Park Bo Gum Offered Male Lead Opposite Suzy in K-movie Wonderland

Well this is an interesting casting news but I’ll have to see it inked to believe it will happen. K-ent is reporting that Park Bo Gum has been offered the male lead in upcoming K-movie Wonderland, which made news earlier this year with Suzy being cast as the female lead. Park Bo Gum and Suzy are awards ceremony staples together having hosted together before so there is some fan wish for them to work together.


Park Bo Gum Offered Male Lead Opposite Suzy in K-movie Wonderland — 73 Comments

  1. This news ruined my mood!
    Can they change suzy with park sodam? At least an actress who can act! I dont think this pd can cover a bad acting

    • How can PSD be “too old”? She is only 2 years older. This is a movie casting, so ticket sales will show their true popularity. It is actually nice to pair them up in a movie rather than a 16 episodes drama imho. Most ifans don’t need to watch it unless it is offered free on a plane. Movie awards are also different from the many TV channel year end popularity awards, let’s see if PBG can beat Ma Dong Seok etc..

      • @candycane Huh why suddenly park bogum need to beat ma dong seok? You sound jealous. Did you jealous because the critically acclaimed pd want him? Or because he gets paired with suzy? You can take suzy if you want. Just shipped her with your bias, its ok.

      • PBG is over rated the only thing he was good in was Hello Monster. Everything else he’s done his acting has been mediocre and boring. Suzy is just the right person to act with him. They are both limited actors.

      • Precisely there is no way these 2 can avoid being paired up might as well be in a movie so everyone doesn’t have to be tortured for 16 hours by their one note acting.

      • @Tiani – WHY do I need to be jealous of an unmanly actor? I don’t care about what critically acclaimed pd wanting him. I don’t like Suzy and I will not take her. I should have just replied to @iris on her comment about PSD. I take PSD is a good actress. Obviously you cannot take criticism that PBG has no star power in Movie Box Office and let’s see how his movie tickets will sell. I think your mood will be more ruined once his movie with Suzy is released. LOL. BTW, I don’t ship. Shippers are the stupidest bunch imho.

      • @Candycane thought you will ship her with jang kiyong, because the guy is a big fan of suzy. Lol same with cha eunwoo. Of course you can take all the manly guys, just left this cutie pie for me. Pbg just start his career as a movie actor, I will wait until seobok and judge about his star power. I dont have a big expectation about this movie. But Im not worried.
        PSD is a great actress.

      • I will never ship Suzy with anyone. She should have kept that old Grim Reaper, lol, just kidding. Yes, you can keep the cutie pie 🙂 I won’t be jealous. Cheers.

  2. Well producers have tried to pair them together more than once so its bound to happen sooner or later. Both has the first love visual for a romance movie.

  3. Ben and Yura you’re right people have been trying to cast them together for a long time but the best they managed was Baeksang Awards. Now that they both belong to same umbrella agency they have a chance of actually making it happen. They’ll be great together their visuals are a perfect match.

    • This is an inevitable pairing and everyone would like to see it happen. Neither has any individual box office power as yet so the combination might work in their favour.

    • She had one mocie release after 5 yrs and suddenly she is winning? She is not even d list in movie world. 4 movies in 10 yrs is nothing to boast of. Suzy fans r delusional of highsts order lmao

      • Shin Minah also just does 1 movie in 5 years do you really think it’s because tey aren’t offered roles? They choose not to do them. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that people like Suzy don’t do movies because they can’t. They don’t want to it’s why they don’t do it. They would rather wait 5 years for the right script instead of just jumping into whatever movie. Suzy has always been picky with her roles and she has always been in demands ever since her debut.

      • ….as expected of Suzy fans, never losing a chance to drag actresses or anyone who does better at acting than her.

        Shin Min Ah mostly does smaller/indie movies to begin with, and at least she has successful ones under her belt as lead (My Love, My Bride).

        Meanwhile Suzy’s last pansori movie brought in what, 300k ticket sales? After being described as ‘one of the big-budget movies of the year’ on the Korean film council site? Do movies need PPL money from her cfs too, because she sure as hell can’t act and can’t sell movie tickets on her name either.

