Rising Film Actress Kim Da Mi Cast in K-movie Remake of Chinese Film Soul Mate

When I say the movie title Soul Mate it sounds so generic and I’m not sure if many readers know which movie I am referring to. The original Chinese language title is so much more intimate Qi Yue Yu An Sheng (七月与安生), referring to the names of the two girls turned women of this movie. It’s a movie about two best friends, females of course, but deeper than assuming they are lesbians unable to realize their love or they become rivals in chasing the ideals of their dreams. It’s about friendship and love and all that lays between, and the original was lovely and got tons of nominations and/or awards for the two leads Zhou Dong Yu and Sandra Ma (Ma Sichun). Korea is now remaking it and has cast as one of the female leads rising movie actress Kim Da Mi, who made quite an impression in 2019 with The Witch and is currently the IT girl in Chungmuro. I’m cautiously optimistic about this remake and would love to see movie land elevate yet another talented rookie to rock the stage along with Kim Da Mi. So the question is – who will be Qi Yue and who is An Sheng?


Rising Film Actress Kim Da Mi Cast in K-movie Remake of Chinese Film Soul Mate — 7 Comments

  1. The first time I watched Kim Da Mi was when she played the younger version of Lee Yoo Young in “Marionette” and she was the more captivating one.

    I watched “The Witch” and I can say, she is an impressive talent. Idk how the remake will turn out to be but I think she has the chop to tackle whatever roles thrown at her.

  2. I’d love to see Kim So Hyun in a movie of this genre and Kim Dami would be a great costar to work with. The acting skills of the two would complement each other. Its good to see more and more movies and dramas focusing on women these days. Don’t let this be just a trend but a permanent shift.

    • It will be a big breakthrough in KSH’s image if she will venture into this type of genre. She seems to be very conservative in her drama choices… I can see Seo Ye Ji or even Lee Se Young trying this genre way more than KSH. Just my opinion.

      • That could be because of her age and image but I actually find her more experimental than her peers. I was extremely surprised to see her play a character who suffers sexual assault albeit off screen. That is quite a bold choice for a person that young. I can see Kim So Hyun try this genre but I’m not sure at what age she might want to do it. I prefer it to be sooner than later but that is just my opinion.

      • Me too, I agree that KSH should try different genres sooner than later, rather than trapped in boring rom-com kdramas without any growth like some actresses in late 20’s early 30’s whom I’d better not named here due to their aggressive fans. LOL.

  3. I thought Ms Koala doesn’t write about films. Zhou Dong Yu and Ma Sichun was superb in this film. Now there’s a drama too.

  4. I love to see Kim Dami portray as ansheng..Park Ju-hyun will be best as Qi Yue.. they are both a future of korean movie and dramas. If they work together in that film I’m sure that it will become a blockbuster.. We are tired of seeing old face from Korean Drama and movies.. We love to see 2 new actress in this movie!

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