Puff Guo Radiant in France for CF Shoot and Riding the Buzz of TW-drama Before We Get Married

For every action there is a reaction and that reminds me so much of Puff Guo and Jasper Liu‘s combustible leads in TW-drama Before We Get Married. She’s getting flack for playing the character that is less direct and has more to lose for making a leap of faith romantic switch but the drama needs her otherwise the two leads would just be easy cheaters. We need them to struggle against the attraction and still be irresistibly drawn to each other, which is the case as the drama unfolds. It’s been done filming for months now so as Puff is promoting the drama her hair is much longer and I’m loving that carefree yet feminine look on her. She really has improved so much as an actress, I used to hate her annoying second lead roles but have grown so warmly fond of her. She’s been in France recently doing a CF shoot and all I can think is “so pretty!” as she swans around the beautiful locale looking not as sweaty as the recent heatwave would suggest.


Puff Guo Radiant in France for CF Shoot and Riding the Buzz of TW-drama Before We Get Married — 3 Comments

  1. I don’t blame her as an actress – I think she’s been great in the role. Her chemistry with Jasper is electric… which is what the drama needs to be compelling.

    I do have a beef with the writers for dragging plot in the middle. Also Baiyang fell off the face of the earth. One scene where he’s shown working or dating or drinking and moving on would have been helpful. I kept expecting him and Shuming to show up again.

    My other complaint is totally subjective… but I feel like the push/pull in this drama doesn’t 100% work. It’s frustrating as a viewer to watch 3 episodes of him aggressively pursuing her, and her shutting him down and saying she has no interest.

    That said- this is my crack drama. I’m obsessed, I rewatch. Hell, I’m studying Mandarin just so I can understand before the subs come out.

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