Song Hye Kyo Glamorous in Monaco for Chaumet Jewelry Event

I’m so not taking sides in the high profile divorce of Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki. Even if either or both were douchey to the other in their marriage, it’s between the two of them, and at this point nothing has been revealed that triggers me to think way poorly of one or the other. I just think it’s unfortunately and maybe if they dated another year before getting married it would have ended in a breakup that would make news for at most three days. Now it’s a dragged out until the divorce is finalized but life goes on and Song Hye Kyo is attending yet another brand event this time in Monaco for the jewelry line Chaumet. It’s a brand she’s repped in South Korea for many years and suits her image as a top star. Her look at the event was lacy ballgown and simple little bad dress, both paired with dramatic makeup and I think she looks a tad bit tired but still very beautiful.


Song Hye Kyo Glamorous in Monaco for Chaumet Jewelry Event — 59 Comments

      • There a youtube channel from a famous Korean reporter who was previously a director of sport media. He didn’t straight away shared anything. But he did said that many saw divorce coming and also hinted about her alleged sponsor in china. The reporter know both of them since they pre debut day.

      • I saw the youtube video he did not outright say she have a sponsor but he said there are rumors she has a sponsor in china w/c is weird because if she have why there is no blind item about it in china because that kind of news will surely trend on weibo even her chinese fans are suprise about this so called rumor.

      • There are many reasons why a marriage fail. A lot of marriages fail not because anyone was cuckolded or badly dishonored but because of miscommunication, misunderstanding, resentment that cause a rift between two people who loved each other at one time. Sometimes, a spouse’s family’s meddling can also lead to marital problems. Sometimes, differences in expectations, child-rearing philosophy, or even professional stress can lead to fracture in a marriage.

  1. She doing a lot of surgery like park min young. Of course she has a money doing that, since she has chinese tycoon sponsor soon will be her husband. You know the secret why mediocre actress still relevant in 22 career because she still has sponsor from the beginning. You can’t cut sponsor even you was hallyu actress. I’m waiting song joong ki revealed her “past” secret.

    • Are you lonely? if not, your life must be very tough! Your jealousy of others’ success & happiness tell us so!

  2. she is shameless really. she got the deal from the brand after parading around her wedding band and now proudly promoting after her divorce. judging on nothing about her scandals since all negative reports will be buried due to her powerful sponsors, i guess her cheating with bogum will never come out. she already planned the divorce since day one of her marriage anyway, having affair with bogum just her way to get out of marriage. her chinese pr team readily planted the divorce rumors since november and media make a speculation because she didn’t wear her wedding ring which is so lame. and her korean people planted rumors of jongki cheating which will never believe by public because of jongki reputations.she is shameless really

      • @fakenews

        Of course they did not admit! But knetz were talking about it when the divorce was announced.

        Also, SJK did not deny Bogum’s involvement with SHK even though they are supposed to be friends

      • Oh please, why would PBG fall for her (ahjumma approaching 40s) when he has so many other better choices – younger, fresher and more beautiful!

      • Sjk father still saving PBG’s standee in their house. Its mean sjk and pbg still in good relationship. And do you really think pbg Will fall with SHK? With that big age gap? He is not into visual either. He is a guy who give Suzy interisting look and not bother asking Irene phone number. He is more clingy with actress like Kim go eun and hyeri

      • @nonesense

        And saving his standee with SJK is a sign of friendship LMAO you’re delusional. What’s his dad supposed to do? Chop of PBG’s head in that standee

        Well, he was bedding Jang Na Ra before so it’s not out of the realm of possibility if he is also bedding SHK

        He’s not a saint. ICYMI

    • No one plans a divorce on day one of marriage ??? what’s the gain? especially while SJK is not richer than her ???

      • And those runors with pbg are not true. I do think those rumours about Chinese sponsor might be true and her Chinese pr team must have planted those rumors about their maarige. Coincident or not they rumors came up around same time when her marriage was over at the end of Jan. It’s weird she is being heavily promoted there despite zero hit there.

      • her sponsor is a wealthy HK film producer. I don’t want to drop his name here but he is more than 70 years old already.

        I can’t believe she’ll agree to such a thing!

        Bogum rumours are apparently true too!

      • Lol do you have evidence? And Shk is a hallyu star she has always been popular in china because of her 3 hallyu drama Autumn in my heart, full house and recently dots. And she is global ambasador of sulwhasoo and chaumet and she needs to promote them abroad.

      • @cauliflower, OMG I heard this sponsor also sponsor all SJK’s fan meeting at China. LOL Can you tell who is he?

    • @nothing important Unless you are God, SHK, PBG,a part of a ménage à trois w/ SHK&PBG, the matress in which this supposed “affair” happend or a fly on the wall. You can’t be claiming and speaking as if you have first hand knowledge.

  3. so what’s happened to her media play about her losing weight because of marriage?and her funny claimed she wanted to get pregnant but readily accepted new drama with bogum? what a liar. it’s so nauseating reading supporting comments from her SEA fans especially. and look at her still keeping pictures of jongki on her public instagram as if she’s saying she’s still not over jongki. what a manipulative woman. i guess all her scandals will just buried down and she will be doing new KES drama in next few years because her sponsors will fund the drama just like they fund dots.i bet you she will marry her soulmate yoo ah in as well just to keep her status and they both will have open marriage

    • what an amazing presumptions you have, you might be one manipulative woman just like your oppa , for sure its fine with you that SJK is happily moving on with his life while you wanted to see SHK down with her career and hide in caves , but thankful that the Gods is still on SHK side everytime she faced trials with bashing from her haters yet she always emerged as successful as ever. haters just be happy with your life and just support your oppa without bashing SHK !

