Han Ji Min and Nam Joo Hyuk are Surprisingly Gorgeous Together in New Dazed Pictorial Promoting The Light in Your Eyes

Consider me pleasantly surprised that Han Ji Min and Nam Joo Hyuk are nailing it in terms of couple visuals on the cover and pages of Dazed Korea magazine. They are currently starring in the jTBC drama The Light in Your Eyes which I haven’t started watching yet but plan to marathon later since it’s a shorter length 12-episode drama. I’ve already heard good reviews so that’s a bonus, and in Dazed the two leads are so complementary with his model height and cool aura and her petite cuteness so that amps up the reason to watch. Good show and pretty leads, well done on the casting yet again jTBC!


Han Ji Min and Nam Joo Hyuk are Surprisingly Gorgeous Together in New Dazed Pictorial Promoting The Light in Your Eyes — 21 Comments

  1. You’re right, they do look great together. I haven’t heard of this drama and will check it out. I’m liking the twelve episode dramas.

  2. to my surprise, the drama is not bad. NJH has improved a lot in his acting probably because the directing is good. His crying scenes are shot under a dim lighting which may compensate his still-not-so-perfect tears. HJM is great with all her crying scenes (under bright light) and her beautiful eyes emote well. The older lady is excellent. My only complaint is the disproportionate screentime with the older lady in episodes 3 & 4 which I will much prefer half of the time given to HJM so I can enjoy more of the OTP visuals 🙂 12 episodes will be good because they shouldn’t drag on those tears for too long, I want to see some happiness.

  3. OMG my favorite actress is so gorgeous. Glad that their age gaps doesn’t show much. They look very good together. She’s doing very good lately. I’m so impressed with her acting and love the drama so far. Nam Joo Hyuk improving in his acting as well. How I wish Han JI Min has a bit more screen time. Her eyes does emote so much and so beautiful. One flaw is I really am annoy with her igoo. It’s too much that it looks forced. Hopefully the director and writer reduce that in the next few episodes.

    • What do you think of the older lady’s aigoo? I think she has more of that than HJM?? Just curious of what others think of the older lady (sorry don’t know her name)…

      • Haha I totally forgot about her. She does come off annoying with all those cringey igoos. Her brother annoys me too. ?

      • I don’t like her brother – lazy sleazy character and the actor overacts, I FF most of his scenes. I only like her mother, very cute interactions with both HJM and the older lady 🙂

  4. Love Han JI Min so much but have to agree she’s a bit over reacting. Her igoo does come of annoying. She so beautiful and does look great with Nam Joo Hyuk. I love how this drama is very family oriented. It’s funny and heartwarming at times. I laughed so much at the scene where she woke up knowing her father was alive. How she trying to explain what happened. Love all the episodes so far.

  5. Han JI Min is probably the most gorgeous Korea actress I’ve seen in the Korean entertainment. She look different from all the rest. Beside being so gorgeous she is also so down to earth and is a capable actress. My friend encounter her once in Seoul; she is so gorgeous and so kind. I hope to see more drama of hers.

  6. There were 3 actors who make me stop watching their drama because of bad acting : hyeri in two cops, cha eun woo in my id, and nam joohyuk in habaek.
    So Im happy NJH didnt ruined this drama, he actually improved alot. His visual is amazing too. The rating is going up to 5% and I really enjoyed the drama so much. Hope YG will treated him nicely now. Waiting for ep 5

  7. I am enjoying the drama so far. I don’t know but i love han ji min so i don’t notice those aigoo’s that some are talking here. She’s funny, lovable and the drama is so heart warming. Kim hye ja is also so funny too. Cast and story is great. Njh has improved and i get the vibes of watching him in wlfkbj which i loved. Just hoping for more screen time for ji min next week as we are already half way through the drama. Another great drama picked by han ji min. She might be a supporting role only but the drama is good and so funny and that makes up for it.

  8. Han Jim Min look so young I’m impress. She looks compatible alongside Nam Joo Hyuk. I won’t say Nam Joo Hyuk has improved ton. But surprisingly, he is really watchable in The Light in Your Eyes. The director handle him well. The humour is at times over the top, and so gross. especially the scene involving Son Ho Jun. He is unbearable in this drama. But when the scene start to get serious, it’s where the drama getting their strenght.

  9. Nam Joo Hyuk and Han Ji Min look gorgeous together in these shoots. I have yet starting on The light in Your Eyes and plan on watching it. Han JI Min improved so much on her acting. Love this girl so much even people have been degrading her, she’s still going strong. My favorite Korean actress fighting.

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