Kim Jae Wook Brings Back the Tight Black Jeans Look Heading to Taiwan

Hold my beer, not as I attempt some ridiculous trick but so I can ogle Kim Jae Wook without risk of spilling because my hand is shaking. Clearly his fashion style as Ryan Gold in My Private Life is nothing like his real life style, as his character sported wide legged trousers and trendy chic office wear but here he’s full on modern James Dean with a nebbishy twist. Kim Jae Wook did his fashion catwalk at Incheon Airport this week heading to Taiwan for an event, and I honestly applaud all the K-stars were always being so on when traveling just to add a catwalk moment to what is otherwise a dull experience. I hope Wookie has fun in Taipei and shows off even more smexy looks.


Kim Jae Wook Brings Back the Tight Black Jeans Look Heading to Taiwan — 10 Comments

  1. #WipesOffDrool

    He looks leaner than his Music Festival appearance few week ago….His famous cheekbones are more pronounce…..Definitely “Walking Pheromones”.

  2. I think he is too skinny for such tights, at least for my taste. He looks like a Teenager in it. But it is his life and he can wear what he wants.

  3. Whether in more fashionable floaty looser pants or tight pants – to me it’s still the same style/vibe.

    He veers a little on the flamboyant but stylish side
    That’s just him

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