Extracurricular’s Male Lead Kim Dong Hee Revealed to Have Admitted to Some School Age Bullying Allegations After Failing in Suing the Accuser of Defamation

This case sounds a lot like the allegations against Jo Byung Kyu and both young actors got their big break in Sky Castle together to boot. Rising K-actor Kim Dong Hee, who had a major male supporting role in Itaewon Class and was the male lead in Extracurricular, was accusing last year in 2021 of bullying by a former elementary school classmate. He was alleged to have verbally and physically abused the student including threats with a scissors and box cutter. His side sued the accuser for defamation and the whole case went to the police for investigation. Last month his agency claimed that Kim Dong Hee was exonerated but this week a Korean newspaper reviewed the police file in detail and revealed the investigation was the opposite. In police questioning, Kim Dong Hee admitted he did bully the student in elementary school with verbal abuse and kicking/pushing the child in the chest, but said the student exaggerated and made up the other more serious physical threats. The principal of the student gave testimony that the incident did happen and that Kim Dong Hee’s mom and Kim Dong Hee went to the student’s house to personally apologize at that time. The defamation lawsuit against the student accuser has also been resolved with the finding the student did not defame Kim Dong Hee. There are serious enough accusations and with police investigation and findings released now that it will be difficult for Kim Dong Hee to continue his acting rise for the time being if ever at all.

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K-ent Gripped by Multiple School Era Bullying Accusations Including Jo Byung Gyu, Park Hye Soo, Kim Dong Hee, and Soojin of G-Idle

This may be the next #MeToo movement in South Korean entertainment and the stars in question are all young actors/actresses/singers. Since two weeks ago and growing wider in scope by the day, there has been a series of bullying accusations … Continue reading