Encounter Cast Celebrates Drama Wrap and Ends with Slightly Higher Average Ratings than Same Network Memories of Alhambra

It’s clear the screenwriter of Encounter (Boyfriend) took her writing classes seriously because there were no bad/poorly written characters in the drama. Every single role was three dimensional, and fleshed out despite limited screen time for the supporting cast. I’ll remember that fondly like I’ll miss Driving Miss Soo Hyun ahjusshi Manager Nam, good friend til the end Hye In, the self-sacrificing second male lead who made stupid decisions with the right intentions, and the dueling power hungry mothers who had their own insecurities and failures.

The entire cast deserves its drama wrap party and the beaming smiles of the cast arriving last night showed how much everyone loved working on this drama. Park Bo Gum spent a lot of time outside with the fans gathered in the cold to see him, and Song Hye Kyo arrived later so missed the media pictures but was there to celebrate a winning drama. In the end, the two high profile tvN December 2018 dramas ended nearly neck-and-neck with both a resounding cable network success in ratings – Encounter’s average AGB nationwide ratings was 8.475% and Memories of Alhambra averaged 8.434%.


Encounter Cast Celebrates Drama Wrap and Ends with Slightly Higher Average Ratings than Same Network Memories of Alhambra — 164 Comments

  1. encounter average ratings of 8.4 is the highest ever for cable dramas on weds and Thurs schedule and also 2nd highest ever overall for weekdays drama on cable dramas. there is a reason why weekdays dramas doesn’t average double digits yet.congrats to the cast and crew.

    • Well both dramas are overhyped, has half-assed writing, relies on actors and remembered more for the star power than the actual plot.

      Now we’ll see Goblin 2.0 (Touch Your Heart) and Pretty Noona 3.0 (Romance Supplement) taking over thetimeslot and fanwars.

      • Lol the funnest thing I have read of the day. Sorry but I’m not a Korean drama lover and just started watching korean drama last year. I’m not a fan of anyone but Memories of Alhambra is a very impressive drama. I could careless about how people are dying for the romance because the romance does not stand out at all. It’s the game and action that have caught my attention along with people I know that watch it. This drama deserve better ratings and also applaud to the main actor Hyun Bin. He’s is such a brilliant actor with so much Charismatic to carry the whole drama to the end. All the complaints about how the drama ended is lame. I also watch Encounter to the end. I like the drama but I don’t think it’s the best. Both lead actors are quite bad at acting especially the male lead. It’s hard to watch him. I would agree Encounter rating is more on the star power because I’ve noticed the main leads have very huge popularity national wide.

      • Touch Your Heart is more like Secretary Kim 2.0 tbh.
        And I don’t think Moa relies on star power. Its ratings were going down but suddenly went up in the second half. That sounds like the audience were more attracted to the plot than the actors themselves.

      • Frankly speaking these four don’t have enough star power to create fanwars.
        Romance Supplement only started with 4.2… like whaat? Is this really what Lee Nayoung’s comeback drama can do?
        It’d be funny if Touch Your Heart surpass those ratings.

      • LJS drama’s haven’t had high ratings since ICHYV. I think he’ll still pull in enough buzz. I don’t know about TYH because it looks very basic but so was WWSWK.

      • I think Touch Your Heart will peak at 7% but no more. The two leads don’t have much star power.

      • As expected, Romance cannot keep the ratings of MOA. LNY does not have the star power now and LJS is stale like year-old-bread. Story is recycled. I always wonder why LNY has to comeback to this type of low-budgeted drama, she uses to do better in movies. Touch Your Heart is not Goblin 2.0, it is more like watered down WWSK with older and uglier leads. LOL.

  2. Echoing with @Irene – yes, the desperate attempt to drag MOA in is very obvious and funny. Both are noteworthy dramas with star casts. Comparing averages is meaningless for these two dramas because initial ratings are clearly driven by the star power of the casts. Encounter started out very strong with good cinematography in Cuba then ratings dropped. It is more meaningful to analyse the trend of their ratings (sounds like the business stock market… lol). Anyhow, I also notice the number of comments are dwindling down with the ending of dramas. Ciao 🙂

  3. @Coraline: Well it’s good that Memories of Alhambra worked for some ppl, but honestly having watched korean dramas for 10 years it was truly one of the shittiest drama I’ve ever encountered. Even the scriptwriter’s previous work was better than this… To be honest I think most people gave up on the romance long ago and anyone who was hanging in there for the romance was bound to be majorly disappointed. For me the romance wasn’t important, especially since it just felt forced from the very beginning so I was definitely more invested in the male lead’s journey, the actual AR game and the story in general. My issues is that the writer focused SO much on the male lead that everyone else literally just got sidelined and some became down right caricatures and the few female characters that did exist in the show were absolutely horribly written. The male lead experienced the most radical character growth in history, at the expense of everyone else in the show. And let’s not forget the glaring plot holes and inconsistencies that made things even worse. The second half of this show was almost painful to follow and I ended up emotionally checked out especially when some parts got pretty predictable. What maddens me the most is that the story had SO much potential, but was totally wasted in the end. I don’t care how innovative and shiny it initially looks with gorgeous visuals, special effects and cool future tech stuff, if the drama can’t deliver quality storyline then it’s all for nothing. That’s my two scents.

