Kang Ha Neul Discharged From Military Service

Another earnest cutie returns his day job as actor Kang Ha Neul completed his mandatory military service this week and was honorably discharged. Waiting there to greet his megawatt smile were fans of the actor who welcomed him with presents and a whole lotta love. Despite serving in the army, he didn’t let his acting or singing skills lapse by performing in military produced musicals but his first role back will be in drama land opposite Gong Hyo Jin in Camellia Blooms. Welcome back Kang Ha Neul and show us what version 2.0 is like!


Kang Ha Neul Discharged From Military Service — 2 Comments

  1. Woah! Great news!!!! Can’t wait to see him on my small screen again. Hope his next project is a must watch!

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