Kim So Hyun Debuts Dramatic Short Hair Look at Birthday Fan Meeting

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that short hair is officially in for 2019. K-actress Kim So Hyun debuted a very geometric short bob with bangs look just in time for her early June birthday and shared the look with her fans at this past weekend’s fan meeting. She’s the third big name young K-actress to cut off trademark long locks this year, after Park Shin Hye did it when she finished Memories of Alhambra and last month Kim Yoo Jung went all in with a boyish cut bob. I love this short look on Kim So Hyun but her next drama won’t showcase it as she’s doing a sageuk Mung Bean Chronicles so will likely be in a wig. The shorter hair makes her look older in a sophisticated way and definitely changes up her vibe for a fresh visual.


Kim So Hyun Debuts Dramatic Short Hair Look at Birthday Fan Meeting — 31 Comments

  1. Always copying yoo jung.
    First she did ruler the mask drama like yoo jung did mdbc. She thought like mdbc it will be hit but it was miss.
    Now yoo jung did haircut, she does haircut.

      • I bet she thinks Shin Min ah copied her hair cut as well! Delulu runs in their fandom! ?

      • Since this is a KSH article there will always be a troll vying for attention. They need her star power to be relevant.

      • These people don’t deserve our attention! Ignore and just talk about her stunning new haircut!

      • Don’t worry everyone knows that they are the most insecure fandom. They’ve been trying to prove their superiority since 2012 as if anyone cares about them. We all know why KSH cut her hair but they won’t be happy unless the world revolves around their bias. Let them stay with their immaturity. This article is about KSH and her haircut which is fabulous.

    • @chloe

      Stop. You’re too much. Go in your closet and stare at a Yoo Jung poster all day long.

      In mung bean chronicles, the main female character has short hair. It was stated at her fan meeting, she did cut it for the drama.

      I prefer both Yoo Jung and So Hyun with longer hair. They both cut their hair for different reasons.

    • You’re delusional trolling only makes your bias and fandom look dumb. Koala you are wrong about the reason for cutting her hair. She cut her hair for the drama as the female character has super short hair and the male character has long hair. Anyway the short hair suits her and she looks absolutely gorgeous.

    • Fyi Ruler was sold to NHK so yes it was a hit. You can keep pretending otherwise but doesn’t change facts. You must be devastated by all the attention her one haircut is getting. Scaredy cat don’t pee your pants.

  2. I knew this article was going to written like this without any research. The hair cut is for the drama because dong joo has short hair. She won’t be wearing any wig or anything else. People should research more.

  3. When is Kim So Hyun not beautiful! This look elevates her goddess visuals to next level! I’m ready for her next work to be wowed by her top class acting!

  4. Happy birthday Kim Sohyun. May you always be happy and successful. Stay kind, humble and diligent as you have always been. The bob is so pretty on her and she makes it her own. The strong maturity she exudes is charismatic.

  5. Her short hair getting attention makes me happy thanks koala for writing about it. Just a small error the hair is for her new drama she only cut it for that reason and she revealed in during the fan meeting on saturday. Today is her real birthday and I wish her a very happy birthday. Her black dress is perfectly complimented to her hair she is very beautiful.

    • “dramatic haircut” = haircut for a drama ? For those who blames Ms Koala didn’t do any research, here you go, she’s already said it! ??

    • It changes up her look a lot which makes it ‘dramatic’ would be my guess. Its more than a few inches she had really long hair. She looks great IMO.

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