    • Lmao I know. The lack of coverage of the actual hit that Sky Castle is, shows that this site is only giving a chance to what is hallyu and doesn’t care about dramas with a less known cast with less star power even with a much better script and directing.

    • She did blog about Sky Castle but the posts don’t get much comments as this post pitting two dramas against each other.
      Make sure to comment more on the article or she’ll go back to posting Encounter vs Alhambra posts again!

  4. PBG once again proving why he’s the King of the 93-line actors. YSH can never come close. You don’t need 20 years of acting experience to be popular or a good eye for projects.

      • D.O FTW! But seriously Seungho is such a dissapointment as an actor. He lacks in everything!

      • I don’t know how to judge acting skills (unless the actor is like, really bad) but what Yoo Seungho lacks the most is his ability to pick decent projects. Like wtf is My Strange Hero?

      • @Aisha I think he also lacks versatility. How is Jo boah out acting him so easily? I don’t know which one was worse for script Hero or Encounter

      • All of them are talented, so I am not going to spew hate for any of them. But in terms of picking projects, PBG and D.O. have been smarter than YSH, but I do like that YSH is expanding the characters he is playing. Of them three I think D.O. is killing the game when you think that he has been kicking major butt in movies and dramas while being in one of the top kpop groups EXO (I’m not a fan of the group but his singing voice is glorious). To be that good at acting and singing is nothing to scoff at.

      • YSH even when he tries to do different characters they end up looking the same because he lacks nuance. He doesn’t have the ability create different people so he keeps acting in the same manner. His range is non existent.

    • YSH is the superior actor of the two. He has more range and his acting is more convincing than PBG’s. He was atrocious in Chinatown.

    • Why comparing PBG and YSH ? 2 really different actors . One is just beginning when the other is a veteran . Popularity doesn’t mean talent.

      • Well it’s your own opinion. there are a lot of good actors better than PBG : Park Hyung Shik, Kwak Dong Yun,… Time will say if he is just ” La star du moment”. And MOA or encounter have something in common, it didn’t have the ratings that producers were waiting for ! SKY CASTLE was the phenomen!

      • People are comparing the 93line though.
        cahill apparently only is “objective” when it comes to things not concerning YEH. What a joke.
        If its YEH starring in Moa or Encounter you would have praised it to the skies.

      • In the 93 line he is the worst actor to be honest. Even Kwak Dung Yun who you mentioned is a more superior actor than him and should have been the lead. Park Hyung Shik as well is better then Seung Ho by leaps and bounds.

      • @Jay 93line, so i’ll say SEO KANG JOON . And i don’t know why you drag YEH in this conversation . I was just saying that they made a fuss about Encounter and MOA for that . Sorry but they were waiting for more than that and Sky Castle wich came from nowhere beat it . I may be not objective but numbers don’t lie . Ne vous en déplaise !

      • Haha because you are a hypocrite. You opinions cannot be taken seriously because praise the flop and utter mess that is Fluttering Warning. Even if Encounter and Moa are overhyped, still way better than your bias’ project. YEH fans are so delulu, no wonder she’s in this state.

      • Both dramas are now finished and we can move on. Everytime that “big names” are involved it’s the same story …Adios PBG, SHK, HB, PSH… Next !

      • Sorry @Jay, my world doesn’t turn around an unique person ! I praised Sky castle, Just dance and many others dramas to the skies. So if you don’t have read all my posts don’t presume that you know me ! What a joke !

    • Why drag YSH into this? Clearly an insecure delulu PSH fan talking nonsense. PSH is a mediocre actor relying on a star actress in this drama. Real talent does not need any comparison!

      • Yes DO is quite talented in acting. He is an idol who can act. YSH is also talented, but his choice of dramas sucks ? PBG has the luck to work with a star actress, a good agent to grap offers, but his acting is mediocre always the same expressions imo.

      • Did you see 100 days prince? The script was so bad but D.O. saved it with his amazing acting. YSH can’t do the same at all. PBG is on another level he go 2 more years without doing a single thing but he’ll still be popular. He’s at the Won Bin level already. YSH can do 10 dramas in 2 years without ever being a success.

