jTBC Drama The Light in Your Eyes Basking in Rave Reviews and Ratings Going From 3% to Over 8% in Episode 8

The television winners continue to come from cable networks after the first quarter into 2019, and with tvN sageuk The Crowned Clown wrapped up its ratings leading run on Mon-Tues it’s time for jTBC drama The Light in Your Eyes (Dazzling) to reign supreme solo. The drama is actually 2/3rds into its run even though it’s only aired 8 episodes, with a 75-minute per episode running time there are only 12 episodes in total. The drama started off with a solid 3.185% ratings and it’s since gone up steadily and the most recent episode 8 brought in 8.447%. The viewers and critics alike agree that the drama is moving and well-produced and acted all around, with veteran Kim Hye Ja being the heart of the story and her younger version female lead Han Ji Min also excelling at the same role. Male lead Nam Joo Hyuk for once gets no criticism and everyone likes his performance so far. The drama is wonderful so check it out if you haven’t already.


jTBC Drama The Light in Your Eyes Basking in Rave Reviews and Ratings Going From 3% to Over 8% in Episode 8 — 15 Comments

  1. Finally! Rating just hit 8% but I almost didnt see any article talking about this! Especially when this drama from jtbc (I remember how media get busy talking about something in the rain, until people end up dissing the jurnalist, saying that they didnt watched that drama) This drama is so underrated, but I really enjoyed watching it. The story is unpredictable, its make me laugh and cry in the same time. So much felt

  2. A serendipitous find that is deliciously moving and heartwarming. Tears of laughter mingled with sadness but it is a drama that never leaves you despondent. Conversely it actually is a harbinger of hope. I love it. It’s a little gem of a drama about ordinary folk with time travel woven in cleverly to bring the message home.

  3. This drama is a gem. It will make you laugh and cry at some scenes. The cast are all good. No wonder the ratings is going up. We will get old someday and we must enjoy our youth while we can. So many life lessons.

  4. School 2015, Weightlifting and now Dazzling are the dramas of NJH that I have absolutely loved. He is growing by leaps and bounds.

  5. Its great to see Joohyuk go from strength to strength! I can’t wait for his next drama with Yumi! He knows how to pick projects!

  6. I love like this drama and glad it’s getting good recieved for the rating. I was not so fond of Nam Joo Hyuk before but I like him now. He improved alot. Love him and my Ji Min. They’re so cute together but I’m just a bit sad that their screen times together are very short. Can’t wait for the next episodes to air.

    • Yes, their screentime is too short, wish we can see them together more. This drama shows good directing can really make NJH shine. He has the potential given the right script, direction and pairing up with good actresses.

      • Agreed he really did shine in here because I can watch him without being cringing like his pass two dramas I’ve seen (Moonlover and Water God). It’s a pity he had great chemistry with Han Ji Min but the main lead is Kim Hye Ja instead. Han Ji Min and him barely hug or talk but I can feel the desperate and lonesome from both character. Hehe make me lowkey want these two to have another project together. Nam Joo Hyuk with a good director and actress can go a long way. Was never a fan but now is one. He does have potential if his next production is good. Lol I’m still annoyed by her brother but it’s all good. This drama is very family friendly and is very good. I’m a big fan of clean and meaningful stories. I just hope she’ll turn back to her younger self so I can have a little OTP scene. Preview for next episodes is exciting.

    • Don’t mean as a spoiler… Quite a plot twist at the end of ep 10. Not expecting that…. So KHJ is actually the lead, I have been misled. This explains why HJM got little screentime. Wonder how the writer can explain all the plot holes in the next 2 episodes. Any comment?

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