C-netizens Okay with Dad Bod Wallace Huo Caused by Happy Family Life with Wife Ruby Lin

TW-actor Wallace Huo was spotted at the airport this week and he’s definitely got a new look. It’s the look Chinese folks deem “happiness fat” (幸福肥) which means when one is living contently then the pound pile on because a happy person tends to eat more or at least eat regularly. When one’s happiness fat is caused by happy wife and baby as the case with Wallace then it’s eating home cooked meals by wifey Ruby Lin and spending time just chillaxing at home more with their toddler daughter. Nothing wrong with that and it’s a testament to C-netizens not being salty for once and appreciating the slightly tubbier Wallace. I too appreciate Wallace living his life and not trying to stay with an image at the expense of being happy being a husband and father. Dad on Wallace!


C-netizens Okay with Dad Bod Wallace Huo Caused by Happy Family Life with Wife Ruby Lin — 9 Comments

  1. What are we looking at? I see a slick,fine looking man walking through an airport minding his own business and media reports with nothing better to write on but some non existent beer podge belly that you need a magnifying glass to spot. Geez he must be helluva happy,healthy and content just being a hubby and Dad so I guess the weight gain must in his hair or big toe or both.

  2. the so called ‘fat’ they sy looks like he just had a meal & drank 3 glass of water afterwards lol THAT AINT FAT XD ughh I cant with these crazy weight loss obsession of asian cultures…

  3. The man looks healthy, not fat. There is no sign of a paunch. Its things like these comments from C-netizens and K-netizens that adversely affect the lives of actors and actresses they do read and though it should not does make them act in a certain manner. Though this one was on the positive side. I think about the present UEE she looks anorexic.

    Its not a sin to have curves or look healthy.

    • Agreeeeee… nonchalant casual striding… not the usual pictorial stiff scripted posing, sucking cheeks, frozen smiles, holding breath tucking stomach all contrived… more endearing is their “humanness” n imperfections…

  4. I like some meat on him than just bone. Sometimes wirh bone showing through skin can be scary looking for me.keep on that extra pound and they’ll turn to muscle.

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