JYP Entertainment to Close Actor Division and Will Focus on Idols

Well this is bad for the two dozen or so actors and actresses under JYP Entertainment‘s acting label. The company has decided to close down it’s acting division and focus on the more profitable and prominent idol side. JYP currently produces popular groups TWICE, Got7, Stray Kids, Day6, 2PM, and Itzy, and is also best known for being idol-turned-actress Suzy‘s debut agency before she left earlier this year to join Management Soop. I’m guessing the existing actors and actress will be given time to find another labor and some of the names I recognize include Yoon Park, Shin Eun Soo, and Kim Dong Hee. Sigh, yet more shrinkage in K-ent, will this slow attrition ever end.


JYP Entertainment to Close Actor Division and Will Focus on Idols — 9 Comments

  1. I’ve been watching korean dramas for almost two decades, now I’m more interested in Chinese dramas.

    • Me too! Although I follow K-ent news avidly, for the past six months I’ve stopped watching K-dramas and focus solely on C-dramas. So many pluses to that decision. I particularly enjoy Chinese historicals.? I guess K-dramas have passed their season with me and am wondering if I’ll ever watch them again.

      • I was thinking of watching more C-dramas, can you guys recommend me some? (the only one i saw was Love O2O)

    • @lenrasoon. This drama “Le Coup De Foudre” is a trendy drama for this year. Based on a novel about the author love story in the high school years. Love 020 is good in the beginning and then I stop after 10 episodes.

      • Le Coup is great! Warm and mellow type of drama. As for Love 020, would have preferred a diff actress and the only reason I managed to watch it beyond episode 10 is to oggle at Yang Yang, but sadly, the story just fizzled out.

  2. I think the industry is inundated and cable which pump out dramas on a huge level gives most actors in the industry the chance to work. More and more high profile Agents are now directly involved in the production side of drama which allows their own actors to be cast.The industry is becoming more of a closed playing feel and I suspect some agents who arent connected may not have the oppotunities for its pool of regular actors these days. Not fair as good talent is left behind and may not get a new agent so easily.

  3. Smart move. K-drama is declining and K-pop is rising. JYP has to bank on the fastest buck and Twice wins! Keep what sells best, not Suzy. LOL.

  4. Music, publishing, tv and movies…everything is changing and there is no going back. I think there was talk about this about 4 or so years ago so no shock it is happening now. I think instead of the grind of pumping out dramas one after the other, they should look for quality and that might come from more newbie writers who have trouble getting chances. Some of them actually have really good scripts.

    Anyway, it is too bad but not surprising.

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