Hong Kong Labeling Fallout Continues as More C-stars Cut Ties with Luxury Brands Including Liu Wen, Jackson Yee, Zhang Yi Xin

This is getting rather absurd but politics nowadays feels like the theater of the dramatics. More C-stars are cutting endorsement ties with luxury brands over how the brands refer to Hong Kong and/or Taiwan on it’s merchandise or websites. Model Liu Wen ended a years long partnership with Coach, Zhang Yi Xin (Lay) cut ties with Samsung, and him and Jelly Lin both parted ways with Calvin Klein underwear, Jiang Shu Ying just signed with Swarovski and promptly unsigned with them, and boy idol Jackson Yee said buh-bye to Givenchy. C-actress Yang Mi was the first when she quit her endorsement of Versace but clearly not the last, she was just smartly riding the right train all along. C-netizens are fully onboard, claiming to boycott those brands as well. These are just the ones making the news right now, expect more to come.


Hong Kong Labeling Fallout Continues as More C-stars Cut Ties with Luxury Brands Including Liu Wen, Jackson Yee, Zhang Yi Xin — 16 Comments

  1. ….they’re throwing their ‘one China, we will cut ties’ tantrums because these brands have HK, Taiwan and China listed separately on their websites/e-shops. Ridiculous how far jingoism will go.

    It’s like no one is telling them that HK/Taiwan/China actually have different laws and different currency (which is the thing you buy goods with…)

  2. Have fun being on the wrong side of history, good riddance to them. at least they are also aware these designer brands only cared about them because of money and nothing else.

  3. I find that unprofessional of the artists. Good for the brands, they can find other more commited and responsible spokesperson.

    I’m getting tired of these patriotic people (those who claim they are boycotting the brands because of this). If the country has more freedom of speech and thoughts then I believe they won’t have that many people be against their thought of “One China”.

    • @Susan – artists can choose jobs, there is nothing wrong ending a contract if there is a disagreement. As a customer, I will not wear a T-shirt which gives the wrong message. Will you buy this T-shirt? The brand has responsibility and producing such crap is nonsense. Not Chinese. Just not my taste.

      • I have been working for 8 years and never have I turned down something I have signed myself up for. I have switched jobs but never did I do my job half-assed ly because of that. That’s why I call them unprofessional. If they choose to break the contract then I hope they paid some compensation fee for the companies. I might not buy the shirt but not because of the “error” but because I have never understood what’s so pretty with these shirts with cities listed.
        And no, I wouldn’t boycott a whole brand for this. The Mainland people really do have a heart of glass getting offended by every little thing.

      • fair enough on the professionalism issue. But if you are ask to pose eating pizza with chopsticks will you do it? (just as an example because it happened and the Chinese model got flagged) As half Italian, I never never will hold a chopstick anywhere close to a pizza. Just saying… This is how luxurious brands may treat the models and shame on the designers who are Italians, what were they thinking?? I am not siding with either. This is just an interesting topic which is very grey… and I am not patriotic.

      • I don’t know what the person who asked the model to do that was thinking but I don’t think the model did anything wrong. She was just doing her job. So the hate that she got was unnecessary. That’s why I say some people get offended too easily.

      • I won’t do what I disagree with no matter how much I got paid. I feel sorry for that model and I know she was just doing her job but that request was stupid.

  4. Always 2 sides to the story – for HK and Taiwan [and other ASEAN countries], China is a bully that wants to claim their islands. For China, they think they own these islands. World Peace is ever elusive *sigh*

    • China would love to swallow up all the Asian countries if they were given the chance. If nobody fights back, they will really think they are king of the jungle and own every land that they set their sights on. Good riddance on these so called celebrities. True colors really come out when their money train is threatened and they have to kiss ass to the government.

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