Yeo Jin Goo in Talks to be IU’s Leading Man in Hong Sisters Fantasy Drama Hotel de Luna

Now this is a potential drama pairing straight outta “come again, what now?” territory. Yeo Jin Goo, who is currently headlining the hit tvN sageuk The Crowned Clown, is reportedly in talks for the Hong Sisters‘ upcoming fantasy drama Hotel de Luna. The leading lady is the already confirmed IU so I’m leaning towards Yeo Jin Goo passing because I honestly am not feeling this onscreen pairing. But then again he’s a talented young actor and IU is coming off a tvN acting bravura hit with last year’s My Ahjusshi so perhaps this casting isn’t really that random. Hotel de Luna is the titular hotel of ghosts, glittering under the moonlight attracting all sorts of spirits. It’s run by the thousand year old ghost of the character played by IU, while Yeo Jin Goo is up for the male lead, an arrogant and capable hotel director who ends up co-managing Hotel de Luna. The drama is slated for the second half of 2019 and is still rounding up the greater cast.


Yeo Jin Goo in Talks to be IU’s Leading Man in Hong Sisters Fantasy Drama Hotel de Luna — 33 Comments

  1. I’ve no problem seeing IU in this role, but tbh, I don’t see YJG in this. Most of his adult roles have been a “miss” as far as I’m concerned. I think I only liked him in Circle and The Crowned Clown. He’s a talented actor, he just needs help in picking the right roles and co-stars. I also don’t see him paired up with IU. Hopefully I could be mistaken and be pleasantly surprised. But the Hong Sisters don’t have the best track record for their dramas. It might be wise for him to pass on this one.

  2. No not YJG please. They wont work as a love team, I can really see it, they don’t have chemistry. This type of drama needs someone more than YJG. IU needs to be paired with a taller, young, handsome actor this time not that YJG isn’t but really they dont match!

      • You wanna wait until the drama flops before realizing everything? I’m not a hater, but YJG x IU pairing just wont work on screen. There are so many handsome young actors out there that would look so much better paired with IU. YJG can only do so much and he is an actor who suits being in a movie than in dramas with OTP

      • This world is doomed if all people have your mentality. lol What a brilliant comment you have there?

    • I still don’t get this obsession and way of thinking about looking good visually means good chemistry. Lee Min Jung and Jung Kyung Hoo don’t look stunning visually on paper, but they have great on screen chemistry.

      And I think Yoon Kyun Sang and Kim Yoo Jung surprisingly have good on screen chemistry together. I get through that clean with passion because their on screen chemistry feels natural.

  3. I adore YJG so if he accepts it would make an interesting pairing with IU but then again Hong sisters and their ghost fantasy type stories would these actors have the comedic timing down because it’s gonna be pretty awkward watching them if they don’t.

  4. This would be the kind of pairing where we get to see how great YJG is along side IU’s subtle charms. The Hong Sisters write stories that have a unique energy and super charms. I know the Hong Sisters get involved with casting so I’m going to trust them on this one.

    I am big fan of My Ahjusshi and remember so much controversy over IU in that role and the age of her Ahjusshi (Lee Sun-Kyung). IU can act. Anything’s possible with Yeo Jin Goo.

    • This is what I am thinking too. SKJ will be great as OTP with IU. I prefer YJG in sageuk or a modern drama without romance (eg mystery). I am still burnt by his previous drama Reunited Worlds ?

      • I’m thinking of human Nam Shin mode… Lol… After Experiencing watching cunning single lady and entourage, I don’t think I want Seo Kang Joon star in another a fluff drama. He is abit underwhelming when the material is a undemanding. He will be waste.

    • Candycane; definitely. I won’t category the third charm as a fluff… That drama has purpose and has good story telling. His character definitely has a meat.
      But it is a hong sister.
      Look at Yoo Yeon Suk in warm and cozy for example, really underwhelming.