      • Yes I watched 100 days prince, the script is not as bad as Ruler – Master of the Mask. And are you joking? PBG at the level of Won Bin ?????? What movie credit does PBG have, huhhh? C’mon, don’t exaggerate here.

    • I’ve always found him below average. I mean Park Bogum didn’t even have to try to win the throne. He just breathes and he gets better ratings.

    • I think they are both equally bad at acting but at least Bogum has charisma and literally everyone is in love with him. He just came but he’s taken everyone hook, line and sinker.

      • MistyEyes you must be mad to think Do Kyung Soo is boring! He’s more talented than no improvement Yoo Seung Ho!

    • The best 93liners for male actor category for me is Do Kyung Soo and Seo Kang Joon. . Yoo Seung Ho is cute and all, but man he is a child actor but hasn’t improved one bit. Park Bo Gum is decent, but he is not suit for something require more demanding roles.

      • Totally with you! Are you human too and third charm had worse scripts than both Encounter and MSG combined but Seo Kang Joon was phenomenal!

      • I like both D.O and Seo Kangjoon too.
        Happy for D.O’s success this year and hope SKJ can get a good drama.
        I like AYHT but apparently Korea doesn’t like robots theme…

      • Seokang joon my boy go get the love. Him and DO are the best of 93line but I have to admit bogum is also very good. Seungho has never appealed to me he’s just very average.

      • Idol actor SKJ is 100x times better than veteran actor YSH. Fact. I think YSH is just lazy and doesn’t bother to change is acting style.

      • Wah didn’t expect to get many comment .. I think I agree with @Bonno about Yo Seung Hoo being lazy. If he is not working hard and improve his acting skills already, Producers will keep underestimate him and stop value him as a true actor, He will be always get a questionable roles.

        He is that one child actor who is stuck and hasn’t maturing his acting yet like any other child actor normally do.

      • I agree about him being a lazy actor. He’s already 26 but he’s still doing what he did back then.

      • I am waiting for Seo Kang Joon’s next drama. Not only is he easy on the eye but he can act and he’s got that x factor. Even the way he runs is so sexy. I loved The Third Charm.

      • I didn’t think Seo Kang Joon’s two dramas last year were great but he was great in them. I want to see him pick up a new drama soon. He’s got so much potential and he’s just starting. Another idol actor who is starting to grow on me is L. He’s got an earnestness about him that I like.

      • @Loona I’ll have to diasgree about that. His melodrama acting actually put me off him completely. His crying scenes look like acting and they just aren’t natural or realistic. He’s very over dramatic when he cries.

      • I agree that Seo Kang Joon is a good actor at his age. He gets getting better and better. By the way, he is not an Idol actor ok. Surprise is a group is

        Someone calling YSH as lazy and hasn’t improved.wow that is a big No no ms expert.

        Do Kyung So is one of the good actors amongst idols but somewhat I find him and performance boring.

    • Its funny how this thread is longer than any comments about the actual drama. I’m not a fan of PBG but I reluctantly agree he is the better one of the two. YSH has completely stagnated as an actor.

  5. I am a silent reader on this series since day one because I once Like SHK a lot(Full House). It was the first Kdrama my nephew introduced to me.
    Encounter attracted lots of attentions on every website I read, SHK’s father in law has even publicly supported her. It was a promising start, but despite all the noises the rating could not maintain it 8% mark after ep8(only went up on last ep). I guess the general audiences have dropped out after the hyped(ratings % in Seoul have also dropped).
    My point is that ” it’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish”. You can not compare apples with kiwis. But then again you can never find faults in your children because they are your perfect apples.
    Thank you all, I really enjoy reading your comments and you all make my day every week.

  6. For a cable drama to reach 8% on wednesday slot is already a massive success. Melodrama’s doesn’t attract that much viewers also and if we check most top rating korean dramas lately we can see not many in that list are melodrama.

    For a melodrama on weds/thurs slot Encounter did very well.

    Sucess of drama doesn’t only depend on ratings too. Encounter being sold to over 100 countriies made it one of the most succesful drama when it cones to profit.

    • Its funny because MOA fans said Sci-Fi doesn’t attract viewers and used it as an excuse for the ratings falling and now Encounter fans are saying melodrama doesn’t attract viewers. Such a joke just accept that both dramas failed in their home country but were buzzy only because of star power which became increasingly irrelevant as Sky Castle became a phenomenon.

      • Moa fans has the excuse because sci-fi dramas are all flop (love Circle and Nine though).
        But melodrama? Have you forgotten SHK’s most famous work is a melodrama???

