Arthdal Chronicles Returns for Season 3 with Same 6% Ratings as Previous Seasons

It’s a short 3 week airing for the final third season of fantasy sageuk Arthdal Chronicles, with only 6-episodes left to wrap up the epic tale. Episode 13 aired this Saturday and got 6.115% ratings, a steep drop from its predecessor Hotel Del Luna which averaged 8.867% and its final episode broke 12%. I’m still not feeling the epic-ness of Arthdal and that’s the problem which plagued it from the beginning, all dark murkiness so it was hard to make out what was happening and the weird Neathal make up language with the gutteral utterances that made everyone seem like they were struggling to speak their dialogues and made scenes feel stilted. Things got better when the action moved to the capital Arthdal and right now I feel most interested in the plotting guyliner twin played by Song Joong Ki rather than the upright hero-projecting curly haired flower child twin. I wouldn’t mind a showdown with that twin and his adopted father megalomaniac played by Jang Dong Gun in the end.


Arthdal Chronicles Returns for Season 3 with Same 6% Ratings as Previous Seasons — 11 Comments

  1. This drama would truly had potential for greatness if it did it’s fantasy right. I mean yes Arthdal is a ancient legend but if they had done it even down go style like the classic kdrama The Legend, it would had been great.

    The world they built along with the clothing style and all definitely took its hype down.

  2. The visuals of Kim Ji Won and Song Joong Ki.
    Even the new girl is so pretty!
    The ratings have gone up to 7.2%.
    Haven’t watch the 2 episodes yet, hope its good.

  3. Just because Hotel del Luna got 12% doesn’t mean that the same audience would stay to watch this show. The 6-7% clearly represents the viewers who had watched the first half and are back to watch it to the very end. Both dramas are so different and there really is no need to bring up the ratings anymore. The expectations from Arthadal was too sky high so it was bound to disappoint. And both the writing and execution didn’t do so well to appeal to a larger audience. But with six episodes left, maybe there are a few more surprises to make the show end with an impact. Anyway, epic or not, fans of the drama are curious how it will end for the twins.

    • Totally agree with you, If the drama was as horrible as some people are saying I don’t think it would have retained its viewers after a 2 month break. The drama is very different from the average kdrama and is obviously not a sageuk but a fantasy drama based on Korean lore so I understand that a lot of Koreans might not be familiar or open to that genre. Arthdal is not the first or last fantasy drama to have a language created for it so I did not find it weird or anything. For me I’m impatiently waiting for it to finish so I can binge watch the conclusion.

    • Hotel Del Luna was in the same mark at the start. First 5 episodes was just around 7% except ep 3 which was unusually higher probably due to marketing hype and cameos.

      Even AC is already in the 3rd part of the series, those aired 2 episodes are still considered premiere episodes. Though I agree the Arthdal’s 6% on the 1st episode is still quite low however the 2nd episode of 7.1% is quite reasonable.

      We can’t compare the 12% finale rating with the first episode as movement of drama rating is usually in progression. Hotel Del Luna have already achieved 10.4% on the 12th episode. And who knows as AC is now on the 3rd part of the series, the progression of its rating might be faster.

  4. I love this drama, watched on Netflix, and can’t wait for this season. I watched b/c of KJW and SJK and I like how it’s different. I do agree it’s hard in the beginning to follow what’s going on, but the acting kept me engaged and interested.

  5. is it broadcasted simulatneously on netflix in korea?

    I have this feeling that if you have netflix, you aren’t gonna watch it on TVN.

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