Gu Hye Sun Refuses to Divorce Ahn Jae Hyun and He Breaks Silence to Claim Depression During Marriage

The reason why failed marriages almost always end up in a divorce is being refusing to get divorced cannot and does not repair what is failed in the marriage. It’s a band aid holding together a severed limb rather than a small cut. The latest on the Gu Hye SunAhn Jae Hyun divorce drama is that he has now broken his silence with a lengthy post on SNS where he claims he started getting treatment for depression and is on medication starting a year into the marriage, the couple tried to make it work but couldn’t, and divorce is the right path forward. He alleges Gu Hye Sun lied to the security guard at his new apartment to get a spare key and came inside acting like a wife while he was sleeping which freaked him out and is totally inappropriate. He claims to have given her the house to live with their pets and also offered whatever financial terms she asked for. Gu Hye Sun’s latest SNS updates claims Ahn Jae Hyun drank a lot, would text inappropriately with other women when he was drunk, and she is trying her best to hold their marriage together. She ended with a absurd statement asking what more she can do in their marriage and is the divorce only happening because she doesn’t have sexy nipples. Like, what? OMG, this is such a train wreck. I would look away but for them two posting everything on social media asking the public to be a part of it and take sides.


Gu Hye Sun Refuses to Divorce Ahn Jae Hyun and He Breaks Silence to Claim Depression During Marriage — 67 Comments

  1. The fact she paid for the wedding donation and he complained she asked him to payback half still has me like…you should have stayed quiet about that fool. He moved to an apartment to “focus on acting” that SHE furnished. He can’t act…aside from all the acting he was clearly doing on those reality shows just like those PDs and staff said he was doing behind the scenes. She basically wants to stay married until he goes to talk to her Mom right? He had time to go talk to the NJTTW crew about the divorce. He had time to go convince her Mom to let her marry him. Go talk to her Mom about the divorce coward and call it a day. Men these days…no wonder everyone here in Korea just keeps calling him Jung Joon Young’s Best Friend.

    • Those reality and variety show spots? Are things he got solely because of the ‘devoted husband’ image he gained by marrying her.

      This is like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, except messier. And thankfully no kids!

      • He got NJTTW via a recommendation from Lee SeungGi who’d labelled him as somthing like a variety-goldmine and it was before they got married.

        And admittedly, that was his biggest break. Didn’t help that his debut was the mega-hit You Who Came From The Star.

        And I’ll be honest. She kinda made me raise an eyebrow throwing that stink about wanting him to take responsibility for the failed marriage and insisting he assuage her sick mom as if she had no choice in marrying him and it’s all his fault.

        Marriage takes 2 to work like it takes 2 hands to clap. Breakdowns like that don’t happen all of a sudden. I’m not saying that she’s 100% at fault, cos she can’t be either. But can she have some introspection too please. And shut up. Seriously. Not for me, or any one else. For yourself and your family. Let your lawyer do the talking.

    • I never comment. BUT I wanted to chime in in this.
      YES!!! Finally someone lays out the facts as I understood it as well. Its so satifying to read your comment.
      This thing between them has been like a new crack to me. Its like a train wreck but I am too fascinated to look away. He needs to man up and do it properly, as what she had wanted. All this drama could’ve easily be prevented if he went and greet her family ie her mother. I saw some comments on other platforms saying he is young etc… Naaah…heck the man is in his 30s…thats not young.
      Speaking from a personal experience, I have a healthy respect for my ex now on hindsight, at least in this matter, for having the decency in meeting up with my parents before we divorced

      • Oh and the way she is doing things is NOT right either. Its like I’ll burn you and I dont care if I burn myself as well. Thats not healthy…
        She needs to convey everything through her lawyer

      • They have the same agency…they had her move over to supress hee for the divorce clearly. She has a lawyer now but this was one of the only ways she could manage it press wise

    • Hahaha used to like him alot and very happy when they got married. Totally stunned by her comments but also feeling sad for her that she had to respond so after he portrayed her in such a manner…

      • She said that she has been seeing a psychiatrist, apparently for some time. It may well be that her mental state in this situation is so mixed up that she is throwing everything into the news. It is true that she is not helping herself or the marriage in doing this but maybe we can step back and leave them alone and allow her time to gather herself.