      • But South Korea really doesn’t have any successful sci-fi dramas.
        I remember the last two robot dramas were flops

      • According to the writer mota wasn’t scifi but fantasy. I do think scifi isn’t popular but fantasy like mlfas is a very popular genre. Encounter has no excuse melodrama is the most popular genre in korea.

      • Yeah when Moa moved from scifi to fantasy in the latter episodes, you can see the ratings going up.

      • Rule 1 for Kdrama – Fans always have excuses for low ratings because bias can never do wrong.

    • Encounter was NOT sold to 100 countries but aired or to be aired to 100 countries. Most of the primetime dramas in any stations are aired to that many countries. So don’t be mistaken that happens exclusively to Encounter only.

      I really don’t agree in those misleading PR of Encounter.

    • Autumn in My Heart
      Come to think of it, wasn’t Descendants considered a melodrama as well? But then again thats Kim Eunsook and she can make any genre a hit

      • Full House is a rom-com and I think All In isn’t a melodrama as well.
        DotS is probably known more for its action romance although melodrama is one of the genres.

  7. Yeo jin goo and d.o kyungsoo was best young male actor this day. Just because park bo gum very popular now doesn’t mean he was good actor. His acting in encounter just bad same like song hye kyo. Even pyo ji-hoon character more shine and interesting than him. I’m sure p.o career will be good in future as long he didn’t make stupid scandal.

    • Did you even watch the drama? He is really good in encounter. I am not really a big fan, I liks DO more,but PBG is not a bad actor..he is good and has a lot of potential.If he only depends on his look, he might not be in the place he is now. It is fact and only antis and hater will deny it.

      • Ranking – Seo Kanjoon >> DO Kyungsoo >>>> Park Bogum >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yoo Seungho(putting him on the list is an insult to the others actually)

  8. Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye suck and failed to bring in viewers but their fans can’t accept the true. I watch Memories of Alhambra to episode 5 and end up dropping it. The drama is all over the place with the romance that doesn’t make sense. Both leads not present enough to watch because Park Shin Hye suck at acting. Hyun Bin is always the same, lack the charisma to keep one entertain for long. The hype about MOA is pretty much a facepalm to TVN.
    Encounter is so beautifully written from the start to the end. Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo really live up to their status and star power. You know someone is a good actor and actress when they’re able to execute any roles given. If not for the break this drama well still top the chart.

    • Moa definitely declined in quality toward the end but what a joke.
      Encounter fell in ratings every week and only ranked 4th in buzziest drama ranking behind Sky Castle, Moa and The Last Empress.
      And please, PSH sucks in acting but its not like PBG and SHK didn’t get criticism for their acting every week LOL.

    • Agreed the preemptive two weeks lower the rating and then on the upswing again. Love love Encounter and all characters are not wasted in the drama.
      Rewatch value is 100%.

    • What you called sucky has brought in similar average ratings and a trend towards higher ratings at the end, how do you explain that? It is not fair to say MOA failed to bring in viewers if both dramas have similar “average” ratings from a mathematical and factual point of view. Which drama you like more is your own preference, I dropped Encounter at ep 6 and only follow the reviews. I think both dramas did well but have different audiences.

    • You do realise you can praise Encounter without putting down MoA, don’t you? I’m not even a fan of the drama or its two leads..but this comparison is so unnecessary. Saying negative things about other people or thinking that our taste is superior than the others’is very immature. People have their own preferences, why is so hard to accept that?

    • You’re joking right that Hyun Bin such at acting? I’m a huge fan of both Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin but sadly I still will not say such thing as Hyun Bin is below Song Hye Kyo. In acting range she is not at Hyun Bins level. To each their own I’m sometimes feels embarrassed to see that Kyos fans are very narrow minded. Whatever still love booths and congratulations to Encounter and the whole cast for the good ratings. Hehe though I drop it halfway. Waiting for Song Hye Kyo new project.

    • Haha so funny to see Song Hye Kyo fans will always put Hyun Bin down no matter what. If Hyun Bin acting in Memories of Alhambra is still considered suck and lacking? I don’t know what is considered great acting. Not trying to be rude but I don’t think Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo are as charismatic as Hyun Bin. I watch Memories of Alhambra for Chanyeol but end up staying for Hyun Bin because he take acting to a different level.

    • I don’t know whose fans you are but to downgrades someone like Hyun Bin is so bias of you. His acting is beyond uncharacteristic. He’s one of those actor who can portray any roles given to him and still brings the character to life though the concept of the story failed. MOA may have tons of loopholes that is not clear to how some parts doesn’t makesense but it’s still received good reviews. It’s still one of the best drama this years to those that love it. I don’t hear anyone complaining about his acting but praising how good he is. I love Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum but acting wise they still need to deliver more to the table. At least Song Hye Kyo is better than Park Bo Gum. It’s embarrassing to degrade Hyun Bin while praising Encounter and it’s leads.

