The Moon Embraces the Sun Writer’s Latest Sageuk Romance Novel Hong Cheong Gi Gets K-drama Adaptation

Woo hoo, this is such great news! A new romance sageuk is headed our way in 2020, with SBS picking up the K-drama adaptation of the latest novel by writer Jung Eun Gwol who also wrote The Moon Embraces the Sun and Sungkyunkwan Scandal. She’s like the Tong Hua of Korean period romance novels and her prior two novel adaptations were big hits on Korea, especially The Moon Embraces the Sun which was the career establishing hit for Kim Soo Hyun and Sungkyunkwan also was the career starting points for Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In. The new novel is titled Hong Cheong Gi which is also the name of the female lead. She’s Joseon’s first female painter and the drama is a love triangle with a blind but capable astrologist who works for the royal family and also the dashing playboy crown prince. The drama will be directed by the PD of Wanted and Secret Mother.


The Moon Embraces the Sun Writer’s Latest Sageuk Romance Novel Hong Cheong Gi Gets K-drama Adaptation — 42 Comments

  1. This would be the perfect comeback project for Kim Taehee. Somehow I can see her in this role. If I were to dream cast it would be Kim Taehee and Kim Soohyun together. The visual explosion would be amazing.

  2. Can we have Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won, please? This is totally their genre. Or with Seo Ye Ji again? She’s good in sageuk.

    • Yes Im with you @Alexa on that pairing- MCW and SYJ would be perfect. Either way both would be a treat if cast. Sorry Kim Tae Hee is expecting so nope she’ll be with baby by the time this rolls around. As PMY nope again she’s with Seo Kang Joon but definitely Kang Do Ra if she is available. I’m excited for this drama for sure.

      • This drama comes out at the end of 2020 while kim tae hee will have her baby in a few weeks time. How will she be with baby? Even if you take in the 6 month break after a child is born she still has plenty of time to do this drama.

      • So I’m all for Mums to get back on screen but Kim Tae Hee reminds me of Han Ga In when it comes to acting. Really pretty, visually stunning but a bit lacklustre in the acting department. I wouldn’t want to watch KTH in a sageuk as it would be rather tough. I would rather see PMY and that’s saying lots. KTH for a nice fluffy rom com is my preference if she was to return and a male lead such as Jang Hyuk and @Utah she will be with baby actually 2 of them in 2020.

  3. I have to say I didn’t like either those dramas whatsoever. But i also need to admit it’s gonna be a big project for whoever does it. I like the names being thrown. Tho really, Kim Soo Hyun being cast means the love triangle is already lopsided to the point of non existent. He’s getting the girl, lol. Star power is too high.

    Moon Chae Won used to be so popular and had such high rated dramas. I’d love to see her come back to the A-lister drama actors honestly. Because TPM is still the best sageuk I’ve seen to date.

    • Me too I miss JSM as well but she’s currently in a variety show called ‘Little Forest’ with Lee Seung Gi if you are wanting to catch a glimpse of her and OMG she’s so motherly holding her nephew when LSG turns up. I guess we’ll have to wait a while to see her new sageuk film ‘Homme Fatale’ with Junho sometime soon. I hope Viki or Netflix pick it up.

  4. Since we’re throwing names…I want Shin Sung Rok as blind astrologist!!! I wouldn’t mind if he’s playboy crown prince. I want him in a more normal role, he has the acting chops but he usually gets villain roles. With that said I won’t even mind if he’s evil villain in a sageuk again. I’ll watch it for him. Hahahahaha

  5. Yoona and YYS would be great for this drama but which of the two male characters is the lead? Hopefully not the Playboy Crown Prince. That would be very cliche not that the plot sounds very exciting in the 1st place.

  6. I’d say Shin Sekyung since she’s doing a fabulous job in Rookie Historian but I guess the roles will be too similar. She suits sageuk dramas like fish in water.

      • @J And we have a winner! Security alert an anti right here proclaiming the age gap and popularity of KSH coupled with KYJ is yuck and disgusting. Get a grip @J everyone is adding to the hypothetical couple wish list and it’s a lot of fun however you my dear Watson need to get a grip and handle it by not taking it to heart the names being dropped.

      • and @gingercrunch wins for being the most triggered fan ever. if you wanna do fantasy casts make age appropriate ones at the very least. little children shouldn’t be paired with grown men and the fact that you’re ok with even having their name together in a fantasy casting doesn’t say much good about you – pedo alert.

      • @Ivan is that your tag today amongst your other 100 names you’ve most likely posted here or is it @J but let me guess what country are you from to have that warped as logic?KYJ is 20 so doesn’t that count as an adult or are you from munkin land where no one grows up? Or maybe you still see her as a 5 year old? Triggered -yes and passionate too but calling out pedo alert in the same post now you’re really showing your worth and for your information I am a KYJ fan and if you want to keep going by all means keep it clean though cos its obvious which tangent you’re on. Pfft ‘fantasy chat’ and ’pedo’ what a hoot you sure you shouldn’t be on All k pop with that diatribe? Sure you don’t like her but have the courtesy to say why. Actually your post is lol thank you for that.

    • Oh yeah! They were so great together in Will It Snow For Christmas. And both can act in sageuk and have the face to do it, they don’t look to modern.

  7. Yoon Eun Hye and Yeon Woo Jin pls. ok Im just throwing off random picks here, as much as Id like them more paired in Rom-coms. but Yoon Eun Hye need change, a sageuk would be good, havent seen her in hanbok since Goong era, and Yeon Woo Jin is also good and really looks good in sageuk. my gosh, after watching Queen for Seven days, I went crazy for Yeon Woo Jin. anw, just my wishlist but not highly expecting, I cant imagine Yeon Woo Jin playing a blind man, which I know he’ll gladly play, he plays any kinds of role. or the playboy Crown Prince and not end up with the main girl. Oh well, good luck to my Rom-com King & Queen.

  8. The astrologer is color blind but can only see the color red. I imagined Yang Sejong as the male lead because he has this quite, refined scholar look. I pictured Shim Eunkyung or Chae Soobin as the female lead because they can act out characters with an outgoing personality and wild imagination.
    The book doesn’t have a love triangle from what I learned and no annoying potential in-laws. People liked the book because it was so fluffy, in spite of the leads’ past.

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