  2. This is sad for all involved. I thought these two kooky people found their other half and had a decent shot of making it work. If all their newlywed articles/reality TV were real (at the time) it’s hard going from treasured wife to what’s being claimed in their back and forth statements. Sad to see folks airing dirty laundry so publicly…. I’d be too embarrassed and want to preserve some dignity. {sigh}

  3. Wow. Way too much info when she mentioned her unsexy nipples. Lol by the end of this neither of them will have any work to go to really.

    • Hasn’t all her stuff been funded by herself? Director, artist, whatever-it-is-as-long-as-it’s-not-acting. I don’t know even single piece of her work save her history as a (rather bad) actress. Pretty sure she can give herself work.

      But… what the… unsexy nipples is way TMI. Why is that even quoted as proof that he’s a bad person? People say lots of terrible things when they’re emotional but those one offs don’t make them terrible. Nobody needs to know.

      But. What a trainwreck. The person I feel for the most is her poor sick mom. Divorce is bad enough. Now she’s learning of her daughter’s nipples via the media when her world is probably spinning. OMG. What. This is nuts.

      • Gu Hye Sun was on a break from acting work because of a health problem, as long as she hasn’t squandered too much of her assets on the waster she married, she should be fine.

        And since they shared an agency that took AJH’s side and dropped GHS/was preparing to put out statements makinh her sound like the bad person, I’m not surprised Gu Hye Sun wanted to get ahead of the story and nuke his attempt at media play.

        I mean, if it’s a choice between revealing something embarrassing vs being wronged and smeared as the ‘bad guy’, it’s not fair to focus on her disclosure as the ‘wrong axt’ vs the fact of what he actually said. And note he hasn’t refuted it either, I’m inclined to believe he really said that.

      • @Royal

        I am inclined to believe nothing. This is not a conversation where replies are immediate and staying quiet does not equal consent and agreement or guilt.

        Frankly, I hope he doesn’t engage because she’s really acting batshit crazy and I want them both to stop instead of both descending into madness. If he’d refuted, who’s actually qualified to judge who in this he-said-she-said situation is right? Only they know. My opinion and anyone else’s in this situation does not matter.

        Also, she’s nuking her poor mom right now. Not just him. I thought she was really protective of her mom. What happened.

        Any sane adult would shut up and hire a lawyer to deal with him, because that’s the dignified way of saying “I’m fucking you right up” and still getting off with clean hands. Better than going into the mud to fight with a pig yourself and coming out with wet soil stuffed in your nostrils and getting into your eyes, looking pretty nuts yourself. All this just makes her look crazy.

        And who cares what the hell he said. Why is she so bothered by “unsexy nipples”? What is that.

        It’s not the disclosure that’s the problem, even if it’s Too Much Information. It’s her behaviour. She’s choosing to hurt everybody – him, herself, their innocent families – when she could have done this the sane adult way. Now her mom is gonna be known as the lady whose daughter has unsexy nipples.

        Just shut the fuck up. Do it for your Mom whom you declared you cared so much for.

      • GHS is actually a good actress for melodrama type characters. She is very good in acting the serious roles.

        Her first drama Pure 19 was very good.

        You can’t deny that Korea’s Boys over Flowers was a Hallyu hit and she was the main character in it, along with the 4 handsome boys.

  4. And I wonder what Eun JiWon thinks of this whole situation, being the one whom Ahn JaeHyun asked why he’d divorced when he and Gu HyeSun just got married.

    What an absolute shitshow.

  5. Letting Emotions control you, rather than being calm and DETACHED (it’s a lot more powerful a tool, than being reactive with He Said, She Said).

    IF it’s broken then it’s broken. Do NOT even bother to fix it.
    Having folks take sides about who’s right or wrong ain’t going to take away their overall Resentment.

    And IF they have enough in the pot to warrant Divorce Lawyers escalating this by throwing more pepper and salt (they can, and the only winners being the lawyers pocketing fees to drag it out – no justice is really served).

