C-drama Win the World to Reshoot Both Lead Actors Scenes After Fan Bing Bing’s Tax Evasion and Gao Yun Xiang’s Rape Case in Australia

Talk about a double whammy in bad things to happen to one drama. Big budget high profile period C-drama Win the World, which was filmed in 2017 and starred Fan Bing Bing and Gao Yun Xiang, is reportedly going to be fully re-filmed for both lead actor scenes in order to be able to air and recoup some sunk costs. In 2017 both Fan Bing Bing and Gao Yun Xiang were flying high, her as the biggest C-actress in the industry and him coming off hit dramas so this drama was highly anticipated to be a hit. Then in early 2018 Gao Yun Xiang was accused of rape by a show staff member in Australia and he was basically cancelled in C-ent. Fan Bing Bing brought in her then fiancee Li Chen to start re-filming Gao Yuan Xiang’s scenes as the new male lead. And then a few months later Fan Bing Bing disappeared with rumors of a tax evasion investigation, and later admitted to all charges, paid the outstanding taxes and interest, and contritely became the face of China’s crackdown. So now the production of Win the World can’t air the drama with both leads disgraced and is reportedly getting Tang Yan to step in as the female lead and finding a new male lead.


C-drama Win the World to Reshoot Both Lead Actors Scenes After Fan Bing Bing’s Tax Evasion and Gao Yun Xiang’s Rape Case in Australia — 14 Comments

  1. No way Tang Yan’s going to take up the role, that’s such a bullshit rumour. It’s not as if she’s short of offers. This just sounds like a terrible idea.

  2. LOL, TangYan is so pregnant and still currently filming her other period drama. This may be the only time I discriminate. I don’t understand why pregnant actress take on action pack drama in general.

  3. Tang yan would be good if she can handle it with her pregnancy. Since they are only rebooting scenes, probably won’t be as taxing on her. Might as well get her husband Luo Jin to play the main lead role too.

  4. The amount of dramas that are waiting to air in China is horrendous. Will they be able to recoup the money put into this drama in the first place? Maybe if they use newbies. I feel sorry for the hundreds of staff behind the scenes – no pay cheque.

  5. I read that they are willing to shell out more money to cast an A lister. They should save that money and just cast new actors & actresses. Honestly if the script is good the drama could still be a hit.

    • Here’s my question: With how strict China censorship is and the huge-esque list of dramas that have filmed but are currently shelved…the pitiful actors and actresses of those dramas were still paid right? Even if their shelved drama never sees the light of day?

      • I’m just reading what’s on line and getting information from actors whose drama have successfully aired. The actors get a basic pay which is agreed on their contract when they sign on the project. The companies join up and invest a certain amount of their money in the drama. Their investment won’t get a return until their drama is aired. Once it airs, depending on how popular it is they will get paid. It is a business so that’s why the actors promote their dramas so much. Companies that are big such as Tencent, iQiyi, Mango TV may promote the drama or actor for them by purchasing Weibo positions. Obviously, famous stars get paid much more such as pre-tax invasion FBB because there is more chance of the drama getting aired on more channels in China.

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