Arthdal Chronicles Twist Delivers Two Song Joong Ki’s for the Price of One in Latest Episode 6

Now don’t go kerchief twisting that I spoiled a major twist in tvN big budget sageuk Arthdal Chronicles. This so-called twist is nothing like someone yelling out the ending to The Sixth Sense of revealing a major detail in The Crying Game. This twist is coming early on in the three-season scheduled drama and also telegraphed in the first two episodes already, plus those watching Arthdal should be caught up and not sure if those not watching care about this development.

Turns out Song Joong Ki‘s character Eun Seom is not the only Human/Neanthal mixed baby, he had a twin named Saya who was taken by the baddie Tagon and raised in Arthdal. The two twins along with Kim Ji Won‘s Tanya character are the prophesied three who will bring about the fall of Arthdal. Eun Seom the sword, Tanya the bell, and Saya the mirror. I seriously want to watch Arthdal because it’s gotten better but goodness the cinematography is really too dark even more than necessary and makes it tiring to watch on a computer.


Arthdal Chronicles Twist Delivers Two Song Joong Ki’s for the Price of One in Latest Episode 6 — 19 Comments

  1. I agree that it’s too dark, especially the latest episode. I could barely see the “slaves” getting rounded up after they escaped, just a lot of murky shapes… I hope it will get better on that front. I’m still very much invested in the story and the characters, that twist sure was unexpected but all the hints were there early on. We all knew that Eunseom had a brother but didn’t occur to me that it was his twin. Can’t wait to learn more about the twin, and I’m curious what the mirror stands for. Also it seems that the twins has a special connection, Eunseom has been having dreams that are from his twin’s everyday life and it seems this twin might likewise have seen glimpses of Eunseons life as part of the Wahan clan. My theory is that the twin probably recognizes Tanya from those dreams which is why he showed himself to her. I’m also pretty sure he is the guy who tried to catch her attention in the marketplace by reflecting light on her with a mirror of some sort.

    Anyway now we are basically done with first part and ready to jump to second part!

  2. It’s the cinematography is dark because it’s mostly night scenes. This is the same issue game of thrones has. It’s very ambitious of them to have a majority of night scenes.
    BUT I will say it’s 2019, every quality TV can be adjusted so the picture quality shows the night scene. If you don’t know how to you can just google it. GOT fans complained about this and one person on Reddit showed how to readjust your settings so the night scenes aren’t so dark.

    On the story, I wish they would just save us the drama and get to the point already. I love each character and I love the story being told but it’s dragging and not in a fun way. Too much drama and not enough story telling. Song Joon Ki’s character is the only one actually developing and too bad we don’t actually have enough time to focus on his progression because we are too busy focused on the brother being manipulated on all sides

  3. Sorry but this is a spoiler for people who were waiting to watch it (as they were busy in some RL stuff) couod have at least not mentioned it in the heading. Well, time to say bye to the blog as this is not the first time I’ve been spoiled here for currently airing shows.

  4. When you watch it the hint is already out in episode 1 remember when Eunseom Mom is running away he left the other child and Tagon saw the child and keep him the question before is why Tagon let the Igutu child unharm and gave it to Taelha to take care of. And now Tagon secret is out that he is also an Igutu.

  5. When Tagon is revealed to be an Igutu, I was actually more curious about his father Sanung and his backstory. Because that means he fathered Tagon together with a Neanthal, so does that mean he had once fell in love with a Neanthal? And how did it escalate to the point that he hates them so much the he carried out a genocide??? That makes his character interesting for me, but alas he’s dead so we probably won’t know ?

    • There was a moment is episode one during the meeting where he has a lingering stare with one of the women while Asa Hon has a lingering stare with Euseom’s dad. I dont think the Dad hates them. It was really all propaganda to get the lands they desperately needed to farm.

      • Aaah… I did not catch that, i guess episode one didn’t really have my full attention when I watched it, ha. Will go back and rewatch that scene ?

    • I don’t think Tagon’s father hates Neantals because he did offer a peace offering when he suggested that the Neantals and Humans unite (even though the alliance was more unequal to the former). It was Tagon’s idea to annihilate the Neantals and searched their weakness.

  6. All this drama is so disapointing. Nothing is good, all is kinda meh even the actors. In the same time, we hardly see them…

  7. Eunsom having twin wasn’t a twist. It was quite obvious that eunsom mother gave birth to twin. That explains some weren’t paying attention. The real twist was song joong ki playing double role. I am exited for this. The last two epi of season 1 ended on good note. Fast paced, good development though I wish there was better lightening in night shots.

    • true, I was waiting where is the hyung? But no mention of who played it, and’s song joong ki. A twist which is not a twist, also with Tagon’s identity…it’s quite a signal with what he did in the first episode

    • Actually, I was kind feeling it, which SJK would be play a double roles when they were reveal it he has a twin. Might be it’s just my wishful thinking since I’m dreaming SJK can play a double roles one days. But I expected they reveal it at season 2, or last minute of the drama, since based on poster season 1, the topic he has a twin is not getting emphasis at any of promotion.

  8. I’m not sure how many of you watch this on the laptops/computer but I watch it on TV and I have no issues with the darkness at all. Everything is seen accordingly. I would highly suggest switching your device brightness when watching if you are having some issues seeing the night shots :). Personally, I love seeing SJK on the big tv. Makes me feel closer to him! Lol!!!

  9. I watch all the episodes that air so far but sadly I’m loosing interest in this drama already. Episodes 1 is probably my favorite one. Please don’t throw stone at me because I have so much anticipation for this drama but now One Spring Night had grab all my attention. It’s just amazing. I’ll continue to watch Arthdal Chronicles until the end because I like all the casting. Hopefully it get better.

  10. Believe the negativity is slowly dissipating as more viewers begin to understand the various characters and accept the plot development in S1.

    Looking forward to seeing in S2
    1. Eunsom strengthening in knowledge and skills in warfare against Tagon and how his long lost twin Saya will complement him

    2. Feisty Tanya styled nicely – 4 episodes of her being chained up and dragged around in Wahan rags – enough gosh!

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