Park Shin Hye Gets Swallowed by Fabric Leaving Incheon Airport

If there was ever a designer version of a muumuu then this Valentino dress and jacket combo fits the bill. K-actress Park Shin Hye was head-to-toe in the brand’s outfit and accessory leaving Incheon airport for the fashion show and she looked like she could be wearing a plastic bag with the V logo on it. The over-sized jacket is what kills the outfit since the dress is also voluminous, she should have picked one or the other and not both. Thank goodness for the purse with the red strap and front flap to inject color and some liveliness to the look. Better luck next time Shin Hye!


Park Shin Hye Gets Swallowed by Fabric Leaving Incheon Airport — 23 Comments

  1. She looks old and haggard. Have her cheekbones have transformed the same way Suzy’s cheeks have transformed -have become really plump. No, just look up Suzy’s uncontrollably Fong press-con look and Park Shin Hye’s stills from two years back. Are they using botox? Park shin Hye’s whole mouth area looks weird and now even hair isn’t covering that up lolz

  2. I really like the dress with sport shoes plus her hair style looks really good with this combine too. But that bag is way too classy and I dont know what to say for jacket xD…

  3. Sorry, off of topic but RIP Luke Perry one of the “flowers boys” of my teen days . His popularity was Huge in the 90’s . I’m sad.

    • The outfit that PSH has chosen to wear looks really awkward and I believe she was told to wear it by Valentino and is rather lost in it. Not her fault though if she is being sponsored. I mean she’s swimming in that poncho looking jacket and the injection of colour for her bag is the only eye saviour to that creation. This is kinda what my grandmother wore back on the 70’s – huge puffery rain jacket,pleated skirt and white sneakers. It wasn’t fashionable at all; she wore it for practicality and comfort. I thought that airport fashion was a thing to be proud of obviously judging from this – it isn’t. I feel sorry hat PSH had to wear this on a plane for hours on end all to make a fashion statement.

    • RIP Luke Perry. Shocked he left the world so suddenly and young. 90210 is very Heirs.

      As to this Valentino coat, did the designer get the idea from a big bin liner? It sure looks like it.

    • Bless Luke Perry and my heart goes out to all his fans in South Korea and around the world…Such a a young age to pass away. Be nice if Miss Ockoala could do something here on him as fans obviously want to pay tribute around the world being such the star he was

  4. A lot of korean dramas have also been based and written on 90210 and undoubtably the characters of the show. RIP Luke Perry and thanks for the 90s ride.?

  5. PSH looked amazing in the previous two posts. What happened here? I don’t feel the sassy, fresh vibe as seen in those ads. Perhaps it’s the photoshopping typical of ads. Or that straight short bobs are just not flattering on women with prominent cheekbones? Yes, more volume minus the stringy bangs might just change the look from ahjumma-like to young fresh starlet.

  6. to be fair to the designer, I checked the Valentino website on how to wear this jacket. The model wears a straight black long dress, not a “voluminous” flare that PSH has on. This is how a mismatched outfit can make one look so clumsy and unflattering. I wonder who’s her cordi or does she even have one?

    • I so agree with you on how a mismatched outfit can make one look so clumsy and unflattering. The coat jacket is quite bold not to mention voluminous (it’s quite ugly, front and back view, ?). A straight long skirt or black skinny jeans? will balance it out. But she went the matchy-matchy route with that pleated jersey skirt sporting the same humongous Valentino logo. Proportion and balance matters. When you have a bold, oversized top, an understated bottom with clean simple lines in a neutral dark tone balances it out, keeping the focus on the bold piece. Her cordi should be fired. If PSH put the outfit together herself, then she’s trying too hard.

  7. Now that make sense @candycane a long sleek black dress would have really elevated that look with stroppy heels or stiletto boots and now we’re talking that outfit would really shine! However maybe she got half the memo and improvised with the pleated skirt and bag? Not realising there was a way to coordinate the jacket etc…

  8. She’ll be doubly comfortable with that jacket on the plane , she can use as a blanket! Better choice on the event itself, love the color combinations. Her hairstyle is just refreshing and guessing it was cut for her movie…. it’s also nice for a change. Her cheeks are always that pinchable plump since young.

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