  4. Interesting pairing and yep it was bound to happen but I’m keen to know the storyline moreso because nothing worse then watching 2 beautiful people in a dud clunky story that is going no where. Then if CWS is added to the mix oh my then my focus will be on their faces forget about everything else. They may as well do a silent movie. And anyway I’m keen to see how Suzy fares in VB first and foremost before anything else. Oh and isn’t she Ha Jung Woo’s wife in Mount Paektu? Is that movie a comedy? It’s true Suzy might be scoring roles left right and centre but the characters she chooses are so dependent on her male co stars and until she can act on her own in a female centric drama/film to really prove her acting worth then I’m in agreement she is just another pretty face. She’s not a bad actor imo just lacks a bit in the 3 dimensional sphere but she’s getting there slowly. There is hope in the horizon and joining Soop was a move in the right direction. You all know that PBG is my bias so anything he does is a Godsend.

    • The director is one of the most sought after and award winning directors in the history of Korean cinema. Anything he does will automatically turn to Gold. Suzy was cast first so the movie is female centric. At least do some research before you comment. PBG isn’t even the main lead in this movie it’s CWS. Suzy had already proven her worth as an actress which is why she scores these massive projects left, right and centre.

      • I agree with everything you said, except there will be multiple leads consisting of characters in theirs 20s, 30s, and 40s. If PBG accepts, he will be playing Suzy’s boyfriend, making up the couple in their twenties. CWS will probably be paired with another actress in her thirties.

      • there’s no synopsis release that it’s women centric. did u even read the news? the movie is about couple in their 20s 30s 40s. even Tangwei the wife of PD was casted too lol.

        Bogum was offered the role which coupled with suzy. and there’s no way the company will offer supporting role to bogum. CWS is in his 30s so it’s possible he’s the another there’ll be 6 leads in total. not that i wish him to join this movie tho i’m more excited for seobok.

      • @Tiani And what’s wrong with it being female-centric with Suzy? I don’t think anyone can deny that she is the biggest female idol actress right now (and probably the best too). Park Bo Gum and Suzy was bound to happen anyways with them being the most influential stars in their 20s.

      • Doesn’t Tang Wei generally make movies centred around his female characters? That’s what he receives appreciation for. If Suzy was the one to receive the casting before the others then she might be more core to the story but it’ll span multiple couples. It’s a big step up for both Suzy and Bogum in terms of their acting career.

      • I meant to write Kim Tae Young his wife’s name is Tang Wei. For some reason I always get them mixed up.

      • @Ovan Excuse me? Do some research? Are you serious why would I want to research on a movie I really don’t have a care in the world about? Except for PBG and that would be about it. Proven her worth? Suzy’s Popularity and CF’s yeah for sure tops it but actress status…she hasn’t even started VB and I’m keen on her finishing that first before I decide further. Yep scoring massive projects doesn’t equate to best actress status yet. Give her a break she’s got a helluva long way to go to prove that but like I said she’s on the right track to do so.

      • @ovan Oh poor suzy they make her wait for like 5 months for her supporting actor. I will felt bad if PBG reject this movie. The PD really want him, he even wait for him until he finished his movie.

      • Marie PBG has always been an overrated limited actor with zero versatility. At least Suzy tries to do different things but PBG never challenges himself and he has one standard expression plus that creepy smile. Suzy has a list actors, directors and writers chasing her plus shes been dominating cfs for over a decade. Nothing these people say will ever change that she is the top most star in the 90s age group and will be a top star throughout her life.

      • @augo Exactly! Suzy is a versatile actress who at least takes risks in recent years whereas PBG about to become the next Lee Min Ho/Park Shin Hye doing the same roles over and over again. Whatever these bitter drama fans say isn’t going to change the fact that she’ll continue to reign the 90s age group.

    • She’s been acting for 10 years I think everyone agrees she’s already established her worth as an actress. She would be park bogum’s senior no matter what project they do and when it comes to skill level they are almost the same.

      • I disagree. Suzy cannot act regardless of how long she has been in the business. Don’t quote “everyone agrees” because you are thinking wrong!

      • It is truly a shame if you think PBG and Suzy’s skill level is the same. Hahaha… this is truly a slap on PBG’s face if you equate him with Suzy. I wonder if PBG’s fans will agree with you.

      • I don’t know, but based on what I saw, performances wise, they are almost the same level, though PBG seems more skillfull. . Unless PBG and Suzy start chellenging themselves again and that will be make it more evident who is more talent. Might be this movie will showing off what they are capable of.

