Kim Ok Bin and Yoo Teo Play Against Type as Classic Bickering Romantic Leads in First Preview Netflix Drama Love to Hate You

Sooooooo this looks like either an epic fail or a wildly unexpected surprise. Netflix just dropped the first preview for rom-com K-drama Love to Hate You and I’m just perplexed my entire way through it. Each beat is plucked from all previous antagonist to lovers rom-com capers from contract dating to opposites attract but it’s the starring of Yoo Teo and Kim Ok Bin as the leads that just take me a wee bit out of the moment. Both have the image of tough and dangerous leads in serious dramas and seeing them in pratfalls and trying to one-up another is like an optical illusion of sorts. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great to have adult serious stars take their turn at comedic silliness in romance I just need a sec to get into the moment. Bonus points here for second male lead Kim Ji Hoon who is not the third wheel but instead a besty trying to get his boy true love with the right girl.

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First Official Stills for Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 with New Leads Lee Jun Ki and Shin Se Kyung and Returning Villains Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ok Bin

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Production Company Confirms Season 2 of Arthdal Chronicles to Start Filming September 2020

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Penultimate Episode of Fantasy Sageuk Arthdal Chronicles Bring in 6.412% Ratings

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Fantasy Sageuk Arthdal Chronicles Returns for Season 2 This Weekend Taking Over For Hotel Del Luna

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Poster and Preview for Season 3 of Arthdal Chronicles Teases Direct Conflict and More Action Between All the Leads

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Arthdal Chronicles Wraps Up First Two Seasons With Disappointing Ratings and Break Before Third Season Airs in September

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