    • Lol if Hyun Bin suck that bad than I don’t know who’s the actor I just finished watching in Memories of Alhambra that had blown me away with his remarkable performances. Everyone who praise him must have very low standards in acting range. I seen almost all Park Bo Gum works and his acting is very limited. So as for Song Hye Kyo. It’ll be more fair if you don’t compare them all base on their acting. Both dramas are in the same ratings range. If the writer didn’t mess the story up maybe Memories of Alhambra ratings might be a bit higher.

  9. Why do MOA fans love to start fan wars so much. MOA is the most promoted drama from TvN this years but it’s still can’t go pass other dramas that are less promoted so you all should have the answer to why it’s not doing so well. Both lead actors are A-list but can not sold the story. Any good actor would sale the most boring drama if they are doing their character justice.

    • Encounter fans really got the decency to say that when the official twitter keeps posting useless things like wallpapers, screen savers and color palettes which no one asked for?
      And if I recall, Encounter fans are also the ones who started fanwars with Sky Castle and The Last Empress fans saying that only dramas with actors topping the reputation chart can be considered a hit… and proceeded to get their faces slapped the following week when Kim Bora dethroned Park Bogum as the most buzzy actor.

      • nah thats just one or three fans who said that. Moa fans critizing EC in many EC article, even comparing Hyunbin with PBG, which totally stupid for me. and btw kim bora topping the list because she’s just died in sky castle. and PBG topping the list again in next week. and for what I know PBG fans never ask too much for their actor, they actually happy if PBG in top 5 on any list. Because they still look at him in the same stage like Seo kang joon and other actors in the same age as him.

      • EC fans are the only ones who think they are blame-free. Imo Encounter fans are the laughing stock on social media and the very representative of overhyped and substance.
        You can speak for yourself and the 3 PBG fans who think they are “humble” but imo PBG stan especially the Korean ones are arrogant, petty and vile.

    • I think you like to start fan wars more. Why do you say MOA is not doing so well when the average rating is similar to Encounter at 8%? Rating wise, both dramas did well. MOA is sold to Netflix, Encounter is not sold to Netflix – get your facts straight before speaking nonsense here.

      • Memories of Alhambra fans are always so fast to defense when the truth is the truth so accept it. With the hype of Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye but still not living up to the huge promotion from TvN. While Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum with Encounter is less promoted but still is better.

      • It is NOT the truth. Don’t you have eyes to read the average ratings that Ms Koala wrote here? I am not a fan of PSH. Don’t you dare think all fans of MOA are the fans of the leads. I like the AR game story of MOA, not into any romance of the drama. You don’t need to believe me, just read the FACTS. Numbers showing both dramas are similar in ratings. Preference is subjective which has no bearing in this discussion. I am being very objective in my defense. You are the one who is sooooo biased if you don’t believe in real numbers!

    • Wow sometimes fans are really funny and weird. I’m enjoying all the downgrading on MOA but I still love the drama more than some that are mentioned here.

  10. @ really
    PBG at Wonbin level ?!!!!! Really? Encounter is the only PBG drama I have watched and he is no WB. PBG is likable and does have screen presence (which quickly wore off for me because of his eerie cheshire grins) and I can see why he could be popular but his acting is nothing to write home about. He was really mediocre with the emotional scenes in the last episodes. I was not expecting much from SHK because she’s not a natural actor and she knows how to stay within her limits but PBG looked like an amateur trying so hard. But I give him the benefit of the doubt since the writer didn’t give him much to do except smile and be simpleminded.
    WB is a natural actor and has amazing screen presence. You don’t even have to watch his amazing work in Mother and MFN. Just watch cheesy AT , one of his early dramas where he plays the second lead. ….he made SHY and SSH look so stilted and monotonous. My only grouse with him he seems to have stopped acting.

  11. Hyunbin need to said thanks to PSH, many of PSH fans waiting for her drama comeback, they did promoted this drama in everywhere, just to see Hyunbin taking all the good parts, left PSH with shitties scene.
    I’m not a fan of both drama, but for me, I prefer predictable and boring, but strong character like Encounter than Shitty, too many plot hole, no character development like MOA.
    And just want to say, MOA is biggest flop drama, because of high budget, and even aired in weekend and have no competitor in the same time slot. Just change the time slot, I’m sure EC rating will do better.

  12. Wow so much hate in this article.
    I just see the wrap up party, and amazed to see many people come to support the actor with that cold winter. PBG fans must be love him so much. its kinda funny when the main leads look so casual but their co-stars come with full make up. I like this side of PBG, he just become himself not overjoy his popularity. with that tired face I’m sure he want to come from the back door like SHK. But he still standing there said hi to his fans. he looks so damn tired.

