Song Seung Heon Considering Lead Role for Upcoming tvN Family and Politics Drama The Great Show

With Song Hye Kyo recently reflecting on her 22-years in K-ent, her breakout drama Autumn in My Heart male lead Song Seung Heon has also been acting for that long and both have proved themselves to be the success story of the early Hallyu stars. AimH also launched Won Bin whereas the stars of Winter Sonata, which was the bigger drama between the two, have not had nearly as successful as career in front of the camera. Song Seung Heon may not be the best actor (hello, hand towel!) but I love him and he’s really carving out a niche in the last three years with the cable dramas doing more action, thrillers, and now political-heartwarming family tale. He’s in talks for the tvN drama The Great Show about a failed politician with looks and young success but ends up losing his reelection bid due to a fiery temper. He ends up dealing with his failure by bringing together his three siblings, all four never getting along but learning how later on in life. There’s romance thrown in but it’s primarily going to be a satire in politics while focusing on the family. Count me in!


Song Seung Heon Considering Lead Role for Upcoming tvN Family and Politics Drama The Great Show — 8 Comments

  1. I wouldn’t say that about Winter Sonata. BYJ obviously has no interest in acting whereas CJW has ventured into more diverse acting roles as compared to SHK and for an actress her age, the good roles are limited (given that her acting chop is limited as compared to Kim Sun Ah) unless she’s acting in movies.

    I don’t understand why the need to draw comparison instead of just appreciating what is good as it is. It feels more like a channel to elevate your faves more than necessary.

  2. I’d prefer him in more action/thriller dramas. Not sure there is any action in this one as it sounds like the more traditional family/politics/sibling love genre, probably along the line of My Ajussi. In that case it may not be SSH’s strength.

  3. Gorgeous and such a good looking man! Watched Black but missed Player however I do like his acting so far. My question is who is the writer and director and of course female lead? I kinda like the synopsis though.

  4. I just waiting for ssh project. What ever it is, action, drama, thriller, as long as I can see him again in television i am happy..??? I love ssh.

  5. I hate this bad actor label you keep throwing at him, the only real bad acting from him was his first series, that comedy show otherwise he’s no Daniel day Lewis bu he is a decent actor with a very endearing genuine quality about him and he always delivers when the role is good

    • Louder please!! I feel he is different from each roles he did. Even in his younger days like in Happy Together, Popcorn, AIMH and Summer Scent. Definitely in EOE, My Princess, WAML and the newer dramas he did. He always did that blowing air through the mouth which I don’t mind but aside from that I think he played each roles differently and in character. So I really don’t know why that is always being thrown at him. Ofc, he looks good just with a towel.

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