Jung So Min Joins Blossom Entertainment Same Agency with Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum

Korean acting agency Blossom Entertainment is best known for a strong male actor roster led by the dual Hallyu popular leading men Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum. Blossom will get a much needed boost of female talent this week with news that Jung So Min will be joining the agency. She started with SM C&C and then with Jellyfish so this will be a great move for her to join an acting-focused agency and one with a strong male actor roster. Just having Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum as label mates means potentially doing same movies and dramas, totally fine with me as I love all three and now together maybe even more.


Jung So Min Joins Blossom Entertainment Same Agency with Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum — 34 Comments

  1. Blossom was taken over by kakao m so does that mean she has an affinity for idol agencies? Which reminds me kakao m is also buying out the new agency of park seojoon.

  2. SJK career may not turn out well after the divorce, though he seems to focus more on movies now. Read that drama production companies now to include in special clause on divorce for upcoming contracts, specifically mentioning how SJK’s divorce in the midst of drama airing has affected the performance of Arthdal. Sound like blaming him for its under-performed. Previously, his engagement news eclipsed his movie, Battleship Island’s promotion. His reputation not so promising at the moment.

    Regardless, I believe Jung So Min with that explosive talent will definitely do well and I hope her career will prosper.

    • Arthdal chronicles ratings were already below the expectations even before his divorce. The rating were stagnant at 5-6% after his divorce announcements. His announcement didn’t affect the drama but it was an immature move from his side and his personal life overshadowed AC.

    • SJK is not even the lead in BI, there was SJS whom is way hotter. DotS hyped his popularity but it was short lasting coz he has not improved at all. He was good in Werewolf Boy & Nice Guy, but has gone downhill since. What has he got to offer now? I don’t think divorce is the only main reason, he is stale and boring ? He cannot draw ratings and that’s a fact I have observed.

      • Yes and thats not a good sign even though actors will always say they are only interested in the performance. Its a business and sadly a lack of popularity will eventually lead to a lack of work something not always in control.

      • The public lose interest in him shortly after DOTS but was enarmored by the Song-Song as a couple. He lose CF after he got married and now after divorce, his reputation not faring much better.
        Never been a fan of SJK but what I was trying to say was how the provision of the “divorce” clause implying that he doesn’t hold a good reputation in the industry.

      • @candycane – if the likes of Suzy and Seohyun or those It Boys or whatever can remain popular despite having no hit works or talent, or running on the fumes of hit works from 6-7 years ago, Song Joong Ki has nothing to actually fear short of an actual scandal.

        He’s widely acknowledged to be talented (pulled off a variety of roles and genres), had a hit drama AND movie before enlisting and a smash hit drama after he came back from the military. He’s not going anywhere, any more than Song Hye Kyo herself did in the 9 years between Full House and That Winter, the Wind Blows (not all her acting projects in that time were successful but if you think she was unpopular during that time, you would be wrong).

      • @Royal We – how can you compare SJK who is over 30 and now looking more & more like an ahjussi with the 20’s It Boys, Suzy and Seohyun? The 10 year age gap can be a make-it or lose-it business especially now that SJK has NO CF to boost his popularity. Would you invest in him who cannot draw in ratings or advertisements? His one hit drama is shared with his ex-wife who still owns many luxurous brand sponsorships while he has lost all of his. A lot of supportive casts are very talented and pulled off a variety of roles and genres (like the Sky Castle cast). I won’t be surprised at him taking on supportive roles if his movies flop. He was not the lead in BI. Of course he is not going anywhere, Where else can he go? He is not recognized internationally like Don Lee (Ma Dong Seok) or even Lee Santa. You can remain as his fans but comparing him with the It Boys is a joke.

      • @Royal We – you are joking while comparing the ahjussi-looking SJK with the It Boys, right? ????? He has no CF, how can he be an It Boy? A lot of supporting actors are very talented, pulling off a variety of roles and genres. Of course he is not going anywhere, where can he go? He is not Don Lee (Ma Dong Seok). LOL.

      • and oh, I never think SHK was unpopular, where did you read that? I am just referring to his low drama ratings which is a fact. You can stay as his fan, but I am not.

      • @candycane – I never said that you said SHK is unpopular.

        But since you kept mentioning drama ratings, I thought it was worth pointing out that SHK had no commercially successful acting projects for nearly ten years and was still one of the most popular actresses of Hallyu because her early successes were so huge.

        Given that fact, I think the same goes for Song Joong Ki and it’s premature for you to be writing off SJK already based on one drama doing badly. I’m not some blind fan, these are based on numbers. And I’m a fan of both of them btw.

    • @candycane – not just SHK, this is based on my observations of other actors too. I’m a fan of Lee Jun Ki, who had several HUGE successes in drama and film before going off to the army, and was critically acclaimed too.

