YG Founder and CEO Brother Both Leave Company After Months of Scandal with Stars

There’s a huge corporate move in K-ent to end the week as YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk and his current CEO brother Yang Min Suk both announced they are stepping down at the company. Of course they remain major shareholders but neither will hold a management position and be involved with the operation of the entertainment powerhouse going forward. I think this is a very prudent decision what with the agency mired in successive criminal scandals. The most recent being iKON member B.I. being caught buying drugs via leaked text messages and the agency swiftly terminated his contract and kicked him out of the group. Still pending is Seungri‘s scandal with the Burning Sun club, prostitution, money laundering, and distributing sex recordings. To think a few years ago YG’s biggest scandal was 2NE1‘s Park Bom buying prescription drugs mailed from the US.


YG Founder and CEO Brother Both Leave Company After Months of Scandal with Stars — 7 Comments

  1. nah, the one who really stepdown was his lil bro. YSH didn’t have any board position from the first place. They still hold majority stokes, so nothing really change inside yge

  2. There’s more to come from YG amd YHS. Allegations of his powerful backers, with the police in his back pocket. YHS supposedly covered up his blue eyed boy B.I.’s drug case back in 2016, rumours of drug culture in his company.

  3. Like most observers, I believe this a purely cosmetic and pointless charade for appeasement and PR. Not officially holding a management position is light years away from “not being involved with operation of the entertainment powerhouse going forward”. I do feel especially sorry for the actors in the YG stable. Since the agency focus and that of its founder was primarily music, the actors represented are being tarred by their CEO’s (alleged) misconduct despite his not being particularly active in managing the acting part of the agency.

  4. Well, BI is very talented. Perhaps this is a blessing for him since he will no longer be in a bad contract. I feel bad for BI and IKON, since he said he just wanted to buy, but did not go through with it. With BI being the core of why IKON is popular, I doubt IKON can survive any longer, since BI wrote the hit songs for IKON.

    I just hope none of the young trainees from YG was manipulated to be part of the sex scandal.
    Perhaps it is best that he steps down, he is still the majority stockholder, so he still calls the shots.

    • @jkfan according to reports, BI is less innocent than what you have portrayed, he did drugs previously with pusher A and bought drugs from another dealer. Hence YHS pressured A to change her testimony. With the re-opening of investigations, we will have a clearer picture. Potentially big slap in the face of Ikon fan girls.

  5. I can just imagine what Gdragon must be going through…” so while I was away serving in the military, papa Y resigned, my company YG is on the brink of going bankrupt, Big Bang became a 4-member group—if at all is still a group, when I get out I might be investigated…I thought military service was tough but maybe I have it the easiest right now…please tell me this is all fake news…” oh boy, how his world has changed in the time he was away…a lot can happen when you’re away doing your duty, but this is unreal…or should I say too real!

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