Ha Jung Woo in Talks for First K-drama in 12 Years with Suriname to Air on Netflix

This is likely to come to fruition but the final format is still up in the air. Top K-movie actor Ha Jung Woo has verbally agreed to star in Kingdom PD’s next project called Suriname. It’s slated to be a Netflix drama but could also be done as a movie, which could go straight to video on Netflix like Bong Joon Ho‘s Okja or air in theaters. Suriname is about a Korean drug lord in the titular South American country so I’m guessing a Breaking Bad with gritty overseas shoots. Getting Ha Jung Woo to potentially do a K-drama is a huge get, his last time on the small screen was the MBC police drama H.I.T. with Go Hyun Jung in 2007. The PD is currently working out the logistics on where the project will air but from all media accounts Ha Jung Woo is onboard woo hoo!


Ha Jung Woo in Talks for First K-drama in 12 Years with Suriname to Air on Netflix — 5 Comments

  1. I was already expecting him to do a drama ever since quite a number of Chungmuro’s heavyweights making a stint at TV recently. Plus, he did spoke about improvement of tv production quality last year, naming Memories of Alhambra (cough). Whatever that is, whoever the leading lady is surely lucky to get to work with one of the best actors in the industry. Can we have a Jeon Ji Hyun, please. HJW and JJH were awesome in “The Assasination”.

  2. Ohhh I hope this happens. My Ha Jungwoo back with a drama.. Gahh I am over the moon…

    PS. Isn’t a Yoon JongBin project?

  3. Being from Suriname, I seriously dislike that the first time a lot of people will hear of it will be through a film about drugs and crime. And a Korean one at that. I wish they would use another imaginary sounding South American country name, because I highly doubt they care about Suriname in the slightest.

  4. While I immensely enjoy Ha Jung Woo’s work – he’s my fave Korean actor – I did not get excited when I read the premise of the film. Being of Dutch-Surinamese heritage, it’s fun to see Suriname represented in the global media. Especially because Suriname is the smallest independent country in South America, and not very well known. So I fully agree with Jilly’s comment that it’s not great that a Korean drug movie will be shot in Suriname – and that it will be the first time for a lot of people to hear/see/read more about the country. On the other hand, I’ll guess we have to wait and see…

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