K-actress Kim Yoo Jung to Star in Solo Variety Show Kim Yoo Jung’s Half Holiday in Italy

I think the idea is cute and the star ready for this type of new adventure, it’s just a tad worrying because K-netizens tend to have their claws out for her. Kim Yoo Jung is/will be headed to Italy for an upcoming reality show for the cable network Lifetime. It’s called Kim Yoo Jung’s Half Holiday in Italy and will follow the young actress as she vacations solo and also take on odd jobs during her travels. I’m guessing it’s the K-variety version of following a college age star on a backpacking holiday in Europe. It’ll be a cool new experience for this child actress that was working way earlier than most people hence could totally use a travel-caytion adventure. I just worry that netizens will nitpick on her if there is even an iota of something she says/does that they can glom on. I hope she has a great time and stays above the fray once it airs.


K-actress Kim Yoo Jung to Star in Solo Variety Show Kim Yoo Jung’s Half Holiday in Italy — 17 Comments

  1. Following in the footsteps of Kim Sohyun and the popularity of her travel variety show. Lifetime is trying to cash in on the rivalry for obvious reasons.

    • there are so many travel shows, how can you say one is cashing in on the other? You are just trying to start a fan war which is very dumb!

      • Agree…. it’s a sign of insecurity (even the writer of this article). Perhaps she’s the one who wrote this comment to prove her point?!

      • Rim it isn’t a big deal. You can be a fan and not know everything about the person they like.

        Let’s just enjoy watch Kim Yoo- jung in Italy and not think too much and speculate about lifetime decision making. Its just a coincidence. It’s harmless. Hakuna matata.

    • Lol I’m a fan of both KYJ and KSH. And I didn’t even know that KSH has/had a travel variety show to think it’s popular.

      • Lol I’m a fan of both KYJ and KSH. And I didn’t even know that KSH has/had a travel variety show to think it’s popular.

        EDIT: I checked the wikipedia and yes, KSH had a variety show namely Because This is My First Twenty also under Lifetime. I guess they featured first KSH coz she’s older than KYJ and so it’s KYJ’s turn now. And I don’t see any big deal on it.

      • If you were a fan you would know that Yolo Solo was crazy popular and has well over 5 million viewers. KSH received a lot of love and praise for her show and many were impressed by her outdoor nature.

  2. Italy is so hot now. This is my third home, just went back for my 2 weeks of summer vacation and the heat is unbearable even for the local people. I think she will have fun, and can learn Italian quickly (English is not very well spoken in smaller cities unless she stays in tourist areas). Wonder which cities she will be in?

  3. I’m sorry if I been living under a rock, what have knetizen been saying about her in the past? I don’t remember anything.

    This sounds like a fun trip for her. She been working hard this year,

  4. It sounds like a good idea. She’s an outdoor type girl. She has a lot of energy. I think it will be fun! I read she will work in ice cream shop too.

  5. Articles of Kim Yoo Jung here tend to have a negative/worrying/put down undertone to it. It just feels as if you’re writing articles about her for clicks and to put her down to elevate whomever you want to elevate. The concern you want to portray seems cloaked with deceit, what with you previous articles and comments really showing your dislike for her. As for Lifetime creating a travel/variety show just now, I guess it also has to do with her taking an almost half a year break due to her hypothyroidism.

    • That’s not nice. Koala is not the kind of person to do that. I’m a kyj fan but I’m also a koala fan and i know she wouldn’t do that. It’s your fault if you want to spectulate and interpret it like that. If you think that way about the writer of this site, you don’t need to visit this site. Koala often post nice things about kyj and other actors/actresses. It’s really just your illusion and you should apologize to her for making such assumptions based on your feelings and misinterpretations.

      Koala you rock for your hard work on this site despite those who are not always kind to you and try to put you down!

    • @n – you are an insecure delulu put on a full defensive mode. You can at least create some positive vibes by not talking bad about the writer of this blog and also starting your own blog. Some so-called fans of KYJ here are just crazy. Or maybe you are an anti-fan trying to create hatred out of the blues. LOL.

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