      • I’m choking right now at your comment ‘they are almost the same’ but it’s okay acting is subjective and I am so terribly biased towards PBG so I’ll let it go. I do think they would make a good on screen couple though.

      • I wonder did everyone just watch encounter? I mean you even can see how good PBG’s acting in admiral (tho he just get a little part in there) and hello monster, reply 1988 showing how versatile he was. And there’s MDBC. How could he is in the same level with suzy? But its ok, I’m sure he will nailed his character in seobok.

      • Suzy has long established herself as an actress and proven her worth. It’s only delusional Park Bogum stans who would think otherwise. And yeah, they’re about the same in acting ability. He isn’t Ha Jung Woo level, sorry to burst your bubbles. Tbh I was happier with the news of Choi Woosik and Suzy being a couple so we wouldn’t have to deal with PBG delusional stans. Save Suzy from his cult!

      • @Marie Now you’re getting personal with your ‘Save Suzy from his cult’. Easy tiger PBG is a versatile actor imo and am so glad he ain’t HJW who is a legend and PBG is a novice and being compared to a veteran in the industry why make the comparison? I don’t get it when I get referenced as a delusional PBG Stan yeah hard no shame in that but when you advocate that Suzy is this and that almost begging us to acknowledge her as being already established; I beg to differ. She’s still young and has a lot to still prove in the industry and no amount of fawning over her is gonna make a difference to how I view her as a fledgling actress with a lot to offer. Gloating about A list actors wanting to work with her that’s an honour and good on her but it still doesn’t make her a brilliant actress well not yet that is.

      • @Ginger Crunch Whatever your opinion doesn’t change the fact that Suzy is more established than PBG and imo is more versatile in acting than he is. Wish she could work with the likes of Kim Soo Hyun again instead. Now he is a brilliant actor despite his age.

      • @Marie – Suzy, more versatile than Park Bo Gum?


        Do you even know what the word ‘versatile’ means, or did Suzy play a serial killer and a sweet dopey baduk player in the same year?

        (Those were Park Bogum’s roles in Hello Monster and Reply 1988 respectively. I can’t believe Suzy fans are shameless to come after other actors’ skills while trying to defend their unnie’s acting career, have some respect for facts before making your tall claims ?)

    • @Marie- That’s right in your opinion you can think all you want the reality is acting wise we’re like cats chasing our tails we can agree to disagree but at least I’m neutral in my opinion and don’t diss Suzy unlike you taking major digs at PBG. Also making out that she reigns over the 90’s K actresses oh you’re just killing me. Have you not watched any K films/dramas? Are you aware of what you’re stating? Where have you been? I need to sit down I’m shaking my head in disbelief it’s gonna roll off because you’re such a dreamer.

      • Honestly, I think Suzy fans have a different understanding of English words, they don’t seem to use them with the meaning that is commonly understood. Like “versatile”. Or “acting”. Or “same level”. Thanks for taking the idiocy with good humour though.

        Oh, and Park Bogum debuted in 2011, the same year as Suzy’s acting debut. She isn’t his “sunbae” by any standard….but look at the difference in their acting abilities despite them debuting in the same year.

  5. Blossom ent said bogum positively reviewing it. Its mean there’s high possibility he will take it. Yes its just a matter of time park bogum and suzy working together in same projects. Movie totally better than drama, especially if there’s 4 main leads. I think both leads will have different story, I hope so.

    • Why bring her up? Yoona, IU, Seolhyun, Hyeri, so on wish they could be as big a name as Suzy is in the acting industry. To be honest, those girls rely on the popularity of their male leads and wouldn’t be able to carry a female-centric movie, which is why Suzy was casted.

      • IU has Hotel Del Luna and she does not need to rely on the male lead. Stop bringing IU into your comment.

      • Suzy herself cannot carry a female-centric project. Her last female centric movie flopped hard even with veterans supporting her. Her latest two projects, Vagabond and the movie with Ha Jungwoo, both rely on the male lead for success.

      • IU literally carried the entire HDL drama on her own. YJG was the one who piggybacked on her. It’s true IU doesn’t have a movie career yet but both IU and Suzy have the same popularity. Unfortunately LOEN doesn’t promote IU properly.

