Kim Soo Hyun Surprises Former Costars IU and Yeo Jin Gu on the Set of Hotel Del Luna

This is the cutest support visit ever and perfect as well for drumming up interest both ways. Recently discharged from the military Kim Soo Hyun made a surprise visit to the set of tvN drama Hotel Del Luna to support two of his former costars who are leads in the drama. He’s worked with IU twice before in Dream High and even more directly in Producer, and also twice with Yeo Jin Gu when they played brothers in Giant and later Yeo Jin Gu was his child version in The Moon Embraces the Sun. I love how derpy Kim Soo Hyun is and dressed like his character from Secretly, Greatly to boot. This is a perfect opportunity to hype up both Hotel and his own return to showbiz.


Kim Soo Hyun Surprises Former Costars IU and Yeo Jin Gu on the Set of Hotel Del Luna — 8 Comments

  1. Hotel Del Luna is actually pretty good. I don’t usually like IU’s acting but she’s pretty solid in this one for me. YJG is perfect as always!

  2. Adorkable omg.

    Soohyun needs to pick a project soon. I’m okay to wait a little bit more if he really needs time but I hope he doesn’t take forever. It’s been way too long honestly. Producer was 2016…

  3. I liked all these dramas Dream High, Producer, Giant and The Moon Embraces The Sun!

    The BTS of Producer were very funny. It’s nice to see they’re friends in the real life 🙂

  4. So glad to see three of them still keep in touch which each other. Kim soo hyun seems to have very nice and warm personality. He also very close with lee hong ki after they know each other from bowling tournament. With suzy too, he treats her like his little sister.

    • Between iu and suzy, i sure will choose iu more since she seems more mature and has more talent in singing and acting.

  5. I agree with @malaysian. I don’t like both of them cos their acting is not good. But given a choice, I wud never choose Suzy. She’s been given so many lead roles dramas, One wud think that she could have had improved. But she’s still so wooden. She’s a rating killer!
    Yes IU is better

  6. Wow miss him since producers in 2015, want him to choose an exciting drama, Hong sister’s are back love hotel de luna , nice acting from both leads .

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