Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In in Talks to Reunite with PD Ahn of Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food for MBC Romance Spring Night

Yeah, I don’t know how I feel about this. K-ent is reporting that Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In are in talks to reunited with PD Ahn Pan Seok who directed them in Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain) for his upcoming drama airing on MBC. It’s called Spring Night and will also be written by the screenwriter of Pretty Noona. Agencies for both actors have confirmed the offer but say that each is merely reviewing it among many offers being considered. I’ve don’t recall ever seen a drama lead reunion happen so fast, to follow up one drama with starring together in the very next drama.

Pretty Noona was such a whiplash drama for me, from the low expectations to the unexpected chemistry and lovely story line to it all falling apart in the second half. Ditto for Jung Hae In who went from rising actor to It Boy to whipping boy for transgressions real or imagined. Spring Nights will clearly be another noona-dongsaeng romance since there is no way in hell to convince that the two are the same age, with the story about a woman who reassess and appreciates her long running romance with her partner when marriage is on the table.


Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In in Talks to Reunite with PD Ahn of Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food for MBC Romance Spring Night — 29 Comments

  1. Where is the creativity ? Same couple , same kind of drama , one year after the 1st one . 2019 dramas : Why housekeeper Kim ? The very last empress ! Return back (Ko hyun Jung), 100 days as a princess,Terius next to me , familiar husband,Forty but eighteen,…and the actors who are not concerned by thèses dramas can go on vacation. i’m joking but one day drama’s calendar is going to be the same as the one of Disney studios.

  2. Zzzzzzzzz wake me up before you go go! Bored to tears same old same old. Gosh K dramas really running out of steam and creative ideas.

  3. Ahn Pan Seok used to be a director in a different league but with this latest announcement and his previous drama, he is considerably a meh PD in my book.

    It’s going to be a recycle story and even worse, same old packaging with same casts and same writer and PD.

    Son Ye Jin better do the sequel to her blockbuster “Pirates”. Plus, she’s not that impressive on tv. She can’t hold attention for too long which is why drama is not suitable for her.

  4. Secret and Kill me, Heal me actors reunited back to back. But, at least they choose different enough projects and characters.

    • KMHM wasn’t planned from the begining as a reunion. The leads keeps leaving the position, Jisung said he can when they finally offered him, then HJE just finished her drama but said okay just after Jisung confirmed.
      This pretty noona reunion seems to be something no one wants and feels like cash grab from the previous series because the OTP is popular.

      Janghyuk and Jang Nara is a reunion couple but it has long breaks before they are in the same work again

  5. This site is really MEAN… people just trash talk about the stars and the drama before anything even confirm. Please be nice.

    • Hahaha. You must be new. Speaking nicely does not mean you think the same way. People here at least are bold enough to share their real thoughts ?

    • Maggiemay, some comments may be mean , i agree with you but i don’t think that’s against the actors but the fact that it seems to me as a mere marketing reunion with the same recipe. i wouldn’t say anything if it was a mystery or a action drama. I’m always happy to read comments from new people . as i’m not fluent in English i hope that you ll understand my meaning. And with no mean intention , as you seem to be a kind person , avoid the posts about, Park Shin hye, Yoon Eun hye , Suzy … Go No Zone LOL

      • Cahill, Thank you for the warning. I understand what you’re saying This is Just my though if you have a recipe it turn out great… you marketed made Mega Bucks..of that product, why change the recipe..if you want to make it again, some people may not buy it or hated…but there is always lot more new buyers. Again thank you so being so nice.

      • hi. may I add that all posts about the two young Kim actresses are the worst. Luckily there has been no post about the drama Clean It with Passion for a long time…

  6. I really loved Pretty Noona and their couple. But the last drama of JHI was a romance and his last movie will be a romance too. Maybe it will better to change the style of his futur project.

    I would like Son Ye Jin and a new actor who she didn’t act with!

  7. Pretty Noona I only watched to the end because I like SYJ and thought her great in this. The pairing didn’t work for me though.

    This offer seems like an attempt to check what people think on this. If the response is positive they’d give it a go but if people react negatively it will be either shelved or made with another pairing.

    And I don’t think this site is mean.I love the fact that I get my information and I like the articles/news presented here and I also respect the opinions presented in the articles. There are times I don’t agree with them and I say so in the comments. What’s not to like?

  8. The thing is, I like this pairing however the script for pretty noona was so boring for me. I couldn’t finish it even if I am a son ye jin fan. Hoping for a better script this time around.

  9. Voice 3 is going to be back again and maybe The Guest 2 and no one is saying No to their return but I guess this pairing of SYJ and JHI 2nd time around they’re kinda old news now even though they were the OTP that audiences craved for so SYJ as a librarian.,..okay that is really stretching it and for 16 episodes how many chapters can you get through without ageing with deep frustration? You know once bitten twice shy applies to this drama idea- Please don’t do it SYJ! Go play pirates again with Kim Nam Gil it’s more fun there.

    • Voice3 is a continuation of a plot, not a brand new drama. Why should anyone say anything about it? You must be aware that Voice 2 only stopped mid-way in the series. If anything, viewers will be glad that the cast signed on to complete the series and answer the incomplete plot holes Voice 2 left behind.

      In this case SYJ and JHI are signing on for another romcom, a year after completing the first one, of course viewers are tired. It would be better if they chose another genre like melo or thriller. Then viewers can at least have something to look forward to.

      • Exactly! Voice 3 is a continuation and not a brand new drama. Voice 2 hasn’t completed telling the story… Also this OCN drama doesn’t just focus on the OTP, its the cases that are the core of the drama.

    • Sorry but I’ve never seen Voice 1and 2 so unaware how the series runs I was merely pointing out that season 3 was just announced and there was no fanfare over it however with this re pairing of SYJ/JHI it just doesn’t bode well.

  10. It’s a pass because Pretty Noona is so horrible and hard to watch. Can not stand his fake acting with Son Ye Jin. Hopefully it will be a different actor with her instead or we can have Hyun Bin please.

  11. Son ye jin is gorgeous but I would love to see her with another male lead. If it has to be younger, maybe someone like park seo jun or lee jong suk. If not, can we have so ji sub or gong yoo.

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