Eric Declines K-drama Perfume, Go Joon Hee Still in Talks as Female Lead

This is a smaller-ish casting news or now lack thereof casting news for an upcoming K-drama. I got all excited last month with actor-singer Eric (Moon) was in talks for a K-drama return with a fantasy romance role in Perfume. It’s the story of a woman who loses it all getting a second chance at love and the man who is too scared to live and love fully gaining confidence. The leading lady is likely Go Jun Hee but now the search is on again for a new male lead. His last drama was the hit Another Oh Hae Young which I loved loved loved and since he’s turned down Perfume maybe he can do the next Lee Kyung Hee penned drama, one can only hope.


Eric Declines K-drama Perfume, Go Joon Hee Still in Talks as Female Lead — 5 Comments

  1. I find Go Jun Hee so beautiful and elegant. She always looks so great in a masculine shirt because of her long swan neck.
    I am sentimental about EM because of QSS….the drama with the most romantic ending where he has a dream that the love of his life came back to him and is fast asleep in front of his doorstep. ….when she has actually moved on. It was so sad but beautifully directed with the last shot being close up of his face smiling.

    • QSS was my first korean drama and has a special place in my heart 🙂

      It was before I remarked that all the other dramas have the same pattern. It was pretty unique for me.

  2. GJH is embroiled/name dropped in that Seungri/BS mess according to Soompi so maybe EM decided to give the drama a miss just saying. She has denied any involvement of course.

  3. I really miss Eric in drama land. He usually has intense chemistry with leading ladies. Another Oh Hae Young was good but I like his acting more as bad guy in Que Sera Sera. I hope he can team up with good actress.

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