      • @Xeni don’t bother with blind YJG fans they always want to pretend that he contributed anything to that drama when he didn’t. IU was the true queen of that drama and either LDH or KSH should have been the male lead. LDH had more chemistry with her and KSH was charismatic in that short cameo he would have been perfect as the male lead. I completely agree her agency doesn’t promote her properly nor do they do any media play. It’s annoying she isn’t dominating more despite all the hits she’s delivered and awards she’s accumulated. IU deserves better.

      • @candycane Sweetie Suzy consistently gets offers from massive projects with A-list male leads. Yoona and IU wish. Not to mention, she proved her acting ability carrying female-centric “Sound of a Flower.” It wasn’t a huge hit mainly because of the boring af storyline. That’s not her fault.

      • @xeni @olli do not pretend that you are here to defend IU. None of IU fans are speaking ill of Yeo Jingoo that he was piggyback riding on IU throughout the drama. It is extremely challenging to portray a male lead in a female centric drama such as HDL, and Yeo Jingoo managed to hold his on screen charisma to balance IU’s strong character without stealing the limelight. It is only obvious that you don’t watch the drama and only try to spread hate in disguise of defending IU.
        And btw, IU’s agency is not LOEN. Get your fact right before pretending to be a Uaena. You are bunch of LOSERS!

      • @Marie – Suzy is always the one piggyriding on the hardwork of all her male leads. She is only there as a vase. Yes, massive projects need wallpaper & decorations and she happens to be a colorful one. LOL.

    • Agreed. Even for a non-korean watcher like me who has objectively watched her in a few dramas – she’s really NOT a good actress and should stay far away from acting. Unfortunately, looks and popularity trumps talent in the Korean Ent world and that’s part of the reason why kdramas are steadily on the decline. Suzy can’t act without a solid, bankable male costar and the claims that she can hard carry a drama on her own is just a joke. She’s pretty and I hear she has a lovely personality. But prettiness and lovely personality shouldn’t replace acting talent by any means.

  6. Adel..Not just korea.The industry casts her and she is in huge demand.Why would she or any actress whether good or bad choose not to take that golden opportunity. I doubt she will be going any where soon ?

    • @Juianna – that’s exactly my point and it’s a shame. I never said she wasn’t popular or a Korean acknowledged beauty (personally, I think she is generically pretty, but my beauty standards aren’t the norm, and so, doesn’t count), just that she isn’t talented and can’t act. And the kdrama practice of casting beautiful people regardless of their acting skills will gradually lead to the decline in their industry – at least, internationally. Already C-dramas are given Kdramas a serious run for their money. Their pool of acting talent and better scripts are making them a preferred choice for many people.

      • There are some C and J dramas that are proving to be better in terms of storyline and execution imo but it is dependent on what drama you choose. They’re gems if you find one you like. That said I’m finding K dramas that have the drunken angry set up scenario becoming a tad bit boring and predictable oh and the bullying, slapping and hitting by women against men geez can you just keep your hands to yourself.

  7. I also find the acting and scripts fairly below average in a lot of KDrama though coming from Australia where our industry and Actors are extremely high standard its probably a little unfair to compare.The k industry seems more about quantity which is reflected in the campy standard on offer thses days.

    • Agreed. It’s prizing quantity over quality that has made me lose interest in most of what kdramas have to offer. There are still some hidden gems like Moment of Eighteen, but for the most part, kdramas are becoming extremely boring with one or two notable exceptions.

    • I also find the industry of the young male lead talent in Korean in decline. The days a talent the likes of Hyun Bin, So Ji Sub, And Jang Hyuk become the leads and grass our small screen in Korea. There is more and more male leads nowadays lack of passion or talent. Though some notable really do have passion. If u want to get a solid drama with good cast. Just find drama with full of veteran actor carried the drama.

      There is drama with decent- good young acting talent in Class of Lies though.

  8. I think its fair to say its not just limited to male leads its the the acting talent in general thats sadly lacking being churned out in South Korean Drama.

    • When it comes to bunch acting talent in young female, Korea is nothing to worry about. There are alot. Might be there is so much more critics on Female shoulder than their male counterparts. But maybe our reference what define good acting is different. So let’s agree to disagree.

      • Dont think the problem is gender based it more of poor scripts and bad acting which is campy by western standards though it may be a little unfair to compare as the acting is acceptable on a local level i think.

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