K-drama Producers Prepping for Second Season of Winter Sonata with Same Screenwriters

I think this is a terrible idea unless it’s a reboot set in an alternative universe. K-drama gods have apparently decided to kick into gear the long percolating project for a second season of the mega hit 2002 drama Winter Sonata. Starring Bae Yong Joon, Choi Ji Woo, the late Park Yong Ha, and Park Sol Mi, the drama is a frozen (har har) in time vestige of a time long past and represents the pinnacle of how Hallyu entertainment conquered Asia in the early 2000s. Directing this time will be the PD of Blade Man, The Blade and Petal, and Man From the Equator, but with the original screenwriters being brought back to write it. I assume it will either pick up where the original ended with new leads and maybe cameos from the original leads, or be a story about their kids ala The Classic. Who knows but time to bring back the scarves and red hair look!


K-drama Producers Prepping for Second Season of Winter Sonata with Same Screenwriters — 12 Comments

  1. Depending who will be casted as the male lead. Winter Sonata started the hallyu storm, all my grannies and aunties in Japan went crazy over BYJ. I cannot think of any new male k-actors can set such an impact nowadays, at least not in Japan, maybe in other parts of Asia. Just my opinion. The younger J-generation is not as crazy as my obasan ?

  2. I’m surprised this is still going through. They should murder this and the I’m Sorry I Love You reboot. Its unnecessary pressure for the new casts and might even erase all the goodwill for the original. Just no!

  3. What works in the 80’s might not work in modern days. Good luck but after being burned by MOA, I’m taking a break from Kdramas.

  4. why should they remake a drama that got average ratings in Korea.its was so huge outside Korea esp. japan that many people assume it’s the same for Korea too. with the slowly dying of Hallyu around the world,why should you remake a drama that didn’t do well in its home country which this time needs to do to turn a profit.

    • Yes, exactly my point. If SK wants to kill the tourism business to Nami Island, go ahead… Is SK really that stupid enough to replace the fairy tale of BYJ and CJW? I don’t see any intention of a remake of “The Sound of Music”. Sometimes Classics need to be preserved to “keep the dream”. There is no more Hallyu in Japan as I said earlier, not sure about other parts of Asia though… Good luck to the South Koreans’ money-grapping idea, but this won’t fly very far.

  5. Does that mean you’ll need to watch the first one? Why would they choose this drama in particular? Oh well I’ll read development updates on this project here. The think tank of K storytelling must be really scrapping the barrel to look for creative ideas even they’re recycled from years ago.

  6. I don’t know what they are thinking It’s hard enough to sell a new concept as it is without going back and trying to reboot an old idea.It rarely works and all dramas today no matter how good are not guaranteed sucecess with fierce competition and more modest viewing number compared to 10 years ago.Its likely to become more common.

  7. They should have done the season 2 yearssss ago wherein people still rooting for the characters and how the story ended. I like BYJ very much for so long but as I grow old and all-all I know and feel for him is that he is just part of my college years that has been long gone.Anyways, if they will really make a season 2 of Winter sonata I hope they will cast Park Hyung shik- he is one of my fav actors nowadays?

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