Song Hye Kyo Cool and Comfortable in New Sneaker CF

I’m not a sneakers girl so what gets me into super jelly mode with this latest Song Hye Kyo shoe pictorial is actually her clothes. Every item from the soft dress, cashmere sweater, comfortable wide legged pants, and luxurious coats are so my style. And so her style as she looks beautifully relaxed in this CF pictorial, with her hair longer to past the shoulder after cutting it short late last year for the tvN drama Encounter (Boyfriend). It’s sad that the drama turned into fiction mirroring fact as she’s not a divorcee and perhaps she will have her second chance at love again just like her onscreen character did.


Song Hye Kyo Cool and Comfortable in New Sneaker CF — 13 Comments

  1. I also like the relaxed vibe here in these pictorial although a little pale in color in my oinion. I agree for her second chance at love but hopefully not with a younger guy like in her encounter drama or her ex. Wishing for a more mature, faithful, genuine and stable guy for her future.

    • Aiiii What does age have to do with being mature, faithful, genuine, and stable? Once again why do people have to drag song joong ki through the mud when we don’t know who is at fault. It easily could had been her who was a immature, unfaithful, non-genuine, and unstable girl.

      The rumors surrounding both of them and the actions they both displayed could be interpreted in so many different ways, in their favor or against.

      It is better to wish them both happiness in the future when there’s no concrete evidence. Seriously people.

      • who drags who in the mud? no one will know the true story. but what SJK did by airing his divorce proceedings to the public is “so not a man”, he will forever be in hell in my books.

  2. Having a second chance at love is great but what matters most is her happiness. Sometimes you don’t have to be with someone to feel happy and to me, it seems like she’s doing fine these days. She gets to pursue whatever she wants to..taking an art course (if the reports are true) and also collaborating with Suecomma Bonnie to release ankle boots.

  3. Its feels so weird that SHK and all her peers are now going into their 40s while PSH, SSK, PBY and all their peers are entering their 30s. For me these are the people that made kdramas and now when I see dramas with the current 20s I feel so old and disconnected from them. I don’t know if you understand what I’m saying but does anyone else feel disconnected from the young actors and actresses on screen these days? I like new rising stars but I still want my regular familiar faces to dominate the majority of dramas instead of fresh young faces. Its not just actors but even with kpop I feel so disconnected with all these new groups I can’t care for them its weird.

  4. I love wearing sneakers. I used them to teach. Give me comfort feeling while teaching all day.
    She just so beautiful and make that sneakers and clothes look so relaxing. Give me some ideas for my alternate style.

  5. Miss her already, I hope she have a drama soon. I want to see her act opposite Gong Yoo. So beautiful Song Hye Kyo and love the outfits very much.

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