Chen Zhe Yuan and Ju Jing Yi’s Xianxia C-drama Chinese Paladin 4 Filmed in 2022 May Air Towards End of 2023

There was a lot of buzz earlier this year when news that Esther Yu and Xu Kai were cast in the high profile Chinese Paladin drama adaptation called Sword and Fairy from the best selling Chinese Paladin 6 video game. But before CP6 went into filming last year in 2022 there already filmed a C-drama adaptation of Chinese Paladin 4 video game starring Chen Zhe Yuan and Ju Jing Yi. It hasn’t started promoting yet and hopefully its not because the drama is on the lower side of the budget lol. This week there are rumors the drama is being prepped for a towards the end of the year airing and this rumor probably comes from Chen Zhe Yuan getting positive buzz for the summer hit drama Hidden Love. He does look good in period costume and with his BL drama adaptation Winner is King like NEVER getting aired best keep churning out more air-able fare.

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