    A Common Problem is, taking the reticent higher road and downplaying it all … doesn’t set the cue for the other party to follow suit in respect and similar behaviour.

  6. This is insane and heart breaking at the same time. Goo hye sun , just give him a divorce and move on to better things. He doesn’t deserve your presence : (

    Thank you, next. Just like your song, it’s time to date yourself for a little while.

    Even though he’s trash, I wish him good mental recovery as well and that they both grow to be stronger and better people at the end of this trial of sadness

  7. …..I’m speechless to learn he stooped so low as to make that remark about the body of the person he loved (and built his whole image around as “loving bf/devoted husband”). She refuted every single claim he made and exposed him in just one ig post! (And to anyone saying ‘she should have kept quiet and been dignified’, please note she and AJH were under the same agency – which took his side, dumped her, and started releasing statements smearing her).

    I hear he’s being dropped from his endorsements now. Not sorry to hear it, he basically built his entire career off the ‘in love with GHS’ image (because god knows he had no talent lol). And without his image, what draw does he even have?

    • Royal We, agreeing with you.

      Sob sob … It’s sad the agency is taking side. The agency should not interfere.

      I think he should be more gracious after her first heartbreaking post. If he had not said so many things about the house-break etc, she would have let go the matter and the backlash would not happen

  8. People forget that Gu Hye Sun was in the same agency as her husband soon to be ex…. she said that once she leaves the agency, there will be no work for her…meaning her livelihood is in jeopardy.

    This is within 3 months, in which her agency was about to drop her and promote Anh Jae Hyun. Do you think her agency would paint a good picture of GHS if they were to keep Anh Jae Hyun and want to make money off him?

    The divorce or rumors of it would have taken center stage anyways, once GHS leave the agency..since she just signed up 3 months ago to the same agency.

    Anh Jae Huyn her “loving” husband who has name dropped her on every single variety show, interview, PR event that he has been in. He basically used her name to build up his career in K-Entertainment.

    I am pretty sure GHS will get a divorce, but on her terms. Right now, he is owing her money and he should man up and talk to her Parents/Mom. Stop acting like a child hiding behind “Mommy” (His agency) and be a adult and talk to her mom. If he really wanted a divorce, this is what he should do.

    Her refuting him in public has to be done, since she no longer have a whole PR department to finesse her rebuttals. After building up her star status in K-Entertainment all by herself and through hard work, why should she let AJH who treated her pretty awful to get everything he wants.
    He basically just treated the marriage as dating. To claim depression 1 year into the marriage, but then go on pretending to be the devoted loving husband in the variety show? Then that is a lot of pretending, and shows how trustworthy he is.
    I stand by GHS. I am surprised that there are women out there who would be defending AJH through this debacle.

    • Very astute comments.
      If he had felt that way, he should have not joined the variety show.
      And he even treated her as a maid.
      I know some people find it ridiculous for her to ask for wages but the poor girl is probably reacting out of hurt.
      I don’t think her asking for the house is wrong coz the way he and the agency are dumping her is wrong. At least let her have a roof over her head.

  9. AJH is such a jerk leeching off GHS fame and fortune. Claiming depression one year into marriage is such a lame excuse for a divorce. He is an alcoholic and an useless piece of dirt. What is his agency thinking? I hope he is dropped from that drama with OHY, he cannot act. Directors should take this opportunity and cast GHS in female centric drama (e.g. a character like Song Ga Kyeong in Search WWW), it will be a hit 🙂

    • Oh hell no.

      Do not taint my WWW.

      Her acting is so bad I get horrified. Please do anything else other than acting. Sing, dance, paint, write, direct… ANYTHING else. She can sing her anger about this divorce, go ahead. She can dance her frustrations away, no problem. Paint a traitor. She can write a bestseller about her most recent ex-to-be and the hellish road there. Do a movie about unsexy nipples.

      But DO NOT ACT PLEASE. Spare us all.

      • hahaha… at least GHS acts better than AJH, he is worse. Chill 🙂 What I meant to say is I hope GHS career will not end with this mess, and I hope AJH will vanish, evaporate, disappear (I won’t watch him anyways).

