C-actress Fan Bing Bing Makes Public Event Debut at Opening of Fancy Beauty Salon

I’m still interested in the former top C-actress Fan Bing Bing situation, for one she truly got to the top of a very competitive China market and she’s paid all her owed taxes for the tax evasion which wasn’t even about whether she was successful but merely that she kept more money than she should have. Even after paying millions in owed taxes she’s clearly still got plenty of it and her next incarnation may be as full time business owner. She was reportedly already investing in lots of non-entertainment businesses before her downfall and this weekend she made a public event return at the grand opening of a beauty salon owned by her and her fiancee Li Chen. Also in attendance were their friends including actresses Ma Su and Janine Chang. There were rumors that she may be pregnant because she wore a loose fitting sweatshirt-like top and a tulle skirt and if so that’s totally cool.


C-actress Fan Bing Bing Makes Public Event Debut at Opening of Fancy Beauty Salon — 10 Comments

  1. I don’t keep up with C entertainment. Why former top actress and business owner?

    The govt banned her from acting or is she not allowed to act anymore?

    • She might have to lay low for awhile. The Chinese audience may not be ready to accept her so soon. She is probably looked at a wealthy star who had so much but still got greedy.
      There are quite a few Asian actresses who have invested wisely and have become billionaires. Like Vicky Zhao with her early investment in Ali Baba Pictures.

      • Vicky Zhao got in trouble with the law too though. Neither are really in the good books of C-audiences.

      • Vicky Z is in trouble with the law a few times too for some business deal and stock manipulation …seem like it’s an all around who can be master of finding loopholes cheating until u get caught…

  2. What’s that on her head? A cat hat? How cute and she should have complimented the look with whiskers and paws.

  3. I’m surprised she and her Fiancée are still together. I thought I heard many rumors about them during the scandal.

  4. Glad she seems to be doing okay. What happened to her even made it into US entertainment media. She had the not fun experience of finding out who her true friends were.

  5. I spotted the female lead of goodbye my princess in the last pic.. Forget her name.

    Probably she is one of fbb’s co stars. Wow, janine chang.. Not many people will still be friends after a HUGE scandal but she’s still there. Great.

    I always think that fbb is overrated… But i guess, she found herself some good co stars and friends who stick with her, which is good.

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