C-netizens Claim Hotel Del Luna Plagiarized C-drama Goodbye My Princess

Well, it may be another day but it is the first controversy for K-drama Hotel Del Luna. C-netizens have unearth tons of side-by-side comparisons in over 6 scenes that they claim Hotel Del Luna plagiarized or ripped off from period C-drama Goodbye My Princess (Dong Gong or Eastern Palace). Goodbye My Princess aired earlier this year and is adapted from the same name novel written in 2011. The allegedly plagiarized scenes are all from the period section of Hotel between IU’s female lead and the two male leads from her past, including the romance moments and the bridal chamber scene. I haven’t watched Goodbye so I don’t know how similar it is, looks like it’s not a replica as much as the totality of those staged scenes together make it look very suspect.


C-netizens Claim Hotel Del Luna Plagiarized C-drama Goodbye My Princess — 9 Comments

  1. I’ve seen some parts of the Cdrama, and yup there are scenes that are the same once you scrutinize it like that. But I never did remember or connect it until seeing the picture scene placed side by side this way. Their story is just different for me.

    CDrama has a Female Lead (FL) who is a Princess who is set against her marriage with the Male Lead (ML) who is the prince from the enemy camp. But theirs is a political marriage to form an alliance. they never did meet officially.
    The FL tries to runs-away because she doesnt want to marry the prince, so she goes to ask refuge from her powerful clan leader grandfather and aiding her in her running away is the ML in disguise. She has no clue who he is, but he does.
    As they journey they end up falling for each other, mainly because the ML and SML (they distanct cousins of some sort) orchestrated it. The FL was willing to betray her country to marry him, a noone, rather than the marry the prince, which is him also.
    But despite loving her so much, He betrays her because of a political struggle within his family and it part of some revenge of some sorts. The revenge is not against her family/country but still the slaughtering of her grandfather clan and pulverizing her whole country happened. Her family’s demise was not the ultimate goal, that was just a stepping stone strategy for ML and SML revenge plan.
    Something happens and she gets amnesia. That was as far as i can watch because they will probably make her fall for him again. That is About 10 episodes of the 40 plus total.

    • oh boy!!! You dont know how much i wanted to read this kınd of synopsıs before I start that one but no one wanted to write it out somehow OR it was just not very brief lıke urs. Thanks so much and wow thats about 10 out of 40 wow :O

      • You should watch Goodbye My Princess. It’s hands down my fave C-drama this year along with The Untamed.

        Now impatiently waiting for Three Worlds, Three Lives:The Pillow Book.

    • Hmm… before reading this news, I thought Hotel del Luna was more “inspired” from kdrama Goblin (but like the female version). I do remember seeing MW’s quick sand scene and thought it was like Goodbye Princess, but never considered plagiarism because quick sand is a commonly used – especially when scenes take place in the desert. After seeing the scenes compared side by side, I can understand why people would feel that way. However, I’ve watched both dramas and feel that the story lines are generally different.

      Actually… I really liked Goodbye Princess. And when watching Hotel del Luna, I like the past storyline more than the present. Now, I know why!

      I’m still waiting on a twist about CM’s betrayal… like there was some reason he did it to protect MW. If this is so, then this could be another “inspiration” from Goodbye My Princess as the ML acted like he didn’t love the FL to protect her from the Queen. But, again, something commonly scene in dramas.

  2. There’s plenty of C-netz who says it’s a stretch to consider it as plagiarism. These scenes are quite common in period dramas.

  3. I saw Goodbye My Princess and it is not the same. I agree with a previous post that these scenes are very common in period dramas, especially if there’s revenge involved. Now, who knows if the writer was “inspired” but there is still enough differences that it can’t be call plagiarism.

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