      • Lol. My sentiments exactly. Her “acting” is so bad that it’s painful to watch. His acting on all the variety shows though should merit a top drama award. I don’t recall ever seeing him in a drama, but do recall article headlines after their marriage re how moved variety show hosts were by his devoted remarks for her.

  10. I think both are at fault. We can never know who is the biggest jerk in this marriage. But it is rather clear that he said unkind words to his wife often and had his own apartment to stay away from his wife and their married life and clearly didnt give spare key to his wife. And startled at wife coming their apartment given they are married couple. Him saying she has unsexy nipples means he is looking at tons of other nipples in screen or in real life, no? Also it is very stupid thing to say to the loved one. Would she fake that he chatted with women in drunken state? i think not. Also built his image around doting husband and earned some jobs and now time to divorce, what a funny little shit. I wish she divorced him with her dignity intact, but he really makes it hard with siding with his agency and she is fighting back however she can in my eyes. Not really fan of either one, just wanted to add my 2 cents as married woman and dramafan.

  11. About the nipple remark….Truth is, people say a lot of things when they are angry with their loved ones. Things which in retrospect, they often wish they could take back. Gu Hye Sun should stay off the media and SNS and stop airing her dirty laundry in public. Right now, she has the advantage of being a woman so all women flock to support her and label her husband dirty. But she was the one who dragged her business to the media and for that she has NO respect from me. If she were a man doing what she’s done, all of you would join to crucify her. Song Joong Ki didn’t say half of what she said, and he’s being villified for the way he went about his press statment. And her husband should be man enough not to respond to his ex-wife’s taunts in public. This is ugly, messy and does a disservice to both parties. Divorce, at best, is always a messy business, but at least one can keep the messiness private and hold up one’s head with dignity in public like my girl, Song Hye Kyo. This has gone far enough. We don’t need to know their ugly behavior. It’s enough that close friends and family know it. The public doesn’t need to be involved.

    • Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki was a bit different in that they were both represented by two different agencies. Agencies that will want to protect their assets as they are their money makers.

      GHS and AJH are both managed by the SAME agency, and in which this same agency was about to kick Gu Hye Sun out and manage her soon to be “Ex” husband.

      Logic tells me that with the way Korean thinks about divorce, do you think this agency will not try to make it to where the divorce was solely the fault of Gu Hye Sun, as AJH has built his reputation up as a loving husband who is willing to do everything for GHS?

      They need AJH to make money, and if he has a reputation for being a loving husband, then surely, it wasn’t AJH that wanted a divorce…pretty sure the Agency will spin whatever story they want to ensure that their asset AJH will be protected with his reputation intact.

      If you read AJH’s statement carefully, in no way was he ever sorry for the hurt he caused GHS…

      Pretty sure if he did all GHS ask for, return the money, talk to her sick mom, she would grant the divorce.

      And, better that GHS air whatever she wants to air, instead of having the media or papparazi write up whatever story they want to cook up and might paint her in a bad light, as any man she meets etc without the divorce coming to light will be spin into a story that will tarnish her reputation.

      I honestly think only someone who has gone through the betrayal of a supposedly “loving husband” and divorce will understand GHS.
      It is easy to say what should have been done and what you would do, since you are not going through her trauma and who knows what other stuff AJH did to her. She must have proof of other things that he might have done, this is why AJH might have stayed quiet and deleted pictures off his instagram account.

    • @adal Do you feel happy now that another couple has more messier divorce than your idol’s divorce? Is it really necessary to patronize your idol out of other people’s misery?

  12. I haven’t read any of the other comments here yet because the best one was on Soompi: “This is better than Blood”.

    I feel for both of them and hopefully, they will move on, but this reminds me too much of divorce American celebrity style. K-ent has really turned a corner. (Oh, and if anyone thinks that the Song/Song divorce was so civilized, no it wasn’t. We just didn’t see it. The dude’s passive/aggressive lawyer statement was a negotiating ploy that he was willing to get publicly nasty if need be.)

    They both have not handled things well because when people are in a messy, emotionally wrought situation, they usually don’t if they don’t have someone helping them deal. She obviously did not.

