Lee Min Ho and Eddie Peng Double the Eye Visuals at Berlutti Fashion Show in Paris

Men in suits are my weakness and there are two reasons to get weak at the knees from last weekend’s Berlutti fashion show in Paris. TW-actor Eddie Peng and K-actor Lee Min Ho were in attendance and wearing clothing from the fashion house. Eddie went with uber tailored, the European skinny suit in a fresh dark aubergine with a bit of satin sheen paired with a funky but still suitable color splatter pattern shirt. Lee Min Ho was more traditional simply in color as he was wearing the exact same suit and shirt as Eddie but in black with a grey patterned shirt. Both men look fabulous and super yummy on the eyes!


Lee Min Ho and Eddie Peng Double the Eye Visuals at Berlutti Fashion Show in Paris — 19 Comments

  1. Eddie Peng is adorable but too skinny! Lee Min Ho for the win! He looks healthy he is so handsome, manly shoulders that I would feel comfortable laying my head on hehe and taller.

    To each her/his own!

  2. A no-no to stand side by side with Eddie Peng and Wu Chun.

    LMH, isn’t he just completed his military? He look quite round eh.

      • Twice the size…haha! He really looks like an ahjussi next to the other guy.

      • In the first pict, his eyes, his eyebrow, nose, even his smile ? but cew’s jawline is sharper than lmh tho

      • @another guy – yes, LMH totally looks like an ahjussi. @Tiani – at the most LMH may look like CEW’s father. Just look at the size of his head…. ? Anyways, LMH might look ok a longggg time ago…. but really can’t be compared to a 21 y.o., not even to Eddie who’s 37 ?

      • But really they look alike ?. Lmh is still handsome tho. Maybe when cew hit 30 he Will look like him.

  3. So many comments about Lee Min Ho’s weight and round face. It’s so creepy how people project their ideal body weight standards on others. I mean LMH is a celebrity and should maintain his image in a healthy way but sheesh you would think the guy is obese. If I was a celebrity reading this comment section I would be on my way to an eating disorder.
    Eddie Peng is better looking in my opinion but that doesn’t mean LMH is not handsome or fat.

    • Sheesh… you write so much and still arrive at the same conclusion as everyone else. “Eddie Peng is better looking”. LOL. btw, no one used the words “fat” or “obese” except you. Interesting read that you had.

      • Actually I read 2 people who thought LMH was better looking so not everyone had the same opinion. Pointing at his round face and talking about him neglecting his diet is implying that he is fat. The word didn’t need to be explicitly used. I remember correctly I said “you would think he is obese” not that anyone called him “obese”.

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