Taiwanese Madam Lin is Burning Sun’s Biggest Investor and Reportedly Used the Club to Launder Money

The Burning Sun nightclub scandal involving Big Bang member Seungri has now added a new criminal activity that went on there. To keep track there was drugging, sexual assault, hidden camera recordings in VIP rooms, and tax evasion. You can now add money laundering to the list courtesy of suddenly the most famous tacky rich tai tai in Asia the Taiwanese Madam Lin. Turns out she wasn’t just A investor in Burning Sun, she was THE biggest single investor in the club with 20% shareholder stakes. MBC news is reporting that she used the club as a vehicle for money laundering – she would order 200 million won in drinks but Burning Sun would invoice her 600 million won. She would pay that and then Burning Sun would deposit the difference 400 million won in a dummy bank account she opened. Voila, clean money with no trace back to where she got it in the first place. Seungri is going to have a haaaaaard time claiming he doesn’t know Madam Lin well, there is a video from a Burning Sun event where Seungri started off by shouting a big thank you to Madam Lin for her generosity. MBC news is also reporting that Madam Lin was actually introduced to Seungri via G-Dragon as she is a big GD fan. Interesting…….


Taiwanese Madam Lin is Burning Sun’s Biggest Investor and Reportedly Used the Club to Launder Money — 20 Comments

  1. Ooo .. I really like GD. I hope he is not involved in this crime. At this time, I’m inclined to think he introduced an investor to Seungri knowing how business minded his dongsaeng. As for details of money laundering, no one knows except those involved parties.

  2. It’s interesting to see how Seungri has deep admiration for Jay Gatsby and even adopted the moniker and went by The Great Seungri. Did he even read the novel or watch the movie?

    Anyway, Seungri is certainly bringing down a lot of people together with him. And I kinda agree that Big Bang is one of the most problematic Kpop groups out there (at least, for what that we have known so far). The only decent members are Taeyang and Daesung (except for the accident, is least of all a troublemaker). IMO, GD and T.O.P are not faring that much better than Seungri.

    • because the Seungri case seems to involve a lot of high-ranking officials and authorities. by the way, the ending of great gatsby is gasby is dead and he lost everything

    • lmao I will bet money that he knew nothing about Gatsby other than the image of Leonardo Dicaprio throwing big parties in the film. As if this guy reads books…

  3. Noooo not GD please!!! Anyway in Han Ye Seul’s drama with Joo Jin Moo ‘Big Issue’ episodes 13-14 is the BS saga apparently. I’m reading of episode posts so please don’t quote me as I’m not watching the series.

  4. On pensait avoir touché le fond ! Eh bien non ! A ce rythme on va pouvoir touché le noyau terrestre ! Tous ceux qui ont croisé son chemin doivent se terrer en croisant les doigts! !

  5. interesting! but I don’t think that’s the point of the problem, as long as the Gd doesn’t get involved in seungri’s chat and friends, especially the obscene chat group jjy. because if indeed he is involved, he is the first person who must be mentioned in the news. not jjy.

    • GD is probably smarter not to get his name on anything. It’s difficult to find faults unless he is a partner in Seungri business.

      • That the reason why i said it interesting, if you are a journalist who found this important evidence, then the name of the person you are looking for from that chat of course him and the other big bang personnel,right?

      • Now I am curious to find out who the other 11 people are from that chat group.

  6. It’s about to get DOWN! Big Bang is history. I loved them but I think money and fame got to them. Good luck future idols. Stay humble.

  7. So by that logic then one is guilty if one introduces someone to others and a crime is committed out of that introduction. Great, then we are all guilty at some points in our life for introducing douchebags to our friends and family.

    • Wow, I don’t know how you can read such logic from the article and all our comments. Go get your eyes and brain checked ??

      • Don’t you have anything better to say than to repeat after me? No wonder you cannot understand the article. Totally show your ignorance here. SMH. LOL. ?

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