    And that’s the thing. Why did she change agencies in May if she even suspected divorce was on the horizon. Since it looks like the marriage went kaput shortly thereafter, there is just an ick factor to that.

  13. Most importantly let’s not forget Ahn Jaehyun had Goo Hye Sun move to his ageny in MAY 2019…they were completely setting her up to suppress her and take his side during the divorce. Of course they are offering to cancel her 3 month old contract because they’re going to throw her under the bus for this fake dude who has been name dropping “Gu-Nim” the last three years while treating her horribly.

    • Is there any proof that he ‘had’ her moved to his company? I haven’t seen any articles to back this. Also from the recent articles/posts, it was her who offered to be released from the contract. And I think I read nearly all their recent articles by now.

  14. What’s an ugly/unsexy nipple? GHS scored big on that announcement. I’m gonna use that when I have an argument with my bf and just throw that remark in as a laugh. Seriously Now this is like 2 kids playing in a sandpit over a bucket and spade so can there be an intervention now this is beyond embarrassing and I’m tired of it. Any good news in K entertainment….anything? Please?

    • hahaha… he must have said it when he was drunk. and she took it in so personally because she is insecure. is nipple ever sexy? dress it up with a ring may look better. LOL.

  15. Wow, all these comments and accusations based on what SHE said. As far as I can tell, he still hasn’t publicly said anything bad about her. She is the one who is turning him into this bad person and I cannot believe so many are judging him based on her words/texts alone. He has actually been the gracious one in this whole social media fiasco that she started! So he said he was depressed…that’s not saying anything bad about her, just that he was obviously stressed or things were already unhealthy for him or them…when you are in a bad relationship, it doesn’t mean both people are bad…just that together they are toxic and the relationship is unhealthy. They need to stop posting on social media. I understand he only did so to try to stand up for himself, but she is not going to let it go…so he should just keep silent and let her be the stupid and crazy one…don’t stoop to her level, she is way far gone! So sad but also getting crazy now! If he is so bad, why does she still want to stay married to him?! She needs help. We can obviously see why he wants/NEEDS a divorce. She is crazy! Oh well, I hope they both survive this, and I’m not talking about their careers but their health and well-being. Hell has no fury like a woman’s scorn—yes, that’s a perfect example! Scary and sad.

    • He is an alcoholic. No surprise because K-men drink a lot. Can’t believe you are siding with an alcoholic! “He has actually been the gracious one”? LOL. Gracious as in dumping his wife whom he leeches on. Parasite.

      • How do you know he is an alcoholic? Because she said so? Are you saying all Korean men are alcoholics? Applying stereotypes? That’s a very narrow viewpoint.

      • Yes, he has actually tried to not make a scandal and has been more careful with his post. She is the one showing she has no class.

        She trashes him, airs out his dirty laundry, not hers…they are probably both at fault and yes, relationships can turn ugly, which is why they END. So let it go!

      • I think you calling him “gracious” is a more narrower viewpoint. I did not say all Korean men are alcoholics, do not twist my words. Drinking a lot does not equal alcoholics. But drinking to the point of getting drunk is. She is his wife and still is until they are divorce. She said when he is drunk he texts other women. Do you feel you know him better than his wife? What a joke!! Go defend for him all you want but you are looking at him through a peephole. Look at the bigger picture. Yes, she is talking too much, she is angry, but she is not lying.

      • How do you know she is not lying, distorting the truth to make him look worse than he is? Do you know her better than him, her husband? He said she trespassed, and lied to security, do you know her better to know she did not lie to get in? Do you know her better than him, her still husband? You are blindly taking her angry words for truth. I can tell you, people say a lot of things when they are angry that they may regret later. Is it the truth, it could be distorted, exaggerated? But to just believe anything she posts shows a narrow viewpoint. Exactly what she wants, people like you to believe everything she says and defend her. Her intentions to go public are questionable…word of advice, don’t believe everything you read on the internet…people need to think for themselves, there is a lot of fake news out there! But people seem to like lies and fake news…oh well. Live in your little bubble…until it pops.