      • I don’t like Hong sisters’ drama. The last one is so so bad ? Maybe all good actors should stay away for them ? I was only thinking of who to pair with IU…. YJG is a bit too young imo even though IU looks young…. Anyways I’m enjoying the Crowned Clown immensely. Cheers!

  5. The vibes don’t make sense if we just think about thier acting styles or see their pic next to each other but who knows what the plot is like. I was excited about this but this casting news made me tone down my expectation by a lot.

  6. Why I can’t think it before? Omg! Yeo Jin Go and IU will be good together! What does Hong Sister do in their previous life to deserve these two together in one screen? Lol… Now I have to watch this for these two actor.

    • I will watch these two actor in one screen in a proper melodrama, might be written by Park Hae Young or Lee Kyung Hee? I will anticipated it like crazy. But hong sister, aigoooo

    • Really? Not again! I got some flack for pointing out that IU’s fans could be rabid and immature for raising such stink over her potential casting in My Ajusshi. Lee Seon Kyun got a lot of hating, too, to say the least. But what’s the reason now?

    • They should critics IU’s choice for picking Hong Sister drama after her success
      turn in My Ajusshi. LOL.. This roles might be make her critics waking up again to critics her acting.

      But oh well, Once in awhile, might be You just want to pick a fluffy drama for fun and resting alitte bit while you can, since, when you are older, you can no longer pick those kind of roles..

      @KS : I have no idea too. Which they want her to pair up with? Yeo Jin Goo can create chemistry.

      • Isn’t LJS going into MS soon? How is YSH more favourable than YJG? YJG is hot right now, ratings of the CC is rising. Isn’t it better to ride on a winning streak? Anyhow, I believe YJG should stay away from the Hong sisters ?

      • YJG is a complete so-so with chemistry. Everything since Orange Marmalade have been a miss on chemistry.

      • YJG has good chemistry in the CC with LSY. He is only 21 and may need a good female lead to ignite some chemistry. @Minny – your assessment is a bit too harsh. He does not have a long track record with rom com.

    • this is not true at all. there has been very few people who expressed their discontentment in comparison to does who are in favor. Iu fans want her to act alongside someone whos around her age for once. She’s been paired with much older actors (JJS, LJK, LSK) but now, they pair her with someone who’s a lot younger despite his acting abilities. it’s just odd casting because he’s meant to be around 30 years old, whereas she’s not really human.

  7. Eh, Yeo Jin Gu has proven he can have great chemistry with his partners as long as they CAN ACT. Ha Yeon Soo in Potato Star, Jung Chae Yeon in Reunited Worlds and now with Lee Se Young in The Crowned Clown. And people who are judging YJG’s visuals, I can’t with these teenage fangirls who only have their eyes for typical flower boy looks. YJG is someone with legit beautiful manly charms and is highly regarded for his acting skills. Rather than the pairing I’d say the writing duo behind this is far more worrying. YJG’s way too good for this.

  8. good lead actor + good female lead = well, i don’t understand how this will give a negative result.. i also believe good chemistry CANNOT be seen through separate photos of two actors that we’ve never seen working together, as ‘chemistry’ requires interaction (of at least 2substances) ? however, good actors+bad writing=could go either direction.. sometimes more harmful to the actors than the writer. And what’s with the visuals of Yeo JinGoo??? Have you truly looked at the man?? Tbh, i’ve rarely seen a smile as perfect as his! And his nose.. given it is the same nose and face he was born with (if u know what i mean) i’d say he’s one of the most beautiful manly face i’ve ever seen in korean tv! Anyways, actors can only do so much.. if this turns out to be badly written (which happens a lot of times lately, mind u, not even to the Hong sisters) then maybe we should refrain from hating on the actors esp if we’ve already seen what they’re capable of. if the pairing pushes through, shouldn’t we give them a chance to do what they do best?? And later on, like it or not, we all know critics will all be doing what they’re best at, too.. so til then, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, at least i won’t ?

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