K-actor Choi Tae Joon to Enlist in the Military on August 1st

This is a very low key enlistment for a low key actor, quite fitting. Choi Tae Joon will be heading off to the army on August 1st, doing the standard introductory basic training before going into the public service sector. His physical examination results were a level 4 which exempted him from active service which is always one eyebrow raising from the K-netizens perspective. I don’t think his star is high enough to get questioned for this and honestly to date he’s still most famous for being Park Shin Hye‘s boyfriend despite a dozen dramas under his belt. He does have a completed drama that will air likely towards the end of this year So I Married an Anti-fan opposite Sooyoung. Good luck to Choi Tae Joon on completing his service and back in 2021.


K-actor Choi Tae Joon to Enlist in the Military on August 1st — 17 Comments

  1. Isn’t he friend with chat -group of the ‘Golden phone’?
    If it’s true then I feel so sorry for Park Shin Hye.

      • I’m sorry for her if she didn’t know about him well. There are so many two-faced people. Based on long term observation PSH comes across as a genuine person.
        If CTJ is that what he was being accused of then it could be nightmare for a normal woman.

      • She should have known this by now if even you know from simply reading the gossips. If she still sticks with him (since no news of breakup yet), then she must have accepted it. Or maybe he is the truly “clean” one not tinted by the Chat group, who knows.

      • No need to take out the knives against poor PSH, they broke up long before the golden phone thing became known.

        And lots of women get fooled by two-faced men. All those scum in the molka scandal had female relatives and friends, but do you really think such people go around showing their filthy sides to the women in their lives? No, because they know those women would react with disgust or anger.

    • They could use this as an excuse to break up unless he has something on her. Out of all the people she could have dated I don’t know why she would pick him. Her name will always be associated with his by journalists and knet.

      • smh, why would he pick her? She is not all that. He seems to
        be a nice guy. Not sure who you are to question the choices
        of others.

  2. Did Park Shin Hye dump him or is she still with him? If she was wise, she’d dump him, no matter how good sex, it ain’t worth it to risk your career for a nugu. Suzy is smart by dumping shitty men.

    • Rumour says they broke up already last year, did an sns delete/unfollow too.

      Good, I say. I thought he was trash and a user ever since the way the dating announcement came out, she’s better off without that in her life.

      • oh good if she has dumped him. But unfortunately her name is still attached with his in the media… Better to shake off the dust with an official announcement if she is wise.

  3. He gives me the creeps, and I haven’t forgotten how people here were being delusional when his relationship with PSH was revealed, pretending he had a higher status than her as ‘rising young actor’ even though SHE was the long-established leading lady with multiple hit dramas as lead. Like, if you really thought he was more famous than freaking Park Shin Hye, there’s a bridge I want to sell you.

    It also left a really poor impression that HIS agency was the one to confirm the relationship when hers denied it (and then was eventually forced to admit because his side confirmed), and after she had a well-known policy of ‘I will never confirm a relationship’.

    I still believe he was trying to use and piggyback off PSH fame there, it was in really poor taste and all the “she must have confirmed because she loved him more than her previous bfs” is pure bs. I heard they broke up already last year, good riddance to him!

  4. Also I find it interesting that he’s such a nobody that instead of talking about any of his roles or asking why he’s enlisting late (91er cutoff was 30th June 2019), all the comments here are about his involvement in the golden phone scandal and his far more famous (ex?) gf. ??????

  5. Does anyone know why the drama hasn’t aired? It was pre-produced long before the scandal actually hit major headlines. I feel like it won’t ever actually air (not saying it should) now.

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