Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In Attend Wrap Party with Cast of MBC Drama Spring Night

There are dramas I have a change of opinion and perhaps even merits a mea culpa of sorts. MBC Wed-Thurs drama Spring Night. I was really bored with the first two episodes but continued on because I quite like the performances of both leads Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In. I’m glad I continued because the story and directing is worth it, PD Ahn Pan Seok is an auteur and this drama highlights all his strengths even on a story that isn’t all that meaty in substance. A girl dates a douchey long time boyfriend and is just passively coasting along with life until actually meeting a guy worth her time and heart and decides to be brave to change things. That’s it for the story but both leads are putting in such lovely, nuanced, measured, and delicate performances, it’s stirring to watch and shows their continued acting improvement. Everyone attended the drama wrap party this week as the drama heads towards the finale neck in neck in ratings with SBS fantasy drama Angel’s Last Mission: Love. Continue reading