Police Request Pretrial Detention for Kang Ji Hwan in Sexual Assault Case and Drama Joseon Survival Looking for New Male Lead For Remaining Episodes

This is such a tragedy all around, and I say this even for Kang Ji Hwan. Unless he was a serial rapist and sexual assaulter, then one really stupid decision after drinking with two female agency coworkers has now likely ended his career. And deservingly so, there is no place in entertainment to have him back onscreen big or small acting, even after he serves his penance should he be found guilty. I for one who loved him during his career can never watch him again, so why bother. After a second round of questioning by police, where he was represented by a lawyer and claimed again to have no recollection of the allegations of raping one woman and sexually assaulting another woman, police have requested a warrant for pretrial detention.

This means there is enough to charge him, and it’s serious enough the cops want him behind bars rather than out on his own recognizance. He’ll obviously make bail but unless this was a lie concocted in tandem by the two alleged victims, I can’t see how he’s going to come out of this able to return to his career where it was. And for now there is nothing to return to as currently airing Chosun TV drama Joseon Survival has been halted from broadcasting this weekend’s new episodes and is looking for a new male lead to take over Kang Ji Hwan’s role. Currently 12 episodes have been filmed with the drama scheduled as a 20-episode run.


Police Request Pretrial Detention for Kang Ji Hwan in Sexual Assault Case and Drama Joseon Survival Looking for New Male Lead For Remaining Episodes — 8 Comments

  1. I thought that when actors are filming dramas they are too tired because of hardworking conditions. Apparently he had time to drink with 2 women ! When i’m too tired the ony thing i can think of is ” my king size bed”!

    • Drinking is Korean culture. The alcohol consumption of Koreans are very high.

      I have been to Seoul many timrs and seriously, I have seen many women passed out on the street with male companions having to hold them up when walking the street and took them home. Whatever happened after that, Idk. My impression is, they are really daring.

  2. He has been on the entertainment industry for a long time. I hope he invests or saves enough to be retired from the industry and settle down.

  3. Whether to believe that KJH really did commit the rape & assault acts or he’s being framed,,,,, if he’s being framed or manipulated, then need to investigate why it happened!

    Whatever it is, it is sad to see another good actor down the career drain,,,

  4. I just hope that proper investigation will be done for this case. And that their company will be not be biased. The women and KJH are under them. they should see to it that they help in uncovering the truth and not pressure any side in favor of the other as the investigation is going on.

  5. Me too agree with @czak. But then the reality is very cruel and corrupted! I doubt the truth will ever be unearthed.
    There are cases where the company intentionally framed the “culprits”. The entertainment industry is a dirty world

  6. Wait what ? Not sure if it was your intention, but this post really triggered me.

    Really tasteless saying “unless he was a serial rapist and sexual assaulter” “stupid mistake”.

    We are not talking about one night stand, or a simple mistake, it is a crime, a horrible one, that destroy the victim even if it was “just” first/one time.

    Having pity for the rapist is just wow. So, because it was his first time raping someone, is not that serious, poor him that made a mistake and ruined his life. Really now? The “stupid mistake” was freaking rape, he raped one woman, and even sexually harassed the other.

    He himself apologized and asked netizens to stop slut-shaming/hating the women, basically he confessed (probably the proofs are strong enough, and by confessing this fast, the police and prosecutors will give him a light setence, because he was sorry and first time offender.

    This post really triggered me, guess what just “one” time suffering it is enough pain that last your whole life, the scar never really heal, the rapist will just stay less than 10 years in jail, and that is it.

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