Jang Hyuk Adds Veteran Gravitas to Sageuk Drama My Country with Young Leads Yang Se Jong, Seolhyun, and Woo Do Hwan

Being a veteran K-actor or actress has the additional perk of picking even supporting roles that can end up more critical to the narrative. One needn’t always be the lead to scene steal and my gut tells me Jang Hyuk is going to hold down the fort in upcoming sageuk My Country. He’s joining the cast of young leads Yang Se Jong, Seolhyun, and Woo Do Hwan, and it will be his first sageuk in four years since The Merchant: Gaekju 2015. The drama will air on jTBC in the second half of the year, chronicling the friendship and rivalry of the two male leads during a turbulent time in Goryeo, and their relationship with the female lead who they both love. 


Jang Hyuk Adds Veteran Gravitas to Sageuk Drama My Country with Young Leads Yang Se Jong, Seolhyun, and Woo Do Hwan — 17 Comments

  1. He seems to be in drama after drama these 4 years. Last time he only did 1 or less in a year. Wow. I thought he wlould be more busy with 3 kids. ?
    Anyways he is an awesome actor!

      • He needs to change that hairstylist and his makeup artist. They purposedly make him look ‘ugly’.

        He played same character in a movie earlier and said he really liked the character. I think that’s why he accepted the role.

    • Actually it’s not as much as it looks. He, Ji Sung, Jang Kyung Ho and Lee Jun Ki are at same pace. Also one needs to make lot of money for many kids and a homemaker wife.

      • If your perception towards the purpose of working is solely to earn money. Well let me tell you, not all people are like, esp for artists.

        Jang Hyuk is an actor. There are certain roles that you can and can’t play for different stages in life. While he can he will do those roles. He also mentioned in one of the varieties show that he does not like to take a long break. If you really think about it, every single role that an actor does is an added experience to him that can showcase his flexibility and versatility as an actor.

        I’d prefer actors who works continuously as an actor than those who spends more time doing cf and being slaves of capitalism and commercialism.

  2. Oh yeah Jang Hyuk❤️ Hope the story is written well but since there is a love triangle incorporated oh well zzzzz pass.

  3. Yay, JH is one of my faves. Somehow JH can be charismatic even when he is messy looking. Big fan of his in Slave Hunter. He can hold his own screen presence. I can imagine him in a spy action comedy drama along the veins of Plan B Fugitive like Rain. Love to see him team up with my fave K-actress HJW with Joo Sang Wook in a love triangle kind of thing. Much like Henry Cavill, Arnie Hammer and Alicia Vikander in Man From UNCLE. Two gorgeous looking men with a fiery petite brunette. Ahhh drama gods please make this happen. Ok, back to making kimchi.

    • It’s too good to be true. In a movie perhaps, but I doubt if you can put them together in one drama. Jang Hyuk and Joo Sang Wook in one drama but the other girl must be a newbie. Ha Ji Won and Joo Sang Wook probably can happen in a drama. JH and HJW in a drama? I highly doubt it.

    • Jang Hyuk had accepted SG but his agency had a feud with CJ group the production company behind the drama. Sidus was pushing Jay Park for the role which was played by Lee Jong Suk later but CJ prefered LJS. Jay Park was almost casted but Kim Eun Sook had to relent to her company’s wish.
      So Sidus made JH drop from the drama too. JH really wanted to play the role because KES wrote the character solely for him. But he was caught between the ego of CEO of two companies.
      I wish JH and HJW have a drama or movie together in future.

      • Yes JH and HJW would be a major score to have those two cast in either a drama or film. However still no word on HJW taking the ‘Chocolate’ drama.

      • I think that agency is pure shit and manages to tank the careers of all its actors. JH was stupid to resign.

      • @Jesp JH is not stupid but he is too loyal/sentimental. He is with the same agency since debut for 23 years.

      • @jesp

        I don’t think JH is stupid but he is too loyal/sentimental. He is with Sidus since debut for 23 years.

  4. Someone please confirm if Seolhyun actually has accepted the role because I can’t find anything anywhere on the usual English k entertainment blogs. Last I read she was positively considering via Asianwiki.

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