First Look at Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In in MBC Romance Drama Spring Night

I’m in a spring happy mood so I’ll give the total benefit of the doubt to upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs romance drama Spring Night. Starring Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In, the drama got a lot of attention even before their casting because it’s by the PD of Pretty Noona Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain), which catapulted Jung Hae In to stardom. I actually think it’s one of PD Ahn Pan Seok‘s weakest works and prefer his earlier darker dramas Secret Love Affair and Heard it Through the Grapevine, and lots of people loved A Wife’s Credentials. Han Ji Min is coming off two powerhouse drama performances and also had great chemistry with previous younger male lead Nam Joo Hyuk so I think this pairing with Jung Hae In (noona killer) will be yet another solid showing for both. Spring Night tells the story of a librarian and pharmacist who have been dating for a long time and see their relationship in a new light when they start discussing marriage. The drama premieres in mid-May in the time slot following The Banker.


First Look at Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In in MBC Romance Drama Spring Night — 17 Comments

  1. I agree that SITR is the weakest drama of PD Ahn Pan Seok. And this drama has the same writer-PD combination. I hope the writer has improved, please drama gods. Coming off 2 great performances, i am sure han ji min will perform well here. She has been doing really well in her 2 previous dramas. Hoping that luck comes in threes and may this drama do well.

  2. Zzzzz So noona ain’t buying food it’s borrowing books instead. Like watching plants grow please wake me up when it ends. I like both actors just that the storyline doesn’t evoke any excitement and let me guess HJM character lives at home still with her Mother and has 3 cats and Oh gosh….

  3. Too bad I love JHI but why can’t they wait for Son Ye Jin instead. She and JHI would match better because she’s very gorgeous and is a fantastic actress. Didn’t Han Ji Min just finished two dramas? I’m sorry but she never have chemistry with any of her male costars. She doesn’t have the potential or is appealing to be a lead actress for any romance genre. The director should consider choose someone else.

      • @ candycane…youre right girl….i wonder were are all these people coming from? what wonder me most is there making homeworks about hjms previous works and made a terrible conclusion of her talent because of just one flop drama (in which in every way is my liking hahaha). i love hyde jekyl me no matter what other people say. hjm has great chemistry with all her costars . sometimes i think these people who keep on bashing her are just too delusional geoup of people who arent happy with their lives.

    • I am not speaking for HJM because I didn’t like her in that horrible Hyde Jekyll & Me. But she is truly amazing in The Light in Your Eyes, so watch it first before you say anything, ok? JHI is just riding on the fame of his lead actresses, because he is such a mediocre actor himself. He is lucky to be able to work with HJM while she is now very well received by both drama and movie fans.

    • What a lame way to talk down on another actor who’s actually really good with her own craft. Well not to be mean but I was also hoping she didn’t choose this drama from the start too. I don’t even like JHI too but there’s no need to disrespect him.

      Your pretty Noona couple can play together again and again but sadly Han Ji Min has to take this offer. I’m already crossing my fingers when hearing she accept this drama.

    • I feel you, why can’t it be our gorgeous Son Ye Jin instead too. I was so heart broken when I heard she rejected the offer. It was even more hurt when the news come out about her and Hyun Bin. After that it’s the news about her being offer in a drama with Hyun Bin shortly after the dating rumors. Ye Jin and Hae In should be together. Ye Jin is too good for Hyun Bin and Hae In is too good for Han Ji Min. Han Ji Min is just so bland in every drama she’s in.

      * Note everyone is free to express their opinions so don’t come lashing at me.

      • Wow just wow!!!!! To you and @Any.
        Sad for you your Pretty Noona didn’t accept this offer.

        When I don’t even find Son Ye Jin that attractive and Jung Hae is alright. Their fans going all out comparing them to Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min. You are right everyone is free to express their opinions and mine are sorry Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min are way better looking and are also very good actors.

        Don’t judge Han Ji Min because you probably didn’t know that your Jung Hae In dreams is to work with Han Ji Min in a drama together since the day he entered the entertainment. The boy is deeply in love with her. If you’re his fans then support your oppa choice.

    • What did you say? Han ji min has no chemistry with any of her male co stars? Are you even sure that what you have watched are dramas with han ji min lol. HJMe might be bad but she has great chemistry with her previous male co stars prior to this drama. Also after this drama, she has familiar wife, miss baek and the light in your eyes where her performance is just great. Don’t worry I am sure han ji min will prove you wrong. Just watch and wait.

      • @ gale…strongly agree these people were just the most pathetic fans ive encountered in more than ten years of watching kdramas.

  4. What is so good about the pretty noon couple?

    I’m not a fan of Han Ji Min or the pretty noona couple. At least Han Ji Min is good at some point in the acting field. She have improve so much since the fail of Hyde Jekyll, Me. Her recent movie and dramas are well received from international fans and domestic fans.

    Unlike like Son Ye Jin who has been in the industry for a long times but I don’t find her acting a top stealer. I can never finish anything she has been in except the classic. She always bored me after a couple episodes and half way into a film of hers. Jung Hae In always come off too fake for me.

    • Excuse me, HJM has no right to be in the same class of SYJ. Just look at SYJ filmography and the awards she earned, those are facts not like your opinion!

      • @cloe….hjm and syj are way too different actress. they both have made great contribution to the korean film industry. i like syj but i love hjm more maybe because of hjms good feedback from different people she have worked with. and her versatility also as an actress were well honed and it sees through the different award giving bodies who have recognized her talent. as for syj…i am still into liking her but sometimes comments from her fans were too childish that sometomes hinder me to see more of her works.

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