      Well, he came back from military service and got good reviews for his acting in all his projects but none were really successful for a while until Moon Lovers/Lawless Lawyer. What I’m trying to say is, being an “ajusshi” actor with good acting skills >>> being an It Boy who has not much to offer besides looks. The likes of Song Joong Ki, Lee Jun Ki etc remain popular and in demand as leads for their skills, not just their youth and good looks. It Boys in contrast, are just style over substance.

      • I don’t think we are on the same page. Drama ratings alone is not the only measurement of popularity, there are also the ability to sell products (ie CF) and the fan support. SJK has no CFs, and I cannot read here that he is all that popular among ifans now. BTW – LJK does not look like an ahjussi to me even though he is older… hmmm… and I definitely choose LJK over SJK by a mile. Cheers!

      • @candycane who said sjk has no cfs? He endorses Cuchen second most popular rice cooker brand following cuckoo endorse by kim soo hyun, he also endorses hyundai liveart furniture which is considered to be top furniture brand in korea and lastly he recently signed for ruhens.

      • @candycane – well, looks like @risingphoenix has more accurate information than either of us confirming that SJK in fact still has endorsements.

        Thanks for your support of LJK anyway (btw he also went some time without cfs etc, I remember being salty about this on soompi back then ?). But yeah, my point stands. The Korean industry clearly still considers them viable and desirable leading men, as long as they get offered the acting projects, cfs are secondary.

  3. Great move from Jung So Min to join this agency. I really enjoyed her last two dramas. Seems like she’s talented in melos and romantic comedy. Has she ever tried sageuk?

    Totally off topic. Ms Koala, have you heard about the news of Lee Jong Suk dating? Totally unexpected!

  4. I don’t understand why knetz give negative reaction for this news. Blossom not a bad company, just see how ljh always in high budget drama. And lsw is expect to become the next PBG but he’s ruining his own image.

    Anyway, my girl Jung So min still underrated eventho she has many good drama in her pocket. I want her in same drama with PBG.

  5. There are rumours going around that sjk will form his own agency with his brother once his contract with blossom is over. Lets see if those rumors are true or not.

    • Goodluck on him with that, eztablishing his own agency. Actually, good luck to him overall. I am one of those that was disgusted by how he handled and announced his divorce and yes, eventually good meaning people would find his action really mean. So yah, I am not surprised about his popularity going down. Plus you add the fact that he doesn’t know how to pick a good project. And the fact that he’s starting to look like ajusshi. Smart move of the ex wife. She kept quiet and is removing herself from the limelight for the time being so people can forget.

      • @Tiffani – Are you saying SHK is feeling guilty? Wow, what a scandalist you are!! SHK’s CFs are all over the world. SJK is the one who needs to hide because of poor performance and sucky drama ratings, shame on him.

  6. Wasn’t she initially signed with Blossom when she debuted?

    She didn’t go to SM C&C till 2013, but it was weird to see her go from leading lady in Can We Get Married (2012) to being relegated to second lead roles for years while SM shoved idol after idol into drama lead roles even when they had no talent (they did the same with Moon Ga Young, they are poison for young actresses who might be competition to their little idolbots in the acting field).

    It wasn’t till she left them that her career picked up again.

    • It was Bloom Entertainment.
      But yeah, SM C&C totally wasted her. She always had that loyal fanbase around her at the start and the company couldn’t capitalize on that. Her 2 years in Jellyfish did better for her career than her years in SM C&C. Just the success of BTIMFL and TSHLYE trumps that. And she only got her first fanmeet just this year,really?! Hoping she will get to co-lead with guys like Lee Min Ho,Kim Soo Hyun and others so that her career will blossom again.

      • I really think SM had no interest in promoting the C&C actresses, they have wasted years out of the careers of these young women making them play second fiddle in their own field to some useless factory-punch-out idols that the idol makers want to promote as actors. All because they didn’t want them to get more popular than the idols, I guess?

        I’m so glad the trend of ‘cast idols as leads even if they’re rookies and can’t act’ has crashed and burned the way it deserved. Onwards and upwards for Jung So Min, now!

  7. Go JSM! – a perennial favourite of mine from day one! Versatile, talented and 3 dimensional actor who knows her craft; I hope Blossom confirm her for their books. That’s a catch for sure and I wonder if her and Lee Joon are still an item? Hope all is well with them if they are.

    • I thought she was really great for a rookie when she debuted, but after that first 2 years she languished for a looong time until Father is Strange and finally getting out from SM. It seems to be the story of many late-80s/early-90s born non-idol actresses who debuted in the late 00s/early 10s, they were so often blocked from advancement in their careers because the networks were all busy trying to cast female idols (most of whom could not act) for lead roles in that age range.

      btw Lee Joon is still in the military, last I knew they were still together. Even if they did break up, I’m sure they wouldn’t announce it until after his discharge anyway.

      • Too true about her languishing until FIS and Because this is my first life and The smile has left your eyes. For me she was always one of those actresses that didn’t give me a headache with their mediocre dead pan acting. I’m looking forward to her sageuk film with Junho too. However her dating news updates with Lee Joon has been somewhat very quiet so I do hope all is okay on that front.

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