Nam Joo Hyuk Offered Male Lead Role in Netflix Supernatural Comedy Drama School Nurse Ahn Eun Young Opposite Jung Yumi

The Nam Joo Hyuk drama train keeps chugging along, the boy is both hardworking and audacious in the way he plows ahead despite stumbles and bad reviews. I’ve always had a soft spot for him since School 2015 and he’s really been meh in so many dramas since then other than Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and now The Light in Your Eyes (Dazzling). But with the positive momentum of The Light in Your Eyes with older actress Han Ji Min, this might be yet another smart pick as he’s in talks to star opposite also older Jung Yumi in a Netflix produced supernatural comedic drama School Nurse Ahn Eun Young. The female lead has the ability to perform exorcisms and does it in a oddball funny way, and she ends up working at a school where the male lead is a hardworking and caring teacher. Count me in for this drama and casting!


Nam Joo Hyuk Offered Male Lead Role in Netflix Supernatural Comedy Drama School Nurse Ahn Eun Young Opposite Jung Yumi — 27 Comments

  1. Bad reviews are not fact nor truth though. They are just mere opinions possibly from nobodies who know nothing but spread ill comments.

    As far as I know he is a good actor amongst his peers. He has the charisma and following, reasons for him to continue doing what he does.

    • I agree with you except for the good actor part. He is a growing actor who will one day become a good actor but presently he is still lacking in many ways but with each project he overcomes a little of his flaws.

    • Read the full context of my comment. I said he is a good actor AMONG HIS PEERS. Of course he is still lacking in many ways as skills comes with experience. The more dramas, movies or acting projects he does, the better he gets.

  2. Might tune in to this since I like Jung Yumi and like Nam Joo Hyuk in The Light In Your Eyes with Han Ji Min. He improve in his acting a bit from the last I’ve seen him in The Water God.

  3. NJH actually has more screentime with Kim Hye ja than HJM. His acting has improved and he is a great eye candy. Funny exorcisms? Sounds interesting. Count me in too 🙂

  4. I love Jung Yumi so much unfortunately she rarely does dramas. i am totally down with this pairing. they are gonna rock it for sure.

  5. There are some actors who are constantly paired with noonas, NJH and YJG being two of them. I don’t hate it in fact it’s a good trend but I do wonder if it’s deliberate.

  6. I just assume that acting is like other skillset and that commitment to good practice and being lucky enough to have good mentors will get you far. I’ve seen clips of the new drama he’s in and he’s def improving. Being partnered with more experienced actors is a great opportunity. His trajectory kinda reminds of Jo In Sung.

    That being said I dont find him any more likeable lol.

    • Improved doesn’t mean good or even anywhere near good. By my comment I meant hes incredibly lucky to be working. I regret the JiS comparison and seeing a NJH fan take that and run with it gave me goosebumps.

  7. OMG I will sign on. I love like Jung Yumi and now crush on Nam Joo Hyuk after watching Dazzling with Han JI Min. They are so cute together. He really improved much and not so cringey to watch anymore. By the way I love Dazzling. If he continues to progress, he’ll become a good actor soon. Jung Yumi is pretty and Nam Joo Hyuk is cute.

  8. Its amazing at the career growth of actors like NJH and SKJ who were criticized heavily when they first debuted but have now shown so much improvement while actors like YSH and LHW who had rave reviews as child actors have just stagnated in their acting. Good actors are the ones that constantly evolve.

    • To begin with, these actors you mentioned are not bad actors. It’s whoever saying their bad are unreasonably judging them, judging them without any criteria as their basis. In short, they don’t understand what they are saying.

      I could understand if someone would say that they don’t like this particular actor because of this and that…. but to say this certain actor is a bad actor.. as in.. having the guts to say such bold judgment… what right do they have to say that?

      • Looks like it’s not these actors actings skills are deficient. It’s the projects that they are doing that either require lesser skill set or different acting skill set.

        But why be hard on them when you have veteran like Gong Yoo who is pretty much doing the same act since Coffee Prince, Lee Dong Wook with that blank eyes act since My Girl or Song Hye Kyo with the same act and monotone voice modulation since Full House yet winning Best Actor or Actress in award shows.

    • They worked for it instead of devolving into a comfort zone which is why people actually want to cast them in good projects. I always think former child actors are overrated because no one is ever bad in child acting. They practically carry over their child acting to adult acting which is why they never improve.

      • @junebug So can you please name child actors who have evolved into actors who have never changed as an example?

      • I’m posting this again for the 3rd time but literally everyone right now – shinye, sekyung, goara, seungho, hyunwoo none of them has shown any growth since their younger days. Maybe the only one who managed to transition is boyoung but she started much later then everyone else. The current upcoming crop of teen stars isn’t doing much better either. Child acting is too easy but that doesn’t make them good adult actors. If idol actors get criticism then child actors should also know they can’t coast on past performances only. IU is already a much better actor than any of the above mentioned female actresses and if Joy works on her acting she can surpass them too. Uee has also given much better performances than them.

      • @Junebug/Junebugg – how about jingoo, seyoung and sohyun? You have not named all child actors who are active in K-dramas. I think there are some child actors who have improved. Where was your third post? It did not help us to identify you by changing your usernames and email locations…

      • In what basis that you think those actors you mentioned are not growing in craft? Or you don’t have any basis but to simply diss someone for the heck?

    • But SKJ and NJH still not in YSH’s level yet. Yes NJH is improved, but its because he was so bad in his prev drama.

      • What exactly is his level? There are so many actors that seem to be better than him that I’ve never understood when people mention his ‘level’.

      • Of course YSH not the best actor out there. Still NJH and SKJ still not better than him.

  9. No, good actors are ones that can get most of the audience to root for them even when the writing itself doesnt necessarily make that character likeable. This is why I still cant picture Nam Joo Hyuk headlining his own drama without it crashing and burning yet.

    On second thought the JIS comparison was not v apt.

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