    • I think PBG has at least BB cream on, his face and neck are not of the same skin color/tone. Just my observation. Fans are of coz biased, I am just telling you what I can see. For a man, BB cream or Foundation is considered make up, and oh, I also see some lip gloss or lipstick on PBG. The only person with NO makeup is Driver Nam. Just compare the two if you wish.

  13. Hahaha?????, congrats koalas, your unnecessary comparison between two dramas brought in much traffic as I predicted.
    Two dramas are successful , catering to different audiences. No need to argue which one is better than the other, they are different genre. All the actors and actresses have worked hard and should deserve recognitions.

    • lol half the comments are about park bogum vs yoo seungho.
      new idea for Koala to bring in new traffic other than posting 1000 articles about moa and encounter.

      • An article about 93 line? That would be great. I’m sure SKJ and DO would win hands down because YSH is a crappy actor and PBG is coasting on dumb luck.

  14. You actually need to watch his other drama before conclude his acting. For what I know, PBG is a rare one, he’s not acted as the same person in his every drama. He give me different aura in Moonlight (I’m not finished that drama), and reply too. and he actually scene stealer in hello monster. I actually understand how he get his popularity. He’s still young but kept taking a difficult character. and His character in EC actually the weakest for all his character before but still He give me something new. Not like other actor who like roleplaying his previous character in his new drama.

    • Lol so bias. SMH!… That other actor actually play more than his chaebol character you know. I have seen all Park Bo Gum drama and his acting so to each their own. Everyone has different taste in acting range. Coming from an unbiased viewer.

    • To me, PBG looks the same in each of his dramas whether it is sageuk or modern. His expression is the same, and his grin… just like Jim Carrey 🙂 Jim Carrey could really sell his movies, but he looks the same in all, so does PBG. Sorry no Won Bin alike in my book. He is mediocre, soooo mediocre. LOL….

    • PBG is cutie pie and no doubt about that. Sadly his acts are the same in all his dramas even his characters are different. He has not shown something phenomenal as an actor yet.

  15. I’m so late to the party but Congratulations to both Moa and Encounter cast and crew what a fab 2 months with much banter here over the weekly episodes for both shows. The best outcome is I still adore PBG and more; I’ve come to appreciate SHK and have Full house and Worlds within on my K drama viewing bucket list. HB personal life has given me a reason to want to watch Secret Garden with HJW because I’m nosey and I’m more curious about writer SSJ so much I’ve blocked out this week to binge watch W. I know I’m a sucker for punishment but it’s worth it. So yes adverse commentary does play a part in the reverse psychology of wanting to see dramas that you’ve never thought of watching and that’s thanks to the ongoing dialogue that we have all shared here. That said I’m so loving first episode Romance is a bonus book. It’s frivolous light and harmless to my nerves. I love the fact that LNY and LSJ are best friends from way back and LNY is a divorcee solo Mother former top copywriter trying to get back into the workforce after spending 10 years as a stay home Mum. It’s got the right beats and the pace; humour is on point. I’m enthusiastic about this drama.

  16. I can’t believe that this article that’s supposed to be about Encounter had to mention another high profile drama. It’s just a no brainer that all those who liked the other drama would come here and diss Encounter and specifically both leads.

    I can’t understand why there is a need for comparison when they’re both from TVN. And both shows did not compete at all. Airtime is different. Genre is different. One is melo slow burn, the other one is a slick sci fi thriller. I mean sure they’re both high profile starting A listers, but is there really a need to come here and diss the drama?

    And once and for all, cable shows garnering 7-8% nationwide is officially a hit. I guess everyone was hoping for a higher rating nowadays. Who doesn’t? But the fact that the ratings had been at a steady range showed that the audience who stayed loved Encounter.

    So respect those who enjoyed watching Encounter and stop this useless comparison and dissing the star’s acting.

    It’s already 2019, act civilized, be more considerate. There are people who get hurt and get depressed. Show some consideration. Everyone has an opinion, its okay to disagree but do it in a way no one gets stepped on.

      • @Tammy When I used the term no brainer, I meant that it’s way too obvious that by simply mentioning the other drama in an Encounter article is like asking for negative comments. I was aiming my opinion with the blogger.

  17. Both dramas suck and failed to live up to its hype. So everyone can just shut up and support your favorite biased without stating stupid fan wars. Especially if y’all wanna compare acting skills, do it without being biased.

  18. LOL what’s with all this war? Both these drama with all that high budget with super popular actors are sucks and the real winner is Sky Castle!

  19. @Elina @Sally Both dramas are equally high in ratings so why being so salty? Support your biased and Encounter with a positive spirit is better than to drag someone down because you felt insecure. Sadly Hyun Bin is still the best actor among the 4.

