SBS Wed-Thurs Drama An Empress’s Dignity Wraps with More Makjang and Mid-teens Ratings

It’s time to say buh-bye to crazy and makjang-delicious Wed-Thurs SBS drama An Empress’s Dignity as it sails off without one male lead and maybe also without the other. The final episodes brought in 14.1% and 16.5% ratings as viewers tuned in to see if female lead Jang Nara will absurdly end up with previous not nice but now nice male lead Shin Sung Rok what with always nice male lead Choi Jin Hyuk not even around to film scenes for the final episodes due to a scheduling conflict. The drama apparently decided to use that opportunity to pick option 3 as Shin Sung Rok’s Emperor swanned off to the great beyond and the baddies either got jail or also death. Not sure what to make of this drama since just the drama stills along make me chuckle but hopefully this ending was satisfying for those watching along.


SBS Wed-Thurs Drama An Empress’s Dignity Wraps with More Makjang and Mid-teens Ratings — 15 Comments

  1. The Last Empress was the same big mess than Return! I hope that Shin Sung Rok will take a more normal role the next time and not a parody…

  2. The writer changes for the last few episodes makes no logical sense and no justification on yu ra and na wang sik. What a let down writer. Puke.

  3. Big Mess. Steered off original synopsis. Bad aftertaste. Total waste of CJH. Totally striking this writer off my watch list from now onwards.

  4. this drama is an adolescent with an identity crisis. It initially started out as a ridiculous makjang but then decided it wanted to be a comedy. Probably one of the the most ridiculous shows I’ve ever seen. A total hot mess.

  5. This drama is cheating. I feel bad for Choi Jin Hyuk aka Na Wang Sik. He’s suffering till the end. This drama was started from Sunny and his journey to get revenge and open up the cruel of palace but suddenly unimportant twisted like cute emperor made audience forgot he’s a killer and several times attempt murder. What makes me more shock those fans are happy to ship this coward with the female lead. Yikess… No proper closer for leads and anti climax for some mysteries. I thought we could watch how powerless people could win against bad dynasty but seems the writer too afraid to make realization of this idea. Who knows someone warned her to change the story due to issue on korean empire.
    But bravo for the actors. They all did great job especially Shin Eun Kyung.
    I also enjoy watching their BTS. I think Jang Nara and Choi Jin Hyuk has something going on. They always spotted together laughing and flirting.

  6. It is Makjang done right….any viewer expecting logic out of it should have stopped watching after the first 4 episodes. The stragety with the show from the beginning was to make it so ridiculous that you can’t stop watching. It worked. The actors carried the show so well done to them. Wish Choi Jin Hyuk was part of it in the last episodes.

    • I enjoyed watching the last four episodes. I wanted to see what the writer(s) would do. I was pleasantly surprised! I agree with you, Gem, Makjang done right! I really enjoyed the acting too! Thanks for the great comment.

      I would just add one additional comment. I sure would like to see Cha Seung Won and Shin Sun Rok in a Makjang drama together… That would be a real treat.

    • Honestly, despite being completely over the top, the narrative worked. Sadly, CJH couldn’t be in the last two episodes which meant his story never got proper closure, but I like how the final episode redeemed Lee Hyuk. His was a dark, dark character, and the transition was a little sudden, but it was touching and I could see how Sunny was moved by Hyuk’s sacrifice and death. The abolition of the imperial family was IMO, the goal of the writer right from the get go so I don’t get the complaints about veering off the storyline. There was unfortunately zero romantic chemistry between Na Wang Shik and the Empress, so I think it was right to edit out that love line.

  7. This drama is meant to be comedic and over the top. Still it manages to bring tears to my eyes with the final scenes between Hyuk/Sunny and Ari/birth mom.

  8. *rolleyes* is my reaction after seeing spoilers for the last episodes…yeah I dropped it when they decided to throw CJH’s character under the bus+ I don’t believe the production’s explanation about him not having time to film more footage for the extension…They won’t fool me into thinking they didn’t know about that fanmeeting in the first place- if they cared enough about his presence, they would have discussed things out and made some arrangement (they were given more than a week to wrap the drama up for Pete’s sake)

    Truth is that they have been overwhelmed by the emperor’s popularity and became greedier…so they just decided to get rid of CJH’s character. They wronged him and betrayed the audience. Period.

    Lastly, exile that PD from the industry, he seems to be quite problematic(‘Return’ anyone?!?) I will avoid him like the plague in the future!

    • I totally agree with you about throwing CJH under the bus! I mean they gave SSR such a nice tribute when his character died, but nothing for CJH, who, with Jang Nara, carried the whole show!

      • Sorry for the rant/outburst but I was feeling sorry for actor CJH and his character in TLE. I also read that he’s up to guest on a new segment of “We will channel you”…it’s probably one of the reason he couldn’t finish filming the drama now that I think about it…still I’m angry they didn’t give his character the closure it deserved *sad*(it didn’t make sense for the empress not to mourn for his character *sad* It seemed like everyone forgot about his existence)
        I can only wish for better outcomes in his future roles.

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