      • I believe his nasty comments on her. Regardless of how angry the person is, the verbal attack is damaging. Trespassed? Did he have a restraining order on her?? Lied to security? Why did she have to lie to security when she is his legit wife!! She is still his wife you know. How could he say she “acting like a wife”. His statement is so twisted. How can a wife be accused of “acting like a wife”. LOL. He does not make any sense at all! I disagree with her going public with all the texts. She should keep things private. But there is no need for her to lie about his behavior to her while acting onstage as a “doting husband”, moving out of the house not letting her into his apartment. He is a jerk. You cannot change my view on him. Don’t label things you don’t like “fake news”, there must be a reason for everything. And for your record, I think all the time.

      • I guess having an unsexy nipple is very mean. Which side was it left or right? Yes I agree he was uncouth. Shame on him having to deal with an mentally unstable ex and he shouldn’t be critizising anyone’s nipples especially his ex wife’s. Now he’s making me feel conscious about my body bits. ?

  16. I can’t believe most of the comments are based on what she said…like she is telling the truth. No, she is angry, hurt, which distorts one’s perception and dramatizes…

    As far as I can tell, he has said nothing bad about her publicly. So he had depression, he did not mention her, but their marriage. If it was as dysfunctional and crazy as this whole fiasco has become, he NEEDS a divorce for his sanity’s sake! They can both be good people, but if when together they become toxic and unhealthy to each other, then yes, that would cause someone to be depressed and stressed. It seems they both had different perspectives of what his moving out meant, so their viewpoints can be distorted as well. After bad mouthing him, she won’t let him go?! If he is so bad, a traitor, then why hold on to him?! Makes no sense. Because she has gone overboard, crazy and scary! I would run to if I was stuck with someone like that! It’s like that song, Tainted Love, “once I ran to you, now I run from you”…run boy run! Save yourself, your sanity, your health! Before it’s too late! Sad…but very scary!

      • There is a difference between hiding something and remaining silent. Just because he is silent or has been more so than her doesn’t mean he’s hiding. He’s actually smarter not stooping to her level and I hope he remains so—no more public posts. It’s a private matter, it should have been kept private. But she won’t let it go.

      • Didn’t you read his lenghty email? He didn’t remain silent after all. He should have.

  17. My dear MistyEyes : read my comment again. Neither one of these actors are my idol. I like and dislike them equally. My point is: she should keep the details of her divorce PRIVATE. There’s nothing to be gained from PUBLIC mud slinging. It may seem that right now she has the advantage of public sympathy – but one small misstep from her in future, everything she said and did on SNS and the media will turn around to haunt her. For HER sake, and the sake of her loved ones, she’d be much better off staying off the media and working the rest of her divorce behind closed doors. She’ll gain nothing by dragging herself and her ex through the mud.We all like to watch a train wreck, though personally I have no pleasure in watching her ruin herself for any future work. Who’ll want to work with her and sign her now that she’s acting like she’s gone off the rails?

  18. Gathering from what I’ve read in the news, she feels hurt, angry, and feel betrayed. It appears that her husband had stopped loving her long time ago. Instead of communicating how he felt with the woman he once pledged his life to, he told everybody outside the marriage party (the CEO of his agency, NJTTW colleagues, the other woman during his drunken state). That’s really hurt. He was avoiding her. Hence the SNS war. What she needs a proper closure, a financial settlement and apology to her mom, especially to her. This is just my point of view as an outsider. I wish them all the best, learn from their past and move on to better future.

  19. It’s easy to say how they should handle their separation when you aren’t the one who is involved . She seems to be really hurt and at times like that some people can’t control their emotions. But as i’m not better than anyone else here, i will just say that she should have keep some détails private and save dignity . Divorce is better even if it may be very traumatic .

  20. I hope this is the last we hear of this divorce. Some things at better kept private.. I understand that she must’ve been blindsided by this and felt betrayed, but I also don’t think they are both saints and that she had no fault in this divorce.

