Pregnant C-actress Liu Shi Shi Radiant in New Elegantly Staged Pictorial

C-actress Liu Shi Shi has confirmed her rumored pregnancy, the first for her and husband Nicky Wu after being married for three years. Their romance is the stuff of drama dreams, of course the reel to real part where they turned the drama heartache of Bu Bu Jing Xin into a real world happily ever after, which is way better of the two options if you ask me. They are a very low key couple so it wasn’t a surprise that they kept the pregnancy under wraps early on and only recently when it became visibly noticeable when she was spotted out that the couple officially announced. Liu Shi Shi has remained working throughout her pregnancy and recently released a new pictorial set where she looks softly radiant in traditional Chinese inspired outfits, with her baby bump creatively concealed yet also wink wink hinted at. Very beautifully done!


Pregnant C-actress Liu Shi Shi Radiant in New Elegantly Staged Pictorial — 6 Comments

  1. I could understand why she needs to continue to work in C-entertainment whilst preggers because they are so competitive there. New young and pretty female stars come out if you’re gone for a while.

  2. I think this pictures are old I seen at least one of the pictures months ago maybe even a year ago. Shishi has not been working since June/July, spending most her time in Taiwan with Nicky, they clearly want to be low profile, like they always been. Nicky has stop working too he said in the Summer he wants to spend time with family and not film for a few months which is what led to speculation that Shishi was pregnant then.

    The two clearly care a lot about their marriage than their careers and spending a lot of time together which one the reasons I love them together.

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