Vagabond Production Cast Shares New Pictures of Leads Lee Seung Gi, Suzy, and Shin Sung Rok

Sometimes casting can be serendipitous and that’s the case of Shin Sung Rok who is currently enjoying a major career high point thanks to his crazy Emperor role in SBS makjang wackjob drama An Empress’s Dignity. Before doing Empress he was cast and filmed the upcoming tvN drama Vagabond which is slated to air this May. His current popularity coupled with high profile leads Lee Seung Gi and Suzy, who has thus far been getting all the spotlight for this drama is a boon for all. The production crew for Vagabond dropped a bunch of filming BTS stills this week, cute looks at Lee Seung Gi doing Taekwondo, Shin Sung Rok being goofy/smexy, and Suzy being Suzy (cute and there).


Vagabond Production Cast Shares New Pictures of Leads Lee Seung Gi, Suzy, and Shin Sung Rok — 18 Comments

    • Yes. Just the one who posted this article is wrong. I saw the sbs vagabond trailer. Its sbs not tvn. Hahahaj.peace!

  1. SSR has a tattoo? Lol that’s hot. Looking forward to him. Let’s see if his story will overshadow Suzy and LSG’s like how Choi Jin Hyuk’s role did in Gu Fam.

    • Yes. It in hel leg part.and now his confirmed to cast as in fantasy rom-com kdrama of kbs “perfume.” So the show is begin after vagabond. His busy man. Indeed.

  2. Who is the girl behind Suzy? Looks so much like her…. SSR may bring in more viewers, he looks hot in the stills. I may rethink to watch when VB airs only for SSR ?

  3. VB looks likes it will veer towards comedy and if it does good on them! And why more stills on LSG and SSR? Surely if Suzy is being promoted and asserted as a serious actress wouldn’t it make more sense to show her in that light? I mean even the write up is coined ‘Suzy being suzy’ is a diss to her. I know that I’ve been rather vocal previously but it’s only fair that she receives some unbiased pics and a fair impartial write up to support her cause. Anyway if she is a black belt in taekwondo where’s the harm in showing a few stills of her practicing? If that writer has created Suzy’s character as a weak pushover damsel in distress crying buckets ah yeah I prioved my point; VB is a comedy.

    • Ms Koala is always very supportive of Suzy. It’s Suzy who has been a disappointment in all her dramas. Is there any stills of her practicing at all? Where can we see them? If she is that skilled, maybe she won’t need a double ?

    • There’s a still of Suzy facing Lee Seung Gi with her back towards the camera, but Koala didn’t include it.

      @candycane If Suzy uses a stunt double for the intense action scenes in this, it doesn’t make her any less capable than 99% of Korean actresses who would require one as well. As far as her martial arts background goes, Suzy has already proven herself on variety shows (search up “Suzy’s board breaking” on YouTube) and their previous drama together. If you were seriously curious about her taekwondo skills and not just trying to diss her, maybe you would’ve already known this. ?

    • @Anonymous – why do you thinking I am dissing her while the original article is already implying so? Read again before you say anything else!!

  4. I’ve been quietly following the updates of this drama ever since my love for Lee Seunggi has been reinvigorated after his military discharge, and all I can say is both him and Shin Sung Rok have charisma and charms in spades to the point where they could even salvage them trainwrecks Hwayugi and Empress’ Dignity. So knowing these two are involved with Vagabond plus being directed by a reliable PD-writers combo, I think I can overlook some bad acting here and there. And while I haven’t watched WYWS, I’ve heard good things about Suzy on that drama so perhaps she’ll pleasantly surprise me.

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