  20. What’s with all these unexceptional heats? Encounter fans should rejoiced over their favorites great accomplishments instead of getting sidetracked to putting others down. Also what’s with all the non related actors and dramas doing in here? Everyone has their times to shine.

    Park Bo Gum is a growing actor so I’m pretty sure his acting will improve as he takes on more works in the future.
    Song Hye Kyo is also good in staying in her limits when taking her projects.

    Very disappointed and embarrassed to see people always dissing Hyun Bin. I’m not even his fans but no doubt he’s has more than what people make him out to be. I’m wow by his performance in Alhambra and became a fan of his. Fans need to respect their bias and others favorite. Especially when both dramas failed to live up to their hype with such high budgets.

    Congratulations to the hard works these actors and producers are putting in the dramas.

    • The saying of don’t bash someone unless you see it with your own eyes. All them dissing and downgrading Hyun Bin is nothing new so if you’re becoming his fans, prepare to read more. Especially when he gets to pair with all them A-lister actress. That’s when the fun game begins.

  21. Lmfao I read all comments in this thread, and found that SKJ fans is hillarious, for everyone who talking bad about PBG, just want to say sorry because my bias PBG is insanely popular. We cant help it.

    • That’s okay honey. Congratulations with Park Bo Gum popularity. But i really hope he is not stop learning and keep increase his acting level. Alot of popular actor do that. Stop doing actual acting the moment they get Super popular.

      • @missjb Aww you’re so nice, you’re really care of him. Thank you so much, honey. Like you I hope the best for him.
        @waVY his light stick is so cute. When he’s MC-ing music bank, he always make sure to found his fans. He wont left before he found all of them. now he have his own light stick, it will easier for him, right?

  22. All these stupid commenters are all dumb. Fans are stupid too for keeping creating fan wars. With two big flops drama with high budgets.
    Park Bo Gum bad at acting.
    Song Hye Kyo always the same nothing new.
    Park Shin Hye when you think she improved but always the same.
    Hyun Bin a capable actor but always choose flop dramas.
    End of the story. This is the best anyone can describe both dramas and all 4 actors. But if you are talking about CF models than sorry Hyun Bin lose to all 3.

    • But serious actors don’t usually do CF. But all of them were once slaves to commercialism and capitalism, but I think as they get established they have other means of earnings esp from their craft e.g. royalties on dramas and movies that newbies don’t get to enjoy.

    • Stargazers-Yeah memories of alhambra and encounter was biggest flop for tvn. They thought with casting big name actors and actresses can bring viewer? They’re are wrong cause knetz was smart enough to choose high quality drama, story, directing and multidimensional characters. Big name actor only good for 1st and 2nd episode to watching but if acting doesn’t good they will leave for another good drama. Like or not alhambra and encounter biggest flop drama of the years.

  23. Lol all these fans here are not even watching both dramas and it’s plots. They’re just watching their biased pretty faces. Some immature fans. How embarrassing…to compare actors. Not taking anyone side but to both Encounter and Memories of Alhambra fans if y’all really want to make this into an acting competition than sad to say Hyun Bin win.

  24. LOL at all the shady reply here. Guess encounter trigger a lot of non fans that think the drama and its actors didn’t deserve its success. Never mind everyone has their own faves and their own criteria of a good actor.
    Pak Bo Gum is a good actor and that’s a fact.

    • There is no objective measure to quantify acting, therefore there is no factual definition of a good actor. Your so-called “fact” is only your own preference which is the same as everybody else here making different comments. Your comment sounds as shady as all the others including mine. LOL.

      • Park Bo Gum is the next hallyu wave so accept it already even if you want to deny. He’s an amazing actor. His smile bring joys to everyone.

      • Hallyu doesn’t mean good actor at all. If anything it means chocolate boy who can’t act at all. Besides hallyu for dramas is dead only kpop hallyu is still alive.

      • @Pikachu – OMG, hallyu wave happened close to 20 years ago! There is NO next wave (except for kpop as @boss says). To me, PBG smile is creepy and awful, his teeth is faked to the bones. No need to convince me that he is whatever whatever. Our tastes obviously are very very different! My preference is very subjective, it is a waste of your time replying to me really. LOL.

  25. Hyun Bin is overly due, so he should learn to step down and let the younger actors get their chance to shine. As I observed people are not into him anymore while fresh face and talented actors like Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki are the hallyu wave now. People claim Hyun Bin is the best but still can’t surpassed Park Bo Gum and actors like Kim Soo Hyun. These younger actors have great charisma and are talented enough to bring in huge audiences.

