Leads are Gorgeous and Everyone Figures Things Out in Thoughtful Finale in TW-drama Before We Get Married

I’ve got one final batch of drama stills to share, courtesy of GTV for wrapping up its TW-drama Before We Get Married (We Can Not Be Friends) with more goodies to slowly ease fans off the withdrawal now that we don’t have new episodes to look forward to every Friday. I thought another episode could be merited but then the two central conflicts with the exes would simply be dragged out another hour so nah, I’m glad it ended in episode 13 with swell send offs for everyone.

I loved the final wedding scene, a feint for the two leads who weren’t getting married but merely the maid of honor and best man for their two friends. We find out that the exes have all moved on in the year since, 3-2-1 is married and Zi Yuan has a boyfriend. That clears the way for Wei Wei 1.8 (not yet 2.0) to finally make her move on Ke Huan with a “May I buy you a coffee?” His smile lit up that church he’s so cute and she’s just gorgeous with that simply tied back low pony and off-shoulder white hi-low gown. I may not get to see their wedding and happily ever after but I’ve got enough to visualize it in my head, my cute pretties!


Leads are Gorgeous and Everyone Figures Things Out in Thoughtful Finale in TW-drama Before We Get Married — 7 Comments

  1. THIS, in one final episode that I have no issues with. Satisfying!
    I just wish they had less of the Exes in ep 11 and 12, which to me were kind of draggy bland.

    Nice resolutions in 13. I am glad Wei-wei has time to hone herself to version 2.0, rather than just march along to Ke-huan’s plans. And kudos to him for always giving her enough distance and respect, as the drama went along.
    And her friend and David …

  2. I just read dating rumours of Puff Kuo with co-star Steven Sun who plays Wei-wei ex Ke Huan. If it’s true then they may not ended up together in the drama but they were together after that. They will make a cute couple..

      • I read a similar rumor then saw Steven Sun in a BTS clip of the final episode bed scene. I try to be mature- but it broke my shipper heart.

        He’s probably a great guy… but he acted the part of the stalker jerk too well. Hard for me to like him. Haha.

  3. Hands down, the best drama I’ve seen this year. First Taiwanese drama & I am definitely impressed. And the leads … Jasper Liu & Puff Guo – insane chemistry. Their scenes together were crazy, magical … when the world simply vanishes – it’s just them and it is more than enough. Gonna spread the love & will definitely watch again!

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