to do her albums ) . Expect more ‘scandals’ because she has a really active anti-fanbase who seems to feed international fans a lot.

      I’ll expect more dumb people like you who can just comment without using their brains.

      like these Korean guys says about her ‘scandal’


      ‘You can peel away trying to find flaws on her, but IU only shows light.’

    • …..what? You know I usually agree with you but that “scandal” was nonsense and fake news. And she’s pretty decent at acting, Scarlet Heart had such messy direction and she did well in the more serious/emotional part of the drama.

      Even in her more praised dramas, I’ve noticed the writers don’t tend to bend over backwards to accommodate poor acting skills the way Park Hae Ryun/ Kang Eun Kyung did in an effort to make Suzy bearable in their dramas, IU at least brings some talent to the table even if she’s no Moon So Ri or Yeom Jung Ah.

  5. Umm the scandal over IU and real estate made the news in Korea so obviously it must be something big. First Lee Seung Gi and his award win then IU and her building purchase. You know I don’t understand how the darlings of the entertainment scene over there are revered and adored one minute then vilified the next. Beats me but IU as a ghost locked up for enternity for 16 episodes is mentally draining just pondering over it but one thing for sure if it’s mid year to screen my money is on either Kim Soo Hyun; Ji Chang Wook; Kang Ha Neul and Im Si Won who are all returning from MS to be offered co lead to play the other 1000 year old ghost.

  6. IU has been saying she wanted to play roles such as a villain or an outcast/girl who sees ghost since she started acting in “dream high” (she apparently hoped to play the antagonist there too) . So I can see how this appeals to her.

  7. No…… I don’t think she’s a good fit for the role. I read the original actress they had in mind was Jun Ji Hyun. I wonder who will be the male lead.

    • oh really… casting from a 37 yo actress to a 25 yo.? I guess the ghost is 1000 yo so it doesn’t matter who plays it then… Might as well offer the role to Go Doo Shim who definitely can act, looks beautiful and serene to fit the character. hahaha… funny. I am joking here, please don’t be offended 🙂

  8. her limitations in singing involves being a producer, songwriter and composer… not really limited? calling her average in My Mister is gobsmacking? what are people expecting from her? to actually be on par with JJH???? the reality is, she’s the best out of the idol actresses. She’s a the trendy young actress from last year and she can pull in the CFs in a way that a rookie actress can’t. I really don’t understand what else people expect from her? She’s not Whitney, but she never tried to be. She’s a singer-song writer who enjoys acting and is actually good/ambitious enough to improve at both.

  9. Wait..the story plot sounds like the Innkeeper series by Illona Andrews. In that book, the heroine is an innkeeper who provides lodging to supernatural creatures and she has a permanent guest who committed a huge crime and is serving life sentence in the inn and cannot leave the premises. The inn looks shabby from outside but inside, the innkeeper can change dimensions of the inn and make furniture move to wherever she likes magically, make new rooms pop up, open portals and all that. Inside the inn, the innkeeper is the most powerful person and the inn listens to whatever the innkeepers says and protects her. If this drama is like the book, it’s gonna be fun and if the directing is done right, awesome to watch.

  10. Love Lee Ji Eun/IU…she’s the best idol turned actress imo. I was on board till I read it’s a Hong Sis drama…sorry girl, see you in your next project.

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