    • Oh please, there’s no such thing as the new hallyu wave as hallyu is diminishing in once big markets like Japan and China. And Song Joong Ki can hardly be considered fresh face, he is not that much younger, but looks more ajussi than Hyun Bin.

    • Lol antifans will forever hate him. There is no such thing as stepping down when it’s one’s professions and what they love best. Hyun Bin is a didicated actors to his job and always give the best when he’s on the screen. Not to offend anyone one since people are so bias nowadays. You claim Park Bo Gum and Song Joong-Ki are the best in acting and also bring in huge viewers… Not from what I’ve observe they only attract the women audience so if that’s what you meant to say. Coming from an international audience where everyone love watching films and dramas. When ever I watch actor like SJK, PBG, and KSH dramas or movies my guy friends, cousin, and brothers would complain about how bad they are in acting. Unlike Hyun Bin where he draws in all kind of audience from women to mens. I never heard guys complain or judge his acting but enjoy his screen times and praise his works with his acting performance. If you’re a fair drama and film viewer, you pretty much know you’re being biased. A great actor should be able to catch the attentions of both audience not just the women alone. Since we all know guys don’t usually watch dramas and are very picky unless they find the lead actress attractive like Song Hye Kyo. You can say I’m not being fair or what so ever but it’s the truth.

    • Hallyu is diminishing in bigger market such as Japan and China due to government regulations.

      Japan has restricted the broadcast on free-view tv channels but somewhat it has compensated as cable channels and streaming sites have increased their market share on these last few years. Those actors who are still popular in Japan are still enjoying the benefits Hallyu wave. Not the case with the mainland China though as it’s very fickle market due to political reasons. At least they still have Hong Kong and Taiwan.

      • ‘dont be judgemental about what they pick and dont seek “revenge” by picking something you like that you know the’yll hate..We all have different desires and taste.Never expect other people to listen to the same music as you do, so why would you assume they’d watch the same drama?

    • What Hallyu? Its dead and if your oppa is only a Hallyu Star then his career is dead as well. The Japan market is saturated with Hallyu stars from the 1st and 2nd wave who still enjoy some popularity but no new actors will ever break into the Japan market anymore. You think Asia still cares about Korean Dramas and its celebs then you are wrong. USA and Europe only care about BTS and Blackpink they don’t have time for dramas. Hallyu is finished just pray your oppa’s are still relevant in Korea.

      • Its true though. Who even watches kdramas these days? Only the die hard fans. Personally I think kpop is more interesting than kdrama.

      • To be honest, I don’t know how to respond to your comment.

        Do you know the demographic market of kpop vs kdramas? Do you know that kdramas are broadcasted to more than 100 countries worldwide? In Japan alone, do you know how many channels are broadcasting kdramas?

        For kpop, do you know how many concert shows do kpop groups have each year? If you bother to look, only a handful of kpop groups have actually been successful overseas and most of them are tagged with expiry dates. Lucky are those who can act that they can venture into acting when their time in kpop is over.

      • @MistyEyes that’s absolutely untrue. KPOP is the bigger brand and is everlasting. If you ask between Big Bang and Lee Min Ho who is bigger then it would always be Big Bang. They have the bigger fandom and overall popularity. Similarly if you ask if BTS is bigger or Park Bo Gum the answer even years later will always be BTS. KPOP can compete with itself by dramas are no competition to KPOP which is the real Hallyu.

    • For hyunbin delulu fans, your oppa is not god. Because 25 y.o actor topping the buzzworthy chart for 8 weeks, and your oppa just topping the chart for….. 1 week? What a shame, he failed taking the spotlight even after working with better writer, better character, plus aired in weekend, your oppa even stolen every cool scene from his female lead, so different with that young actor who working with worst writer, have unattractive character, and predictable story, who even cant depend with his female lead because all that age gap and her husband’s thing.
      Just admit it, your oppa is failed to show his charm, and he acted as the same person for fourth times now. Just stop comparing him with other actors who totally did a great job with their drama. You better ask your oppa to take another role

      • LMFAO!!! you’re one mad fans… No one said Hyun Bin is God or could careless about whose topping the freaking Korean most buzzworthy charts. We’re just saying Hyun Bin is not as bad as people made him to be. Go take some chill pills dude. FIY he’d play more roles than just a lame chaebol. I don’t see him stealing his females cool scenes, it’s the script not the actors. Who compare who first? When you’re too biased to accept the truth. From a diverse perspective the Korean Adwards systems and buzzworthy charts are a joke only some makesense. I watched both drama and still can’t change the fact that PBG stills need more acting chop and it’s the women who enjoy his work like me most. But when it comes to the men he don’t attract attention so if you only depends this high buzzworthy charts due to the huge women supporters. I don’t define that a talented actor while telling others to step down.

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