Jang Nara and Kim Nam Gil Deny Dating and Wedding Rumors, Dispatch Confirms it is Not True

This is either a flat out hoax rumor or one of the oddest new romances in K-ent. Jang Nara and Kim Nam Gil started off their week with rumors that Dispatch was planning to run a story of the two dating for 7 years and planning a year end 2019 wedding. Age and visuals wise it’s not a bad pairing, both are 38 years old and quite accomplished in the acting industry, but it’s just so out of left field to hear their names linked together in dating rumors. Both agencies swiftly denied the dating and marriage news and claim that it’s wholly made up. Jang Nara posted a personal statement about how upset and devastated she was by the rumor, saying she’s never met Kim Nam Gil much less dating him. Poor girl, I’m sorry this is that upsetting but it’s kinda funny to me to have a random dating rumor that’s so preposterous out there. No harm, no foul, I don’t think anyone believes this.


Jang Nara and Kim Nam Gil Deny Dating and Wedding Rumors, Dispatch Confirms it is Not True — 13 Comments

  1. I trust Jang Nara’s words. But this is the second time the they got caught up in romance rumours. Funny indeed. Someone out there really desperately want to match-make these two.

  2. Poor JNR, another fake dating/maried rumor. She also get so much hate from rumor with PBG too. And i hear one of senior actress is in relationship with famous star, but not her costar.

  3. CAn someone please clarify because in Koala’s post she mentioned Jang Nara has never met KNG which was obtained from JN instagram post? However KNG sent JN sent a coffee truck back in 2013 when she won a KBS best actress award? I’m not connecting the dots here and I know the news is 100% fabricated but does JN know KNG or not? Yes or No? Yay or Nay? Either way can those psycho fans please cut JN a break! She has her new drama VIP up soon and this type of news is downright disconcerting if not disturbing. I’m seriously wanting to go on another Kdrama mental break when you read of our beloved actors and actresses being tormented yet again!

    • He didn’t send the coffee truck to her, it was sent to Daniel Choi and KNG also visited the filming set because he himself started his career in a “School” drama. I think KNG and JNR ever met, but just a passing one.

      But what made me really curious is why the two kept getting caught in dating rumours. This is actually the second time.

  4. I though they matched. I secretly hopes it’s true. Not the shipper but after reading the news I thought that they fir each other

  5. hahahahah XD Im sorry but the way she deny even meeting him… wth did manage to start this rumor anyway if they didnt even had hints or somethıng anyway just funny XD

  6. She’s probably in a serious relationship with someone else and all these random dating rumor bombs being dropped around the same time means something big is going down over there in korean government or economy. It’s way too obvious now.

    • Ok just did a bit of a google search and got my answer, these celebs must feel annoyed that they are used this way. Also it looks like 2019-2020 is going to be a turbulent time in global and korean economy and politics, we might be seeing a lot more of these celeb relationship outings.

  7. People need to stop wedding rumour. That is going to hurt the people involved.I was caught in an awkward dating rumour. It makes it super uncomfortable to be at work.

  8. KNG actually presented JNR’s award during the SBS drama awards. Too bad cause I actually want to see them in a drama but this dating rumor would probably make it awkward for them to ever work with each other.

  9. Actually her exact words were “No, we didn’t meetup Nor do I have his contact number.” She has written in both Korean and Chinese, to make sure her message got across correctly.

    She did not say as she has never met him coz she did and has respected him as a senior in 2012. Her agency has mentioned that in 2012. But seriously, can we blame her for getting upset? Since her return to K-ent, the netizens have been pairing her up in the most random dating / wedding rumours. This would be the 4th time and she wrote how she felt she was made a joke and she fears that there will be more to come.

    The poor girl is almost a hermit now, leaving home only to film dramas and to do volunteering, or when her girl friends managed to drag her out. Simply coz she fears her actions or words may lead to another rumour. But it seems rumours like knocking on her door a little too much… sigh…

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