      • Yes Pls provide evidence against your allegations its just easy to tarnish someone’s name by rumors but we need evidence where?

      • I don’t have evidence about the sponsor what’s your @ for?

        Didn’t you read my previous reply? I said wasn’t sure about the sponsor rumour

      • Don’t ask us for evidence, ask that reporter who made a video about it close to 45 min.

  4. Y’all so pathetic here in the comments

    One thing is for sure she has moved on and is carrying on with her life. Whatever she does with her private life is none of anyone’s business

  5. He’s doing a movie and she’s doing her CF thing. Keeping busy is probably the best. The sponsor rumors are nasty business and probably media play. The woman was in some of the biggest dramas ever early in her career. Someday one of these big hallyu stars is going to write their memoirs like some of the Hollywood folks have done, and I’m really looking forward to it.

  6. Just read all the comments on this article. I really am so surprised by all the hate and judgement from rumors and gossip. Not one of you have lived with either of these people. To you they are only actors and maybe people you have a crush on. Please stop being so quick to believe all the rumors you read or hear about this couole ntil you walk in SHK’s shoes please stop your judging.

  7. wow this is really the playground of SHK haters , they just believe whatever rumor without any evidence and yet they are saying as if they are really sure of it. expressing one’s opinion is fine but not defamatory statement that can cause harm to one’s image or reputation, there are really people that wanted pull down SHK and their hatred is too much in times when SHK is in the limelight, they just cant take that SHK is given this kind of opportunity to be the muse of Chaumet. pls remember the laws on libel and defamation some of you here might be facing lawsuits just be ready with your lawyer , defamatory comments here against SHK are already for legal consultation

    • Tbh they cant do anything to international fans, on what basis though. Fans and hater will speculate no matter what. Things are far worst in korea for her. If she plans to sue all of them she would have to sue thousands of them.

  8. Please everyone, be kind.

    Most comments here, such allegations and rumors has no solid evidence.

    Imagine if it was you in the center of the rumor whirlwind. Those comments will hurt you. Life is too short to be mean to others. We will should work on the mud splashed on ourselves before throwing mud at others.

  9. I’m so surprised that there are so many people willing to spread malicious rumours for which there is no base whatsoever. They will even try to blacken Park Bo Gum’s name. That’s disgusting.

    • Because rumors about this couple from their dating to marriage to divorce become true? To be fair, I follow Korean celeb news on Chinese sites and there is not much about her having a Chinese sponsor (unless it’s kept under covers due the sponsor’s power). There are more rumors about SJK and the ex president. Song Song as a couple or individually, are not as loved by Chinese netizens as they try to portray in Korea. In fact many people are annoyed by them because of their constant buying of hot searches on weibo. They noticed this only happened after SHK started getting involved with SJK, she was quite low profile before she met him.

  10. I’m totally taking sides and not hiding it. SHK supporter here. I would never tolerate a man like SJK passive- aggressively toasted her on the media. That’s just wrong on many levels, esp knowing that it would hurt her. So I dont care what happened or whose fault. His action spoke so much about himself and me not liking it at all.

  11. I don’t get where all the hate is coming from. It’s their life and they can choose how they want to live it. Should she be moping around about a marriage that wasn’t meant to be? Good for her that she’s pushing on with her career, might as well be proactive and do something that’ll benefit her.

    Let’s be honest. No one will ever know the truth about what really happened between them. There will always be his truth, her truth, and the actual truth.

  12. She looks like she is trying very hard to be hot…which is the look that every freshly divorced woman aspires for. Have a great rest of your life.

  13. Keep smiling and living life to the fullest SHK. So gorgeous no matter what. People can judge all they one. I hope to see her in a drama or movie soon.

  14. SHK keep on being the queen! So happy to see that she is out and about working and looking so good. As they say, being successful is the best revenge. I hope SHK will find her happiness.
    Whatever happened between SJK, I fully support SHK due to the fact that she did not say anything hurtful about SJK, but SJK seemed bent on roasting her by giving passive aggressive threats to her. I hope the divorce is settled fast and she can move on with her life.
    Keep Shining SHK.

    • Agree. What do people expect her to do? Stay home and cry her eyes out? People don’t get divorce overnight. She’s probably done her share of crying. It’s not just pulling in money for herself. Her entire team – manager, make up artist, etc – they all depend on her success to bring home an income for their family.

  15. Some of the comments here are absolutely appalling. How about we stop with the alleged “tea” and let these two people live their lives? These personal information as it sounds is PERSONAL. No matter how you bash one over the other just know that they are continuing to their lives as they should while you wasted your time and energy fighting over someone else’s dirty laundry.

  16. For him, next time, find someone who will love and devote herself to you like you do, or already have, but denied. Meanwhile, go for the peak of your career.

    For her, i wish you the best of luck with the life choice of yours.

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