Kim Jae Wook in Talks to Join Park Min Young in tvN Rom-com Drama My Private Life

OH HELLS YEAH! My decade long wait is over for K-actor Kim Jae Wook to FINALLY be a K-drama rom-com male lead. Not romantic drama second male lead which he was wasted in both Marry Stayed Out All Night and Temperature of Love but to be the main guy because I need him to get the girl in the end after one too many painful losses to a less interestin male lead. He’s been offered the male lead role opposite Park Min Young in the upcoming tvN Spring rom-com drama My Private Life, based on the webtoon Noona Fan Dotcom. The female lead is a capable museum curator by day and intense idol fan in her private life, and conversely the male lead is the newly arrived no nonsense and mean museum director but online he had a friendly fan persona. The two of course will bicker and fall in love and I just know I will love it and slurp it up and ask for more. Make him sign on the dotted line tvN!


Kim Jae Wook in Talks to Join Park Min Young in tvN Rom-com Drama My Private Life — 25 Comments

  1. Love tentative casting news then the storyline follows and gosh another formulaic rom com drama that screams move along and don’t waste your time and brain cells. I wish they were doing a action crime thriller whodunnit type drama together instead.

    • Romcoms sell more don’t they? Though I honestly haven’t enjoyed a single one since Weightlifting Fairy. Hoping Romance is a Bonus Book will change that.

  2. The plot sounds kinda dumb but it will be awesome seeing him in funnier more lighter fair. We all know the guy can do dark like noones business. But he’s a also super adorable when he is being funny so its nice to see a change in pace for him. I hope he takes the role because he needs to be a main lead like yesterday.

  3. The story will deal with issues such as all the silly, malicious things people did online. Attacking not only celebrities but anyone online freely. People who wrote malicious comments about others. Yes this story will show the reality of dumb people behind the screen. Sound so much like everyone, right?

    • No. The definition of “dumb” is “lacking intelligence”. People who wrote malicious comments are not dumb. It is ok if you accept your dumbness, but you cannot speak for everyone.

  4. Omg I’m so tired of being sad for him in dramas. I’m soooo happy hes’s the lead AND it’s a romcom AND he’s starting with PMY. I’m so looking forward!!! Please drama be good.

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