  21. Update all AJH anti’s you’re winning Giordano have dropped him and NJTTW 7 have halted filming so he’s losing just as GHS anticipated would happen. So to all of you that are trashing him it’s all good the damage has been done so move on and support your sister GHS during this time she’s needs it more. Gosh her ex boyfriends sure dodged a bullet and AJH was too blind, dumb and naive to see what a nasty narcissistic piece of work she turned out to be playing the public in her favour. Now just waiting for MBC to drop him from the drama he was to co lead. He’s too problematic to stay especially when the title is ‘People with Flaws’ oh hellloo!! I can’t see how he can rise from this he’s done and dusted. Nipplegate sure nailed him. He best said she had ugly toes or stubby fingers instead. Oh and her next essay should be titled ‘Tears are shaped like my unsexy nipple’. Gosh I better go for a walk I’m getting too carried away with this.

      • @candycane No I’m watching J drama Natsuzora there’s enough cow milking by hand there I feel like I’m an expert and @dramafan GHS said he made that nipple comment so I’ll wait for his confirmation so hopefully he’ll be even more specific and say which side and offer a description since he said it. Yeah he’s gone burgers from rom coms that’s a no brainer. Maybe he can front a animal husbandry programme since he’s got a keen eye for it and first hand experience after living where his ex.

      • GHS is his ex because they’ve separated but I guess in the eyes of the law in SK and her eyes they’re still married and she’s holding that ball in that court of not wanting to grant a divorce but GHS is definitely AJH ex. Gosh she started it with her IG posts who would want to maintain a relationship in those circumstances. He’s probably moved back to his parents with nothing but just the shirt on his back which he most likely has to return to her because she’s claimed that too along with the undies, pants, socks and shoes. He has been defeated it’s clear she is the victor and can now live happily ever after as a pet whisperer.

    • Lol. It isnt on fans, it is on him. What do you expect people to react? Without his wife, his lame acting wouldnt have gone anywhere anyway. If it wasnt him, she could have been enjoying better life too. Expect more ads& dramas kicking him to curbs because he did it to himself. After this nipple remark, he is so gone from romantic lead roles.

      • We don’t even know the context of the nipple remark. From what I’ve read from past articles/interviews it seems GHS always “outed” him, about his exes/past girlfriends etc…she seemed to be very nosy, wanting to expose his past deeds…who cares? Don’t they say the worst thing in relationships is talking or comparing your exes? Isn’t that what her now delayed book release is about? Their past experiences with their exes turned romantic novel?! At least from one recent article that’s what SHE SAID. I would not be surprised if the comment about the nipples actually came from HER asking him “do you find my nipples sexy since my breasts are not as big as your ex?” Maybe he told her her nipples are not what he considers sexy but he loves her anyway (at the time). Based on context comments made can have a different meaning/intention. When someone says “you’re crazy”, depending on context it could be crazy like funny crazy or crazy like scary crazy. She said blah blah blah and posts what “he said” without any context, which could be distorting the truth—which is what his post was about, the distorted truth of putting words/phrases together he may have said to create a new picture. So if we don’t have the whole picture, we don’t know the truth, whatever they post. It’s a private matter she made public now they both have to deal with it. I hope they can resolve this as sanely as possible. Because yes, I can think for myself and realize that it takes two to make a relationship work and both are not perfect. I am not blindly believing the words/post of one party. My last post on this here as yes, we need it to let it rest too. Let them deal with their private matter.

    • Damn so actors have idol like fans that act out too huh? Your “actor” should not have had a fact romantic husband image for the last three years or this divorce wouldn’t impact him so much. They literally had a variety show and he name dropped her everywhere.

      Combine all that with him moving out, her moving to his agency in May, and now the divorce while refusing to speak to her Mom, and he just looks MESSY AND FAKE…along with who his best friend is.

      He’s losing jobs because he lost the romantic man image. You guys will deal.

      • Okay @Hipployta we get it; you’re right to feel angry and betrayed that this so called romantic ideal AJH personified was actually an act and as you called it fake. Their ship sailed into the harbour and pranged into the pier it’s irreparable it’s going to the shipyard tip. In other words those of us who are following this saga know that GHS and AJH are divorcing he got his comeuppance nothing left to say. Like I said She won he lost. I’m certainly not denying that so yeah it’s been dealt in GHS favour. What more do you want of him? Please do share.

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